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Anyone who’s made the move to digital books know how convenient it is. No waiting until the book store opens to get that next novel in a series, no stacks of books in a carry on, and no volumes clogging up your shelves.

Amazon Kindle Oasis new generation review

There are several e-readers on the market and virtually any tablet can become a reader too. Amazon Kindle is one of the originals, and the Kindle Oasis, the most expensive E Ink e-reader from Amazon, has been refreshed for 2019. Amazon released the original Kindle Oasis e-reader way back in 2017 which was slick, thin and lightweight and featured a high quality E-Ink screen than the competition. But it’s definitely costly at about $249USD or $359CAD.

Amazon Kindle Oasis: Specifications

  • Display: 7-inch e-ink display (300ppi) with colour adjustable frontlight.
  • Dimensions: 159 x 141 x 8.4mm
  • Weight: 188g
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro USB, optional 4G
  • Storage: 8 or 32GB
  • Battery life: up to 6 weeks reading 30 min/day
  • Supported formats: Kindle (AZW/AZW3), PDF, TXT, MOBI, PRC, Audible (AAX)

What’s new with Kindle Oasis?

amazon, kindle oasis, waterproof, ereader, review, light, canada

So what’s new? The new Kindle Oasis is slightly refreshed. The new Kindle Oasis still has its signature design with a wide aluminum body with a bump out on the back. It’s got a high-res 7-inch monochrome display with adaptable brightness feature that adjusts the screen’s color tone depending on your ambient light conditions for what Kindle says is a better reading experience and reduced eye strain. It is also waterproof.

For some, the Kindle Oasis may seem like overkill. Its cheaper sibling, the Kindle Paperwhite (read that review here), which has a 6-inch screen, starts at $130, and is perfectly adequate for most people.

Get books and audio books from Amazon and Audible, but not really

To get much use from the Oasis, you need to buy books from Amazon. Fortunately you can buy the books right on device. Just head to the Store tab and search or surf for what you want.

You can also supposedly access Audible audio books on the device too. (That’s a feature that’s available on the other readers too, however.) Yet in a significant disappointment, it appears Audible is not available on this device in Canada. Sigh. This is an ongoing yet mystifying issue where functionality is limited for Canadian customers. I don’t understand why and have never received a satisfactory explanation.

amazon, kindle oasis, waterproof, ereader, review, light, canada

Amazon Kindle Oasis: Features

The Kindle Oasis is a simple and elegant e-reader but the design comes with a few gripes, of course. For one, this Kindle feels a bit clunkier than the previous Kindles. The aluminum back features wedge-shaped grip design, which, according to Amazon, makes it easier to hold the device. Some love it; some don’t like it—it’s personal preference. I don’t mind it, I guess. The device, however, feels much lighter and thinner than a real book.

On the front, you got two physical buttons for turning pages. Hitting the top button will turn pages forward, while the bottom one will turns pages backward. The buttons are responsive and work pretty well, but they seem somewhat superfluous. You can turn pages with a swipe already. Again, will some folks prefer the buttons to the repetitive swiping motion? Maybe

amazon, kindle oasis, waterproof, ereader, review, light, canada

When it comes to the display, Amazon has made some improvements.

The Oasis has a 7-inch monochrome display with 300 ppi, which is sharp and incredibly responsive compared to other e-ink displays. Reading on the Oasis is a delight as the texts look crisper and more precise—thanks to the e-reader’s e-ink technology, which matured tremendously over the last decade. Furthermore, the reading experience gets even better thanks to the device’s adjustable back light feature.

amazon, kindle oasis, waterproof, ereader, review, light, canada

With warmer, yellow backlight

The device actually has 25 LED lights behind the screen that allow users to adjust the color tone from cool to warm color tones manually or on a timed schedule automatically to match daylight and night conditions. Why? There are debates about whether the color tones of smartphones and e-book readers affect sleep. Various studies show that blue light emitted from screens can make it harder to sleep, so being able to employ warmer light as you’re reading to fall asleep should help your circadian rhythms in theory.

Let’s talk about software now. Amazon’s Kindle software still remains some of the best in the industry. There are a ton of customization options, including changing the formatting, fonts, font size, boldness levels, page spacing, margins, themes, and many more. Additionally, you can create your own themes and font size with a pinch-to-zoom gesture.

amazon, kindle oasis, waterproof, ereader, review, light, canada

With more standard blue backlight

Other benefits of the Oasis; it suits both lefties and righties. The screen of the device reorients the reading position if you rotate it 180 degrees when you grip it with your left hand as opposed to the right.

Battery life of Kindle Oasis

The battery of the Oasis is one of its significant upsides. Amazon says the Oasis will last up to 6 weeks of 30 minutes of reading a day with the brightness level set to 13. In real-life scenarios, you can read two 300-page books at an average reading pace with medium brightness levels on the Kindle Oasis on a single charge. That’s remarkable, and weeks longer than most tablets.

What does Oasis have that Kindle and Paperwhite don’t?

The Kindle Oasis, like the paperwhite, is waterproof, while original Kindle is not. Oasis is the only e-reader from Amazon with Adjustable warm light and auto-adjusting light sensors to adjust tones to the time of day. It’s also the only one with buttons to turn pages and the only one that will automatically reorient itself if you turn it upside down, but the other devices don’t use buttons so there’s no need to re-orient.

amazon, kindle oasis, waterproof, ereader, review, light, canada

Bumpout grippable back

Reading experience: what’s is like using an e-reader?

If you’re not familiar with e-readers, they can take some getting used to. I was a die-hard paper book reader until I finished book one of the Mockingjay series and desperately needed book two at 1am.

The convenience of e-books can’t be understated, but yes, you’ll face an adjustment period.

What can you expect in an e-book reading experience? You can keep your place at all times, even while flipping around the book.  The text is very easy to read; it’s sharp and dark and pops off the page. You can make and export notes if you like to read books for work or school and integrated Wi-Fi means you can look words up or do quick searches too.

One of the other great features about e-readers is you can customize the screen for you. Change font style and size, adjust margins and more.

Using the Adjustable light settings: how to turn Oasis from blue to yellow

The adjustable light setting s on the Kindle Oasis are easy enough to use. Touch to get the menu bar at the top, and choose Settings, then you can adjust the brightness or warmth. This creates a noticeable difference, dramatically saturating the screen from blue to yellow, and there’s a lot of variations in between so you should be abele to find just the right tone for your personal preference. With Family Library, you and your family can access and easily share not only your own Kindle books, but also books from the linked Amazon account of a spouse or partner.

Kindle Unlimited

With the new-ish Kindle Unlimited, you can read as much as you want, choosing from over 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks. Freely explore new authors, books, and genres on any device for just $9.99 a month.

 Amazon Kindle Oasis: Pros & Cons


  1. Great battery life
  2. Lightweight and luxurious design
  3. Easy to handle
  4. Excellent high-res 7-inch screen
  5. Auto-brightness & adjustable backlight colour
  6. Audible audiobooks integration
  7. Waterproof


  1. Very expensive
  2. Outdated micro USB port instead of USB-C
  3. No audiobooks for Canada. AGAIN

Overall Review: Amazon Kindle Oasis: Should You Buy It?

The 2019 Amazon Kindle Oasis isn’t that all different than the previous Kindle Oasis models. The exteriors are similar, but small changes like the adjustable color tones feature especially will make a significant difference to some readers.  While I find it a nice option, it doesn’t feel worth the price of an entire other e-reader. The 2019 Kindle Oasis is convenient for buying books, easy to read, and allows you to minimize other distractions that can easily come reading on a tablet.

When it comes to the stuff I didn’t like, I found the interface kind of dull. Maybe that’s because the menu of things you can do isn’t very deep—you‘re here to read books and that’s it. I did find the OS to be slow and laggy, taking about 3 seconds to make selections happen like choosing a book (though page turning is nearly instant). I’m also choked that Audible still isn’t available to Canadian users. In this day and age, not having this key feature is a bit ridiculous. Since I use audible often enough, this missing piece alone would be enough to make me re-think purchasing this device.

The new Kindle Oasis also has the best e-ink screen and great battery life than most e-readers in the market.Even so,  I’m still finding it difficult to recommend this e-reader where you’ll spend twice as much on it as  the Kindle Paperwhite. Even the new $90 basic Kindle will serve the needs of most people. If you’re looking for a solid e-reader, I’d say save the extra money on the less than stellar extras on this device and go with the Kindle or Paperwhite instead, then use the savings to buy more books.

Shop the Kindle Oasis on Amazon


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