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Erin Lawrence

Erin Lawrence

JVC HA-S90BN headphones, review, wireless, noise cancelling, how to, best

There’s a million choices when it comes to headphones. And with headphones being so personal, it’s hard to know where to start when you’re shopping for a new pair. Some folks love truly wireless in-ear models, while others want that all encompassing sound isolation and noise cancelling from a par of over ear cans. For you, JVC’s HA-S90BN over ear headphones are worth looking at, and I’d like to say thanks to JVC for supporting the blog and the YouTube channel with this sponsored post.

With a simple design that folds flat for travel, combined with big and well padded ear cups, the JVC HA-S90BN are a wise choice for the traveller or constant commuter. You can use them with the included cord (3.94ft /1.2m), or fully wirelessly.

Set up and pairing – JVC HA-S90BN

Getting things going withe these headphones is easy. With NFC pairing, you can connect easily. Or use Bluetooth to connect to any non-NFC device. Push and hold the Power button on the front of the headphones’ right ear cup to initiate the pairing process. The first time you do this it only takes three seconds, but if you need to do it again, hold for about 7 seconds.

How does JVC’s HA-S90BN sound?

JVC HA-S90BN headphones, review, wireless, noise cancelling, how to, best

The sound quality is strong— audio is clear and the bass is surprisingly powerful for the light weight of these headphones. There’s actually a good balance between the bass and the treble, so both are heard evenly.

There’s a volume rocker on the right ear cup that will adjust volume conveniently and a play/pause/answer calls button so you don’t have to dig for your phone.

There’s no discernible difference in sound quality when using these headphones wirelessly versus using the cable on my Apple iPhone XS Max. The only thing I did notice is that with the cable plugged in, the volume power increased a lot.

How well does Noise Cancelling work?

To get noise cancelling to function, use the switch labelled ‘NC’. It’s a simple toggle on/off so it’s easy to operate, and you don’t need an app or any other fussy controls.

With noise cancelling on there’s a noticeable decrease in ambient noise bleeding through. Noise in the immediate vicinity is muted, while other more distant ambient sound vanishes.

JVC HA-S90BN headphones, review, wireless, noise cancelling, how to, best

Battery life – JVC HA-S90BN

JVC’s HA-S90BN have a long, long battery life. If used with the cord, you can expect up to 35 hours of battery life even when using the Noise Cancelling feature.  If you want to go cable free, you’ll get about 16 hours of life when used via Bluetooth and with Noise Cancelling. That’s enough for weeks of commuting daily, or for some epic long haul flights.

These headphones are made for folks on the go. They fold flat for easy storage and come with a carrying pouch that holds the headphones and the cords, so everything stays neat and tidy together.


One of the things I really like about these headphones is that I can walk all over my house and not lose the connection.  I’d say at least 30-40 feet away from the phone, with walls in between,  and they’re still going strong with zero breakup or dropouts.

Overall thoughts on JVC HA-S90BN wireless headphones

JVC HA-S90BN headphones, review, wireless, noise cancelling, how to, best

Overall these are great headphones and I like them for several reasons; I like the packability of them so I can use them when I travel. They’re ultra light weight, but that doesn’t compromise the audio quality, which still sounds great. And I love that you have the wired or wireless option for use.

If I have a complaint about these headphones it’s that after the Bluetooth becomes disconnected, either because you used the cable, or turned them off, sometimes it’s necessary to put them back into pairing mode to reconnect, at least with the iPhone. A minor inconvenience, but something to be aware of; just push and hold the power button for seven seconds and click the to connect in your phone’s Bluetooth menu.JVC ha-s90bn headphones, review, how to, noise cancelling, erin, canada

The battery life is outstanding, and they’re very comfortable to wear for long periods. If you’re looking for your next pair of over ear headphones, you won’t be sorry about choosing JVC’s HA-S90BN.

Detailed information of this product can be found at JVC Canada’s website.

These headphones are available for purchase in Canada from authorized dealers including, London Drugs, Visions Electronics, Best Buy Marketplace and other fine JVC retailers.

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