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Native Union Drop XL Wireless Charger Watch Edition Review


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Erin L

Erin L

native union, drop xl, watch, reviewIf you’ve got gadgets, you know sometimes finding enough outlets to get everything powered up can be tough. That’s why an all-in-one charging solution makes sense. Centralizing your charging lets you eliminate clutter and save space too. Native Union’s Drop XL Wireless Charger Watch Edition lets you charge up to three devices, wirelessly using Qi charging, all at once, and it’s perfect for Apple users who can charge up an iPhone, AirPods Pro and the Watch all at the same time.
I’ve been fortunate enough to test a bunch of Native Union devices and this one shares the company’s same zest for modern minimalist design. They aluminum base is covered with slate gray canvas fabric that’s rubberized to keep things in place. The silicone tread pattern not only keeps your device in place but also offers temperature control for optimum charging speed. The fabric wrapped cord is extra long (6.5 foot) and features a chic leather cable wrap if you need to shorten it up.
As this version of Drop XL is the Watch Edition, there’s also a small Watch charging pad that clicks into the back side of the pad, allowing you space to charge your Watch while keeping the pad free for other gadgets.
native union, drop xl, watch, reviewI love the design; it looks so sleek on my desk, and it definitely cuts down on clutter and cords everywhere. I also love the fact I can charge three of my most used gadgets at once without needing three plugs.  This charging pad would also be ideal for a bedside table.
Tech Specs/Output
  • Total Max Output: 32W
  • Qi Wireless #1: 10W Max
  • Qi Wireless #2: 10W Max
  • Verified & optimized for iPhones 8 or later: 7.5W Fast Charging
  • USB-A Port: 12W Max (5V/2.4A)
  • Apple Watch Charging: 5W Max

Native Union’s Drop XL Wireless Charger Watch Edition sells for $199CAD and is available from Native Union’s website, or here on Amazon.

native union, drop xl, watch, review
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Erin L

Erin L

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