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leesa mattress review mattress in a box how to pick mattressMattress technology has come a long way. Now you don’t need to go to a store; you can have a mattress delivered to your door in a small box. I thought the idea of a mattress in a box was a bit weird. Mainly because buying something you’ll sleep on for a long time without testing it seems risky. But the more I read about the Leesa mattress, the more I was intrigued.

*Leesa provided a free product for me to review. However, all opinions stated here are my own.

Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa mattress was of the first things that popped up when searched Google for mattress info. I was fascinated by the technology involved, and wondered how a mattress that gets squished down to much for shipping could ever be comfortable. I reached out to Leesa to talk about the technology involved in their mattress. Leesa offered it to send me a mattress at no cost so I could try it out. They gave me the option of keeping the mattress afterwards. As such they consider this to be a sponsored post. However Leesa did not ask for, nor would I grant them if they did, approval over what I would say in this blog review or in my YouTube video review.

Order a bed onlineleesa mattress review mattress in a box how to pick mattress

The online ordering process was simple. On the website you select the size of mattress you want and everything is displayed clearly and simply. Once you input your delivery information you’re good to go.

My mattress arrived about 10 days later, and was dropped off on my driveway near my front door. I should point out the mattress box is quite heavy. That’s probably why the delivery person didn’t carry it up the three front steps to place it near the door. It was quite the struggle for me to get it there myself, but it was manageable. If you aren’t confident about your ability to carry a queen size mattress, you might want to prepare for some help on delivery day.

Mattress in a box – set up & assemblyleesa mattress review mattress in a box how to pick mattress

Setting up the bed couldn’t be simpler. You’ll drag the box into your bedroom, cut it open, and slide the rolled up mattress onto the base or box spring. (Leesa can be placed on virtually any bed frame or base.) Watch my YouTube video for a quick peek at the set up process (thanks to time lapse video!)

Mattress perfect for small spaces, narrow hallways

As a side note, this type of mattress concept is pure genius for people that live in small spaces. If you have a very narrow hallways, or unusually narrow staircases, or have otherwise had difficulty moving a mattress into your space previously, you’re in luck. I’m confident in saying you could probably get to this mattress into any space anywhere.

With the mattress now on the box spring, you cut off be several layers of plastic that keeps it rolled up. Then unroll the mattress and orient the three white stripes on the mattress to the foot of the bed. When everything is in place, carefully cut off that last layer of plastic, and stand back and watch. As soon as some air is let in, the mattress will pop up to a normal mattress thickness. Leesa recommends you leave it to sit for a little while so it can return to its normal shape. This also allows any potential chemical smell that some people might be sensitive to to dissipate. I did not notice any smell, and I felt like the mattress took shape quite quickly. Nonetheless I let it sit for a couple of hours.

How is Leesa mattress made?leesa mattress review mattress in a box how to pick mattress

The Leesa mattress has one configuration only and can’t be flipped over. That’s because it has been specially formed from three layers of foam.

Top: 2-inch Avena™ foam top layer perforated to keep you cool and provide cushiony bounce.
Middle: 2-inch memory foam middle layer for body contouring.
Bottom: 6-inch dense core support foam for durability and edge support.

Leesa mattress sleep & comfort

leesa mattress review mattress in a box how to pick mattressWith the bed was made up I laid down on it just to test out its initial comfort. I have to say I found it a lot firmer than I was expecting, knowing that its simply foam. It felt quite supportive and definitely comfortable right from the start.

It took about two nights for me to get used to sleeping on it. This is not unusual as any time I sleep in an unfamiliar bed while traveling, it usually takes a couple of nights before I’m accustomed to the sleep. After those two nights I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping on the Leesa mattress.

I found the mattress quite comfortable overall and definitely supportive enough for me. A friend asked if I found the foam hot and some foam mattresses can leave you sweaty since they don’t breathe so well but I definitely did not. Apparently the cooling properties of the Avena foam are working.

I asked my husband how he was enjoying the mattress and surprisingly he too was enjoying it. We have often have different preferences when it comes to mattresses so I was quite pleasantly surprised that we were both having a good experience with this one.

To sum it up, I  really like the sleep experience on the Leesa mattress and hubby and I’ve agreed to keep it.

Buying a mattress off the internet!? What if you don’t like it?

leesa mattress review mattress in a box how to pick mattressOne of the big questions when it comes to buying a mattress off the internet – that you’ve never tested out before – is what happens if you don’t like it? It’s a valid point and a serious concern, so Leesa has made it easy for customers. They ask you to try it out for a full 30 days before you judge. If after that time you still aren’t enjoying your sleep, you have 100 days to get your money back. Leesa will then arrange for the mattress to be donated to a local charity in your area.  So there’s no downside to trying out a Leesa mattress, as far as I can see.

Prices + US & Canadian availability – Leesa mattress

Prices for the Leesa mattresses start at $700CAD for a twin and go up to $1300 CAD for a king. In the United States all prices are available for under $1000. I also really like the fact that delivery is free whether you live in Canada or the US. Another plus for Canadian buyers? Duties, taxes, and anything else, is already factored in.

Yes, you can get cheaper beds. But you can also pay more for beds; anywhere up to $1500 dollars up to $3000. Department stores and specialty mattress shops have prices that run the gamut from cheap to luxury. But in many of those cases, you’re stuck with the bed afterwards. Or if you need to buy a special mattress cover in order to be able to return it.

Overall -Leesa Mattress review

I thought this experience was great. Many readers and viewers have seen my social media posts about this mattress test and have been extremely curious about how it works. After reporting back how well things have gone, I think I may have created a few new customers. I’m glad; the mattress is comfortable, and appears durable, though only time will be able to tell for that.

The overall experience was top-notch, and despite the fact you’re getting a product sight unseen, you got an insurance policy if you’re not happy in the end.

For more info on a Leesa mattress in Canada, click here. For US orders & info click here.

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