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My Joule Sous Vide machine is whistling! How to fix it


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Erin L

Erin L

I recently developed a problem with my new Joule sous vide machine. The device started making high pitched sounds; kind of a whistling noise. The device seemed to be working just fine, but for the annoying screech. I reached out to Joule to ask what this was. Turns out my machine was likely dirty. How? Hard water scale build-up.

how to clean joule sous vide whistling screeching high pitched making noise help

Why is Joule making noise?

If you have hard water (and I certainly do in my city), cleaning with vinegar is an effective, easy and helpful way to remove buildup inside the Joule. You might not even realize anything is wrong inside, and it’ll be some kind of odd noise that alerts you to trouble. You may hear a whistling sound, or a whining noise, and you may also notice slow heating times. Joule says some noise from Joule or variation in motor speeds is typically no cause for concern, but it can be annoying. Here’s how to stop Joule from making those high pitched whining noises.

Joule whistling? Here’s how to clean Joule sous videhow to clean joule sous vide whistling screeching high pitched making noise help

  1. To clean the inside of Joule, take off the metal foot of the device by twisting it counterclockwise, remove the propeller, and then use a wet sponge or bottle brush to gently wipe out the inside. If food has become cooked onto the heater, use a nylon or brass brush to gently clean the interior, being careful around the soft rubber seals at the top of the heating cavity. Put the Joule back together before advancing to the next step.
  2. Pour equal parts water and distilled white vinegar into a small pot or large Mason jar or heatproof jar. It needs to be deep to get the best clean.
  3. Add the Joule, and use manual mode to set the temperature to 140F °F / 60 °C, and allow Joule to heat the liquid.
  4. When Joule alerts you that it has reached that temperature, the cleaning is complete.

WARNING: This shouldn’t come as any surprise, but for the love of goodness, do not put Joule in the dishwasher, and do not submerge Joule in water.

I tried this and it worked like a charm. Depending on how hard your water is and how often you use your Joule, you may need to clean is every 2-3 months.

Want to read more about Joule Sous Vide, how it works, and whether it’s worth it? Click here.

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Erin L

Erin L

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