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There’s a growing market in the space between robot vacuums and mops, and stick vacuums. There’s what you could call a ‘hybrid’ floor cleaner that works like an upright or a stick, but is far more versatile, handling wet spills, daily cleaning and vacuuming all in one device. The new Dyad Pro by Roborock is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the Dyad vacuum cleaner, which was first introduced during CES 2022. This new 2023 Roborock Dyad model has a familiar design but comes with several enhancements. In this review I’ll try out the vacuum in my home, show you what is can do, how well it cleans and put it through some tests. I’ll also answer the question of what’s the difference between Roborock Dyad and Dyad Pro?  I’ll wrap with whether I think I can recommend it for you.

Roborock Dyad Pro 2023


This is a significantly improved machine over the original.  The added features work well and they’re actually worth it. Roborock has enhanced already great features and made them better and added some smart new tweaks too – like a cleaner dispenser!




  • Cleans very well
  • Manages both wet and dry spills
  • Great battery life
  • Easy to keep clean with self cleaning
  • New mop drying works well
  • New filter basket design is smart
  • New soap dispenser for extra cleaning power


  • Mop drying takes a long time
  • Unit is heavy, bulky

What’s new with Roborock Dyad Pro? What’s the difference between Roborock Dyad and Dyad Pro?

The 2023 Roborock Dyad Pro boasts an improved battery life with a runtime of 43 minutes and a 30% more efficient battery than the previous model.

Original Dyad on left, Dyad Pro on right.

Roborock has redesigned the Dyad Pro in a few notable ways, and the original model has been discontinued. The cleaner head is bigger and fatter but at the same time the brushes have narrower edges, which allows it to get closer to walls and baseboards, making it more effective at edge cleaning. Dyad Pro can also stand up on its own, while the original could not.

Watch my hands-on video review of Dyad Pro

The dirty water tank appears a smidge bigger than the original, and on the inside there’s a substantial redesign to the filter basket. The original had a simple basket to catch hair and debris, while the Pro version adds more metal mesh. It will be interesting to see how this works when I get to testing.

Dyad Pro has an improved charging station that not only cleans but now also dries the vacuum’s rollers, a feature that the previous model lacked.

Set up, assembly, installation

Getting ready to clean with this vacuum doesn’t take a whole lot. You do have two assembly tasks; the first is to insert the handle into the top of the vacuum and it just clicks into place. Next, connect the two halves of the stand. Plug it in and let Dyad Pro get charged.
Roborock Dyad Pro reviewWhile it’s charging up, let’s dive deeper into the key features, then we’ll run some cleaning tests.

Key Features: Roborock Dyad Pro

The Dyad Pro is heavier and bulkier than a typical stick vacuum, but that’s not a downside because there’s a lot more going on. This product both vacuums and mops at once.

Better Edge to Edge brushes

Roborock Dyad Pro reviewLet’s look underneath to get a feel for what it’s doing: A series of roller brushes underneath spin to scrub your floors while vacuum suction pulls both dry dirt and wet messes inside. The brushes now get to within 1mm of baseboards and edges.

Now uses cleaning solution (soap)

Roborock Dyad Pro reviewA clean water tank combined with a new cleanser tank adds power to the cleaning, since other similar devices and even the original Dyad only used water. You should get about 20 tanks of water to one tank of cleaner, so you’re not using much.

The user manual for this floor cleaner specifies only it should use cleaning solution approved by Roborock, but I was unable to find a list of what those might be. Since I didn’t have any of Roborock’s own solution, I opted for a gentle all natural floor cleanser I already have on hand.

Cleaning & Drying Dock

The new Pro version of the Dyad comes with a dock that serves several purposes; it allows for charging, self-cleaning, and drying of the mopping pads which can help keep musty smells down.
The drying is what’s new here and it takes about three hours for a full dry. The process is mercifully completely silent. You can speed up that drying time to two hours, but it does get a bit louder, but still not enough to disturb you.
Roborock Dyad Pro reviewAfter a cleaning task the Dyad Pro will automatically ask you to run a self cleaning cycle. New though: It can now be scheduled, triggered manually via a button, or even activated automatically when the device is docked, depending on your settings. There are two modes for self-cleaning: Balanced/Standard and Deep. The Balanced/Standard mode is usually sufficient for most cleaning needs.
The cleaning cycle runs for about 2 to 3 minutes and essentially runs water and soap through the mopping pads and cleans out the tubes and hoses on the inside. All the dirty water ends up in the dirty water tank and you can empty it when finished. Keeping this tank emptied and rinsed will go along way to preventing funky smells. The cleaning cycle is quite loud but it’s short, and worth doing.
Dirt Sensor
Dyad Pro has a feature that can let you know if an area is particularly dirty and thus might need more passes. Roborock calls it DirTect. If you hit a dirtier area, the LED light ring on the top of the machine turns red. More red means more dirt. In some other machines I have found this technology to be lacking, but here in the Dyad pro I actually found that it worked quite well, and the red light did light up when I was cleaning dirtier or high traffic areas. If you need extra power you can switch among the modes; Eco is lowest power and Max is highest.

LED info screen

That round LCD screen also displays information about battery life. If you have it connected to the Roborock app it can also show that.

App connection

Roborock Dyad Pro reviewSpeaking of the Roborock app, while you won’t be operating a robot vacuum and you can’t get this particular device to clean by itself, you can connect to the Roborock app to monitor various systems of the device or to trigger a cleaning cycle or start or stop the drying from the couch if you need to.
To pair you just need to push and hold the self clean and the change mode button which is the topmost button on the front of the handle (the one that’s not the power button). When you hear the robot say it’s ready to connect to Wi-Fi you’ll just head to your phones Wi-Fi settings and tap to connect. If you are experiencing trouble getting this to work as I was, just left the machine off it’s charging base. During my testing. I could not get it to initiate the Wi-Fi connection while it was charging.
The app gives you information such as the overall battery level, and allows you to adjust different cleaning modes and settings. You can also schedule self cleaning to happen anytime you want on the regular so you don’t have to remember to do it. Lastly you can also adjust things like the level of water flow or suction power as well as initiate the fast drying or silent drying features.

Improved battery life

Dyad Pro adds more battery life than its predecessor. Dyad Pro has an estimated runtime of 43 minutes, which is longer than the 35 minutes of runtime for the regular Dyad.
Roborock Dyad Pro reviewIn my testing I found this battery life estimate is pretty accurate. Well it doesn’t seem like an extraordinarily long time, I found I was really only taking five or 10 minutes to clean my entire house, so this gives me more than enough battery life for several complete cleans before I would need to recharge the machine. Also, given that you’re going to want to self clean and dry the machine after each use, if you keep it on the base, you should always have a full battery.

How does Roborock Dyad Pro work?

Roborock Dyad Pro has both a clean and dirty water tank system. The water, and cleaner work with the two rows of rollers that rotate in opposite directions and the up to 17,000Pa of suction power to inhale whatever’s on your floor.

There’s Auto Mode which is kind of an all-purpose cleaning mode, or Max mode which will give you more suction power.

To clean, fill the clean water tank, and add your cleanser if you’re going to use it. Then turn the Dyad on. The rollers spin and will actually pull the device along the floor. The water and cleaner wash the floor while any wet spills are pulled into the tank.

I didn’t find that it used too much water though as I noted earlier, the water level is adjustable. By toggling between Auto and Max mode you also seem to get different levels of water, and there’s also a ‘Floor Drying’ mode which sucks up the water already on the floor and doesn’t use more, so if you do feel the floor is too wet, just switch to Floor Dry Mode.

How well does Roborock Dyad Pro clean?

In my testing, I tried using Dyad Pro on all kinds of tasks. Are used primarily for daily cleaning to keep areas near the front and back door clean, as well as to pick up dried spills and drips in the kitchen.

The Dyad Pro does a good job on getting rid of daily dirt, dog paw prints, coffee drips and more. Depending on how dry or sticky the spill is, it may require a few passes to scrub it away.
Roborock Dyad Pro reviewI also laid out a few specific cleaning tests for it similar to how I have tested other devices.
It easily inhaled a full mug of spilled coffee, both picking up the liquid and wiping the floor clean.

On melted ice cream it also did good work all at once; and it was nice to not to have to pick up the sticky ice cream first then wash the residue off the floor after.
With dried messes like oatmeal and rice the Dyad Pro is extremely capable and vacuums it all up, but because whatever you take in goes into the dirty water tank, again, you want to make sure you clean it out.

The strainer basket didn’t do what I thought it would which is filter solids on its own. The oatmeal kind of just mixed in with everything else, but I realized just by flipping the filter basket to one side or the other I had a defective strainer I could simply pour the liquid through to filter out the solids then dump in the garbage. It’s actually a pretty smart design. Watch the video review to see it in action.
Roborock Dyad Pro review

Can Dyad Pro clean carpets?

When I reviewed the original Dyad I had several folks ask if it could be used on carpet. The answer is it’s not recommended. While I did test the original Dyad on a flat Ruggable rug, it did an OK job, but it would not work so well in my opinion on a rug or carpet with any kind of pile. Similarly if you’re using it on a throw rug, I think the rollers would just pull at the fabric and not really help you clean. So the short answer is if you were really desperate I suppose you could try it, but it’s not recommended.

Overall review: Roborock Dyad Pro 2023

Overall this is a significantly improved machine over the original. The added features work well and they’re actually worth it.
On the pro side, the Dyad Pro is effective at both wet and dry messes, and it scrubs floors well. It’s got a great battery life, and the addition of the drying of the mops helps keep it from getting stinky.
Roborock Dyad Pro reviewWhen it comes to the cons; it feels like the new version is a bit heavier and bulker, just a bit, over the original. Some folks may find it heavy to take up stairs for example. But because it does also pull itself along, it doesn’t feel heavy while you’re using it. The biggest downside to this device is not one of its features… It’s that whatever you vacuum up you need to clean out, and depending on the nastiness of your mess, that will either be no sweat or pretty gross.
In short I can definitely recommend the Dyad Pro to you as a great versatile cleaner for your home.

Dyad Pro sells for about $449USD, and that’s the exact same price as the original, so you’re getting a lot more floor cleaning, for exactly the same price, which is pretty nice. Shop the new 2023 Dyad Pro from Roborock  or find it at Amazon.

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