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Sleep is so elusive for many of us. From pills to pillows and gadgets galore, plenty of products promise to help us catch more zzzz’s. The ‘LectroFan Evo is one of those gadgets; it promises a deeper, more relaxing sleep through a soothing, white, pink, brown noise, and ocean sounds based on “5-star rated sleep sound technology”.

 ‘LectroFan Evo review

So does it deliver? I had guest blogger Gillian R. try it out for a few weeks to find out.

What is the LectrFan Evo?

The ‘LectroFan Evo is a white noise machine. However, its developer claims it is not just a regular white noise machine but a state of the art sleep aid developed using the science of ambient noise analysis and with dynamic adaptive audio. The developer, ASTI or “Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc.,” a Silicon Valley-based tech company, says it has multiple patents on sleep noise technology. The ‘LectroFan Evo is billed as “the next generation of innovative sleep products to help you relax, fall asleep more quickly, and enjoy a better night’s rest.”

How does the ‘LectroFan Evo work?

Like traditional white noise machines, the ‘Lectrofan Evo does indeed play white noise. The state-of-the-art technology comes into play with a non-looping sound technology and carefully curated realistic fan sounds, white noise, and ocean sounds.
A breakdown of the three sounds according to Sound of Sleep’s website;

White Noise is broadly spread across the sound spectrum, including low-frequency, mid-range, and high-frequency sounds. It can be compared to the sound of waterfall, with water falling at different speeds and hitting different surfaces.

Pink Noise is louder at the low-frequency end of the spectrum, and softer at the high end. The sound of light to medium rainfall is an example of real-world pink noise. the pink noises on the LectroFan are in the middle of the white noises.

Brown Noise is even deeper, even stronger, at the low end, and without the high frequency sounds of white and pink noise. It can sound similar to the hard, gentle surf that comes with a storm.

How exactly, it works is probably hidden in the patented sound technology.

How do you Set up the LectroFan Evo?

The ‘LectroFan Evo arrives in a compact box that includes the main unit, an AC adapter and USB cable that will power the unit from a laptop. It does need to be connected to a power source at all times to operate; it’s not wireless or rechargeable. An owner’s manual provides an overview of getting started and up and running.

The unit itself is slightly larger than palm-sized and feels very solid. The test unit that I was given is a sleek black but the ‘LectroFan Evo also comes in white and grey.

I eagerly unpackaged the ‘LectroFan Evo looking to test out the 10 white noise settings, 10 fan settings and two ocean sound settings. Following the owner’s manual directions, I connected the AC adapter, plug in the unit and…..nothing. The unit would not turn on. I followed the troubleshooting guide in the owner’s manual, but the options for no power to the unit do not yield an operational ‘Lectrofan Evo.

Why doesn’t ‘LectroFan Evo turn on?

When I reached out on email to the support address, the response is almost immediate. Less than a minute later I received an email response from “Ira” apologizing that my unit doesn’t work and offering to send me a new one with the provision of my serial number and shipping address.

At the end of the email it includes the suggestion, “Confirm that the power plug is inserted into the jack on the bottom of the machine and not the side’s audio jack.” Mea culpa. I’d been plugging the AC adapter into the audio jack! In my defense, the jack is not labelled with a headphones symbol and only on closer inspection I notice the true AC adapter jack on the underside of the unit. I sheepishly reply to the support email that this was indeed the problem (and I assume I am not the first individual to make this mistake if this information is included in the customer service reply) and within minutes receive a reply from “Joel” who, for my trouble, offers to register my warranty and extend it by a year as well. Customer service for the win!

What are the settings on the LectroFan Evo?

The ‘LectrofanEvo offers a simple control panel with a power button, a timer, a white/pink/brown noise button and fan button. The ocean sounds are #11 and #12 on the white noise button. Circulating through the noises, the unit plays a tone or, whale-like sound, that lets you know you are back at sound #1. The owner’s manual lists the different sounds, ranging from brown, chestnut, cinnamon all the way up to coral, champagne and pure white. The fan setting range from “large fan” which has a very industrial sound to “oscillating fan” on the lighter fan end. Both settings start off at a lower pitch, with the higher pitch sounds at 8, 9, 10 level settings.

Will the ‘LectroFan Evo help you sleep better?

I am the lightest of sleepers and have been sleeping with earplugs every night for the better part of a decade. Hence, the reason Erin asked me to guest-review the ‘Lectrofan Evo.

Can ‘Lectrofan Evo help with snoring?

Part of the reason for this—a husband who is a heavy snorer. He, however, is not sold on the idea of a white noise machine playing all night. In the spirit of review science however, he is willing to let us first try it out in our daughters’ room. We’re not newbies to the white noise machines as parents, both daughters were lulled to sleep by the late 00’s “Sleep Sheep” a white noise machine encased in a fluffy stuffed sheep. That infant contraption had a maximum running time of 45 minutes, so we owned two Sleep Sheep, the second being on hand to roll in like a plush grenade as the first timed out to insure each infant was fully into deep sleep by the time the second sheep expired.

The fan and white noise settings for the girls are a tough sell the first night, deemed “too creepy” for them to sleep with so we settle on the first of the ocean sounds. Off to bed, the girls end up falling to sleep fairly quickly and to my surprise, wake up 30 minutes later than their usual weekend waking time. For any parent, this is a huge win. I repeat the ocean sounds for the second night with the same results, a 30 minute later wake up time. The older daughter complements the ocean sounds as “actually, very relaxing and helped me sleep.”

With two nights of ocean sounds emanating from down the hall and no complaints, my husband agrees to migrate the ‘Lectrofan Evo into our bedroom on the first ocean sound setting. The next morning, surprisingly, he claims to have slept through the night for the first time in months.

Over the next week, I notice that he is snoring less and I have been able to sleep through the night without earplugs. We both agree our sleep seems to be deeper, more relaxed and without waking as often as we used to.

Overall review of ‘Lectrofan Evo

I would say the ‘LectroFan Evo delivers on its promise for a deeper, more relaxing sleep. I also tested the unit out while working and found that it did help me focus and concentrate in my home office.

I think the ‘Lectrofan Evo would have been amazing and life-changing back when we had infants who were (ridiculously) light sleepers. I would recommend a ‘Lectrofan Evo as a must-have nursery purchase. Because the unit can run non-stop straight through the night without any pauses or “reset” (as it is a continuous loop), I think it would have helped encourage deeper sleep at night and at naptimes. ASTI also has a ‘Lectrofan Jr. which would be worth checking out as well.

The ‘LectroFan Evo retails for $59.99 US and is available through soundofsleep.com and Amazon.

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