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NOMVDIC projector

Anyone old enough to remember seeing Back to the Future in a theatre will know projectors have changed—a lot. From bulky, heavy, loud machines about the size of a DeLorean, they’re now fitting many more features and more power into a much smaller package. While pico projectors (or super small portable projectors the size of soda cans) have their place, there’s still appetite for a full size, full-power home theater projector. Case in Point, the P1000 4K UHD Home Projector by NOMVDIC (pronounced Nomadic). This is a cube-like projector made for the living room or media room and it aims to offer a premium viewing experience whether gaming or watching content.

In this review I’ll test out the NOMVDIC P1000 projector, see what it’s like to use, what you can connect, what the image quality is like, both in dark rooms and bright ones.  I’ll wrap things up by talking about whether I can recommend this 4K video projector to you. I’d like to thank NOMVDIC for sponsoring this post. Their support helps me keep the blog and the YouTube channel running so for that I am very grateful. Though they are sponsoring this content, the company has not told me what I can’t say or what I have to say, and I was able to test the projector on my on terms, so you can consider these thoughts my own.

NOMVDIC P1000 home theatre projector


The P1000 4K UHD projector is one of those products that show you can have a compact, well-designed piece of tech that has all the features you need.


  • 4K HDR image quality is outstanding
  • Built-in speaker high-quality
  • Screen mirroring, casting work well, versitile


  • Limited inputs


I’m going to say right away this is absolutely the most beautifully and uniquely designed projector I’ve ever seen. A sculptural cube shape, the projector doesn’t look like a typical machine.

Measuring just 8.27 × 8.27 × 6.97 in. (210 × 210 × 177 mm) and weighing 6.85 lbs. (3.1 kg), the P1000 4K UHD Home Projector is much more compact and lighter than a regular high-end home projector like others I’ve reviewed. You might have difficulty noticing it in any photos online but the projector has a hidden retractable handle on top too.

What’s in the box

In addition to the beautiful cubist projector, the P1000 comes with a remote control (batteries too!) featuring a basic array of adjustment settings and volume controls just in case you don’t want to use the hardware buttons on the projector itself. A power cable rounds out the package.

You can also download and use the NOMVDIC remote app too if you prefer.

Ports & Connections

You may think the lack of multiple ports is a drawback, since there’s just a single HDMI 2.0 port and one USB-C port (a USB-A port is strictly for servicing). The 5V/1A USB-C port does support audio and video but not power delivery so you can’t power the projector via a USB cable. Instead, the P1000 4K UHD Home Projector relies on a barrel connector found on the back where you plug in the 20V/9A adapter.

I don’t really feel that only two inputs is limiting since built-in Wi-Fi can connect to 5.0 GHz networks and Bluetooth 4.2 is baked in as well supporting both input and output. Plus it’s got some other features which may mean you don’t need any cords at all.

What you get: short-throw projector

NOMVDIC projector

The P1000 4K UHD Home Projector comes out swinging in the spec sheet boasting 2,300 ANSI lumens, 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and a throw distance ranging from 2.98 to 10.7 ft. (0.91 to 3.27 m).

This is a shorter throw video projector, and that impacts where and how you’ll place it. It’s designed to be placed more organically in a room, since it projects more out and upwards, meaning you can tuck it on a coffee table or stool and make it more part of your room, as opposed to placing it on a bookshelf or ceiling mounting it.

NOMVDIC claims the light source should last about 30,000 hours. You can have a screen as small as 60 inches or as large as 180 inches while benefiting from ultra high 4K resolution. The added HDR 10 and HLG also help the projector reproduce more vivid imagery. The 4.2 milisecond response time makes the P1000 a solid projector for modern game consoles too, or so I’m told (I’m not a gamer).

Key Features

NOMVDIC projector components

NOMVDIC supplements the impressive P1000 specs with a small but impressive suite of interesting technologies.

Let’s dig into them one by one, then check out the video quality.

AiiO Technology

The AiiO Technology (or AI Image Optimization) simplifies the setup of the P1000 4K UHD Home Projector; in a nutshell this technology will do auto-keystone correction which frames the image perfectly square on your wall or screen and it adjusts focus automatically too. Genius.

I can say that when I plugged in the P1000 and turned it on, it snapped to square immediately and focused itself perfectly, so I was easily able to run through the set up process in just a minute or two. Each time I would adjust the projector or relocate it to change its image size, the machine was quick and adept at readjusting the image without any intervention from me.

I’ve used plenty of older projectors where are you have to fiddle and fuss to no end to get the image to look just right. I was both impressed and grateful that this NOMVDIC projector tackles some of those more fiddly tasks with ease.

All you must do is find a decent spot for the projector considering the throw distance and other specs and then let the AiiO Technology automatically adjust all four corners and H/V keystone to get an aligned image. The P1000 is also equipped with what’s called a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor so you should get clear and sharp images after first setting up too.

Sound by Harman/Kardon

Having the Harman/Kardon label is a nice little plus for this projector as the company is well known for helping make decent speakers and sound bars. While this means the sound is better than your average projector, it’s not accurate to expect sound bar-tier quality because of the projector’s small form factor. You’re getting two 6-watt speakers here which is great if you don’t want to have to connect anything else.

Ultra Fast Input Mode

If you plan to play fast-paced action games on the P1000 4K UHD Home Projector, I recommend you turn on the Ultra Fast Input option found on the “Advanced” section of the menu. This feature will lower your screen resolution while pushing the frame rate to new heights while reducing input lag.

Screen Mirroring

Although the P1000 doesn’t have its own built-in operating or video streaming system, you could take advantage of the projector’s integrated AirPlay and Screen Mirroring allowing iPhone and Android devices to stream content.

I was easily able to get my iPhone duplicated on the projector’s extremely large screen. (Pro tip: make sure both the projector and your phone are on the same Wi-Fi network if you have more than one network nearby.)

Your only hurdle is streaming service support because the HDCP restrictions prevent you from enjoying copyrighted content on online services.

To work around this limitation, simply watch your subscribed services through an HDMI dongle like a Chromecast, Fire Stick, Apple TV or Roku Stick.

Watching content on NOMVDIC P1000

NOMVDIC projector

Watching content on this projector is a dream. The projector image is extremely bright and vivid, and depending on where you opt to place the projector, you can get a smaller image or one that can fill an entire wall.

The HDR support means the colours are vivid and intense, and meant watching nature shows was an absolutely immersive dream.

With sports or action shows, The P1000 was easily able to keep up with the whip-saw scenes while not creating any dizzying blurriness.

I tried this projector out in both my kitchen/living area and down in my home theatre room. Since there’s that hidden handle on the top of the projector, it was easy to tote from room to room.

I was actually incredibly impressed at how well the projector was able to compete with a boatload of sunlight leading into the upstairs living room. The image remained clear and bright and sharp no matter how bright the room that. For that reason I really enjoyed putting on a few streaming TV shows while I was doing chores in the kitchen since there was no washout, or ghosting.

Naturally in a darkened room the projector performs at its peak. Down in my home theatre area where I have a dedicated projector screen for viewing, the P1000 offered even more outstanding image quality. In a darker space it’s certainly possible to see even more intricacies and finer details in both the video resolution and the colour quality.

Watching movies on the projector, and filling the space with the image made for totally immersive viewing and I was in love.

Laptop connection via USB-C or Screen Mirroring

The USB-C connection in this projector also means it’s extremely easy to hardwire a laptop if you want to load up content that way. I was able to connect my Macbook Pro and work on a larger screen than my 14 inch laptop allows. Of course, because there’s screen mirroring I can also simply screen mirror my Macbook to the P1000 also. This too works quickly and very well.

Overall review: P1000 4K UHD Home Projector

NOMVDIC projector

The P1000 4K UHD projector is living proof that you can have a well-designed and attractive piece of tech that checks all the feature boxes too. The P1000 is a very compact and efficient projector while sporting some meaty features that you would normally find in heavier, pricier models.

On the pro side, the 4K HDR image quality is outstanding and the built in speaker, while not a replacement for a sound bar or dedicated audio solution is pretty great for a built in.

The screen mirroring and casting works extremely well both from a smartphone and a laptop and made the projector even more versatile.

Let’s explore the downsides… Some might wish for more inputs, but my experience using projectors like this you’re not going to be plugging in multiple devices anyway, and since the screen mirroring works so well, it’s a moot point.

Others may have hoped for a built-in streaming interface and while that would be easy enough, if you’re connecting other peripherals anyway, almost all of them already have those streaming services or web access anyway.

In short, any downsides don’t really feel like downsides since they’re easily remedied.

I can definitely recommend the NOMVDIC P1000 home theatre and gaming projector to you.

It sells for about $1,699US and you can get it from NOMVDIC’s website or Amazon.

Purchase the P1000 now on Amazon and enjoy a $100 discount when you use this code 08NOMVDIC3X.

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