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blizzident toothbrush review best, improved, new, dental, 3D, tech,

Previous version (L) and new Blizzident (R)

If you’ve done any research into toothbrushes, you may know the amount of choices out there these days are incredible. Toothbrush review requests are still the top ask I get as a tech blogger. I previously reviewed a brush called Blizzident and let me tell you it was the most unusual brush I’ve ever tried. They’ve just re-created it and I had a chance to try it again. (Read the review of the original Blizzident here for more background)

What is Blizzident?

To recap: Blizzident is not a connected toothbrush and it doesn’t vibrate or send you data, but it’s one of the more high tech toothbrushes I’ve seen in a long time and here’s why.

The Blizzident toothbrush is a mouthguard-shaped big mono-brush. But unlike a lot of this style of U-shaped brushes, this one is custom made to fit your mouth and all of your teeth individually, and as a result you can brush your whole mouth in six seconds.

What’s new with Blizzident?

blizzident toothbrush review best, improved, new, dental, 3D, tech, Blizzident has re-engineered their brush since my previous review. It’s now smaller than the original version, and it has many more bristles that are more carefully placed. I had a chance to use it for a few weeks and I definitely found it easier to manage than the prior version.

The original version I tried was so big it was actually quite painful; it was so unwieldy it was hard to get into your mouth. Those with a sensitive gag reflex would have found it unbearable because it really takes up a lot of space inside your mouth.

Before we get on to how the re-engineered version works, here’s the basics…

How to use Blizzident

You don’t put the toothpaste on the brush with Blizzident.

blizzident toothbrush review best, improved, new, dental, 3D, tech,

First rub a bit of toothpaste on your teeth with your finger, then follow the instructions to slip the device into your mouth, getting one side then the other in. Line it up with your teeth then bite down and grind your jaw back and forth and around and around,  for about six seconds. I also found it helpful to move the handle around to give everything a decent scrub.

Blizzident says that using this brush means “bristle pressures are always at an optimum – meaning optimum plaque removal and optimum protection of gums and tooth surfaces.”

I can definitely see that; it’s really difficult to brush too hard as you can with a traditional toothbrush, because pressure is distributed evenly across ALL your teeth. Plus, Blizzident points out that with this brush, only the tooth surfaces are cleaned, protecting your gums from friction. As someone who’s dealt with gum recession from aggressive brushing, I definitely noticed less pressure.

How long to brush?

blizzident toothbrush review best, improved, new, dental, 3D, tech,

Dentists recommend you brush your teeth for  about  two to three minutes with a manual brush, and two minutes with an electric. Blizzident says brushing with its device for just six seconds is enough to give you a good deep clean, and that’s because unlike a traditional brush head where you need to physically move it from tooth to tooth one or two at a time, Blizzident lets you clean all teeth at once.

I liked this brush much better than the previous version. It’s definitely easier to fit and doesn’t make you want to gag. Now with that said, it is still a mighty mouthful, so it’s not for everyone. Plus I still think it would set off those with a gag reflex.

How well does Blizzident work?

So how well does it clean? Really well. I can definitely feel it getting at all my teeth, even the ones right in back. There have even been some cases where I didn’t feel like I got a good clean with my regular brush, so I used the Blizzident and that did a better job. It’s fast, though I personally like to brush for about 10 seconds to get things really scrubby.

I will say again, it’s still quite a mouthful, so it’s not going to work for everyone.

Blizzident technology & Getting a Blizzident made

blizzident toothbrush review best, improved, new, dental, 3D, tech,

The making of a Blizzident brush is where all the tech comes in.

In order to get your custom made Blizzident brush, you’ll need a model of your teeth. There are two ways you can do this; by getting an old fashioned rubber bite mould made of your mouth, and then have a digital 3D model scan made from that, then you send the digital file off to Blizzident.

Or there’s an easier way. Find a dentist or orthodontist who can do a 3D scan of your mouth. This involves using a wand to scan all your teeth. The scanner then re-creates your mouth in 3D. You get that file and send it off to Blizzident, and they get to work. I found this was the easiest option.

In Calgary, Canada I had the scan done at an orthodontics clinic in the city called Family Braces.

The scan was quick and absolutely painless and only took about 10 minutes. The wand is waved over your teeth, and you can actually see the scan rendering on a video screen in the office.

Once the file is sent off to Blizzident it takes a couple of weeks to make and ship your custom brush.

How much does Blizzident cost?

There’s a big update here to the cost. The previous Blizzident (read that review here) cost a whopping $339 USD /$450 CAD; replacement brushes cost $170US/ $220CAD, since they already have your teeth on file. NOW Blizzident’s price has dropped to $199USD/$265CAD

There is also the cost of those 3D scans, which can vary from $75-$150, depending on your dentist.

blizzident toothbrush review best, improved, new, dental, 3D, tech,

Overall review of new Blizzident toothbrush

Overall, it’s worth taking a serious look at Blizzident now.  Thanks to the major price drop, and the smaller size, it’s more consumer friendly, though I think it’s still a specialty item that definitely won’t be for everyone. But I feel like it does do a better job on cleaning my teeth. After the first few brushings I could really feel that the Blizzident was reaching some areas I’d likely never gotten my regular brush in. It scrubs well, and it’s obviously fast.

I’m digging the new Blizzident. Will I keep using it after my review period is over? I’ll have to update in a few months.

UPDATE: December 2023

I thought this would be a cool brush to keep using, but the truth is I gave up on it fairly quickly. While the brushing definitely feels effective, it’s not a comfortable experience, and a lot less so when you need to do it twice each day. I feel this is a very expensive proposition and will likely be something that ends up gathering dust after a while. I think if the company decides to make a slimmer and more comfortable version of this that might improve the user experience. Otherwise, my feeling about this is a fun novelty but you’ll probably get way more mileage out of an ultrasonic toothbrush instead. You can check out my reviews of Philips Sonicare 6100 or Philips 9900 smart toothbrush here, and I also found the Philips Sonicare Power Flosser is a sleeper hit! Meantime, I’d love to hear what you’re loving or hatin in terms of toothbrush tech. Share in the comments.


  1. Francesca on February 15, 2019 at 6:10 am

    Good test! I am a Blizzident user since last year, and for me its just perfect.

    • Erin L on February 18, 2019 at 10:07 am

      Thanks for posting your feedback Francesca!

  2. rob on February 15, 2019 at 3:33 am

    I have been using these tailored brushes from Blizzident for many years now, and I have no cavities anymore 🙂 They improved the product all the time, the latest one is super comfortable to use for me.

    • Erin L on February 18, 2019 at 10:07 am

      Good to hear you’re enjoying the experience!

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