Okidokeys Smart Lock: Great idea that needs some work – Update: Okidokeys responds to review


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Erin Lawrence

okidokeys lock** I originally posted this review July 10.  On July 14 Okidokeys posted a comment below regarding this review.  It was quite surprising, because for one they called a Tweet I sent “inflammatory”, and for another they imply the facts of this review are not accurate, and in essence that I lied. I’ll respond to their comments at the bottom of this page.   **

I love the idea of a smart lock.  In my head I envision approaching the door, laden with groceries and bags, only to have the door unlock audibly and allow me to slip in without dropping everything and fishing for keys.

That’s what I’d been hoping for when the Okidokeys Smart Lock arrived on my doorstep.  But, much to my disappointment, that wasn’t quite what I got.

The Okidokeys kit looks simple enough, and the instructions seemed straightforward.  It comes with the automatic lock mechanism, 3 different colours of back cover, batteries, (4 AAs) and the tools needed to install it. The instructions says to just remove the back of the deadbolt from your door, leaving the rest of the locking hardware in place, slip the Okidokeys motorized locking system over top, screw it in, and voila! Except that’s not at all what happened.

(Bear with me.  I’m going to give some detailed info here about the problems I encountered, in the event my troubles can help others.  If you’re looking for the straight up ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’, go ahead and skip to the bottom)

Installing Okidokeys Smart Lock

Replacing the back of the lock with a new plate.

Replacing the back of the lock with a new plate.

While all you need is a screwdriver to do the installation, and it doesn’t mark or ruin your door, Okidokeys did not fit over top of my existing lock. Some adapters are included with the kit, but none of them seemed to fit right.  No matter which I used, the lock would not sit flush with the door.  Finally I realized the correct adapter was included with the package, but it did not fit properly on our lock; the deadbolt post was just too long. When I called customer service for assistance, I got a rather surly woman, who finally told me the only way around this was to buy a new deadbolt, or to try to file the lock bolt mechanism down so the Okidokeys lock would fit over top of it.

Not wanting to go out and buy another lock just so this new lock would work, I eventually located a file and spent a good amount of time grinding down the post.  It was a lot of work, extending the installation by a good hour.

Once the installation was done I downloaded the app for iPhone 6. Except then I found out you can’t download the app and sign up for an account on your phone.  For that you need a computer.

Once the account was set up on the laptop, I signed into the app using my newly created account, and nothing happened.  while the app loaded, there appeared to be no way to actually tell the app which deadbolt I had. Plus, when I manually engaged the lock, it made a horrible loud grinding sound. After another frustrating 45 minutes trying to sort that out, trying to get the deadbolt to connect to the phone, I put the whole thing away for the night to resume in the morning.

Was It a Dud?

Turns out the next day it was no easier. I went through all of the set up again but had no luck getting anything working. I finally decided to call the Okidokeys support line again. The customer service rep could not seem to figure out what the problem was and said she did not know what was going on, and I was kind of left hanging.  What was I supposed to do with a non-functional lock, and someone who was out of ideas to help me?

I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone with more detailed tech-support background to help me, as I felt that “I don’t know” was not an adequate customer service response. Instead, the CSR asked me to email her a still photo of the lock, to prove it was mounted flush against the door. I declined, because it was flush, and because I was getting annoyed at the non-functionality of the unit. In the end I left a message for a supervisor to call me back at the first available opportunity. In the meantime, I uploaded a video to Twitter of my problem, and hoped someone would be able to help me. Turns out Okidokeys is monitoring their Twitter account rather well (kudos), and within an hour they had called me back to say they had seen my video, and thanks to that they could tell the lock itself was malfunctioning. They offered to send me a new one right away.

Meantime, I decided to get my account set up and ready for when the new lock arrived.
Once signed in to the company webpage on a desktop computer I was able to get logged in and get started. I finally figured out you need to put in the serial number of the lock on the computer (not your phone, again). One small frustration with this is that I went through the process of entering the serial number, door name, door time zone, and a picture to apply to it, but I chose not to select the optional “door group name”, and when I went to click “next”, it gave me an error message for not picking a door group name, and it had reset half of the settings. Annoying since I had to go through and re-set up the lock all over again.  Once that was done I was able to start assigning people to use the door. That process is fairly straightforward you can give certain users a key tag, wristband, or plastic credit card style key, and then you can then assign certain hours of the day they will be able to swipe their ‘key’ to open your door.

The separate Smart Reader and additional keys.

The separate Smart Reader and additional keys.

Setting up the smart keys, like the included key tag, the credit card key, and the wristband, was easy, thankfully. You simply go to the drop-down menu on the website for smart devices, register smart tag using the  serial number that is very clearly printed on the smart tags, and you’re good to go. Then it’s as easy as creating new user profiles, and assigning those people whichever keys you want them to have.

Try, try again

When the new lock finally arrived about a week later, I was already very similar with how to install it, so it went quickly. When I did the self test, everything worked smoothly and the lock was able to turn on it’s own quite easily with no grinding, although the lock is quite loud. Then I decided to try locking the door with the app. The app told me that I first needed to ‘sync’ the door to the app.

Locking Not So Easy

IMG_2551Trying to get the lock to sync took about six attempts, before it randomly worked. Then I tried locking again, but kept getting an error message that I was not standing near enough the door, when I was probably about a foot and a half away from it. Then I tried to manually lock and unlock the door using the buttons on the back of the door lock. That didn’t work either, although I got a helpful looking blue light each time I tried.

I decided to close out of the app and restart it in hopes this would jazz things up a bit. Only then to my frustration I realized I needed to log in again. But when I tried to do that I kept getting an error message saying my login credentials were invalid. At this point, admittedly I was ready to throw the damn lock out the window. To me, a product should not be this hard or this frustrating to set up.

Buggy & Frustrating App

Fortunately, after another attempt at logging in I got back into my account. This time when I went to lock the door using the app it worked! Hallelujah! But my joy was short-lived. The next time I tried to lock the door, I got an ‘operation timeout failure’. I decided to do an experiment and standing next to the door I tried to lock the door or unlock it ten times from a couple distances. The lock only responded four out of those ten times. This is an enormous frustration. No one has time to stand around in front of the door holding loaded bags of groceries waiting for three or four attempts at unlocking the door before it listens.

26 seconds to open

It’s also worth mentioning that the lock, when it actually functions, takes a long time to engage and open.  I timed it, and on one occasion when trying to unlock the door it took about 26 seconds before the lock would finally respond. Again, I could have unlocked the door in about two seconds flat with the old fashioned key in that time.IMG_2554

At this point I was pretty much done with this device. But I decided to give customer service a call one more time to see if perhaps there was something strange going on they could easily remedy. Alas, it was Saturday, and Okidokeys voicemail hopefully told me that their customer service office closes at 2 PM MT on Saturdays. Great.

Later on, feeling optimistic, I decided to try to use the app to lock my door when I left. When I went to load up the app, it wanted me to login from scratch again. Uggghhhh!
I gave up.
Turn On Automatic Login, for gosh sakes!

Another constant frustration was the fact that I needed to input the username or email and password to access the app every time I tried to use it. Making that even more frustrating, is despite entering the username and password correctly at least half a dozen times, I kept getting an error message saying that the ‘user is invalid’. When I left the phone to sit for a few minutes, and tried again by simply hitting ‘enter’ on the information I had already put in, for some reason it would randomly allow me access. Very frustrating. Eventually I figured out that by turning on “automatic logins” in the settings menu in the app, I could forgo logging in every single time I wanted to use it.
Also, in what almost seems like too much security, every time I logged into the Okidokeys webpage on the computer to access my account, it emailed me a security code that I had to input before I was able to login. More steps, more frustration.

smart-lockokidokeysNo remote access

Another thing I found frustrating about this lock set was that there’s no way for me to open the door from a remote location. It would be so handy if I could let the cleaning lady, neighbour, or even a key-forgetting spouse in from my smartphone kilometers away in my office, but that’s not an option.  To let someone else in if I’m not at home (and have not given them a key previously), they’d need to download the app, and I’d have to email them access permission.  But since getting the account working in the first place was such a hassle for me I was not comfortable foisting it on someone else. It would be great if I could just press a button on my phone from far away, and the lock would open for whoever I needed to let in.  But alas.. no.  Okidokeys also says it has a Hands-free Mode where it will unlock your door when your cell phone gets close to it, but (noticing a pattern?) I couldn’t get that to work either.

The Verdict

The Okidokeys Smart Lock was not easy to use.  In my experience it was buggy and unreliable, and took far too long to perform the simple task of unlocking the door. I’m not going to fault the first lock for being a dud, but I also didn’t have great experience with Okidokeys customer service folks on their phone help line.

Having tried some products like the Ring Video Doorbell recently, or the Nest Learning Thermostat which worked perfectly from the moment the box was opened (and reliably from then on), this product appears not quite ready for use by an average customer. It’s just too frustrating.  I’ll be interested in seeing further software updates, but until then, it’s back to using my key.


I recently wrote the above review of the Okidokeys Smart Lock. It was not flattering, but it was fair, and I stand by it.  Since then, I received a comment on the blog from ‘Okidokeys Team’.  I was rather surprised at the content.  For one it implies I lied in my story; that when I say I spoke to two different customer service reps by phone, that I did not, since the company claims to have no record of this.

Secondly Okidokeys Team calls my Tweets about the installation problems I had “inflammatory”.

Here’s the blog comment :

Dear Erin,
We regret your experience. However we believe it is important to point out that according to our records you did not reach out to us for support, we found your inflammatory twitter post of 2-3 months ago and proactively reached out to you.
According to your responses, we solved your issues as we shipped additional adapters at no charge which are now part of our standard package.
Also, as your test dates back to 2-3 months, we precise we have had a completely new version of handsfree mode with geo fencing available for 3 weeks now.
Best Regards,
OKIDOKEYS Teamokidokeys tweets

Here are the facts:  I keep notes on my calls and dealings with any customer service departments I encounter during each review, and make notes too, as I work on installation and setup as I’m testing products.

I called Okidokeys twice, and my description of each interaction above is factual, and accurately reported. Why they don’t have a record of it I can’t say. I’m also not sure why they indicate they sent me ‘adapters’, when what they sent me was a whole new unit.  Perhaps these ‘records’ are not quite as accurate as they think? As for my “inflammatory” tweet, well, you can see for yourself what I said, and even the follow up kudos I gave.

I find it offensive that instead of addressing the problems with the product’s operation and non-functionality in their blog comment, the customer service response to me was to call my credibility into question, and dub my factual tweet “inflamatory”.

I deliberately don’t read other reviews before I test products, so as not to colour my judgement. However since receiving the comment, a simple Google search showed me other reviewers having the same problems I encountered, to varying degrees of frustration.  While it would have been nice to be able to post an update with the fixes and updates Okidokeys has done, instead I must respond to their other comments.


  1. John on December 30, 2015 at 11:38 am

    I have had this lock for 2 years now. It never had worked correctly from day one. I got in contact with tech support and they were basically no help. They wanted to send a loc but wanted to charge my credit card for the lock then when they received the olf one from me if all was ok with it then would not issue a refund. Not a food way to do business. I have had this lock not open, not be seen by the app even though I amincehes away, have seen the “Operation Failure” message more times than I can count. It is a $250 piece of trash as far as I am concerned. I wouls not recommend this lock to myworse enemy and the device that would allow you to open and close the lock from any internet device has yet to be released. The best thing this company can do is close shop because they certainly need to go bac and start all over.

    • Erin L on December 30, 2015 at 11:40 am

      Thanks for the comment John. It’s unfortunate indeed.

  2. Matt Millsap on July 17, 2015 at 8:21 pm

    Hi Erin,

    Yes, I did have issues early on, last fall. But the last few versions of the app have been progressively and drastically better.

    In fact, I just got back from a 10 day trip where we had the neighbors watching our dogs. Two people were accessing the lock the entire time, twice a day. It was flawless and I was receiving push notifications each time they unlocked/locked the door.

    I’ve seen the other reviews you spoke of, but I also note that those reviews are mostly months old and most likely before the latest hardware updates. Most of the iOS and Android reviews even specifically indicate they are related to old versions of the app. I’ve even made suggestions to OKIDOKEYS about improving their documentation and was since notified of updates that are now included in “new packaging”. The docs are, in fact, better and included some of my suggestions (I’m probably not the only one that mentioned it to them).

    I have a soft spot for new companies bringing new technologies to market, and I allow a bit of patience in seeing the product develop. To be completely honest I think your review and subsequent extreme interpretation of their response was unfair.

    • Erin L on July 18, 2015 at 9:50 am

      Thanks Matt. I myself have a soft spot for customers who spend a lot of money on gadgets, only to get them home and fight with them endlessly for weeks or months. Then they give up and return them or toss them because they are bitter and jaded, meaning they would never again get a chance to try again and see if things had improved.

      I believe companies should make sure their products are fully ready for the market before they are released, or at least provide outstanding customer service to make it right when they are not.
      Your point is well taken, however. If things have improved with the lock to the point where they are much easier and less buggy, it might be worth another review. I will consider putting it back in my queue to be tested again next time I have space. I would certainly love to be able to report that they have worked out all the bugs.

      • Matt Millsap on July 18, 2015 at 7:50 pm

        Hmmm. so how is it a company that is so poor in customer service has repeated reviews on Amazon and other sites like the following?

        “I have always received quick responses from OKIDOKEYS Support. This situation involved a product giving me problems, and a very acceptable solution was provided very fast. I am impressed with this company and look forward to endorsing your products.”

        “My husband was very satisfied with the lock and with the level of support he received.”

        “It’s always Nice to receive good answers to m’y questions by people who know their products.”

        You mention being jaded, when I read your original review that was my impression of your post. I guess no company is perfect, there is always going to be that one situation that just doesn’t workout the right way.

        It just sucks for OKIDOKEYS that it seems there have been so many great experiences for one bad one that just happened to be of a person that has a platform and an agenda to rip down the reputation of what could be a really good product if given an honest chance.

  3. Ryan Shanks on July 15, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    Ok. Just so I’m clear, here’s what I read:

    Dear Erin,

    Meaningless placating comment. BUT, from the limited records I’ve had someone else look at, we called you, you didn’t call us. And we fixed the problem, although it’s obvious that I haven’t actually read your posts myself when I don’t even know what we did right. But we did something. And now we do that to everyone. Whatever that was. No thanks to you.

    Oh, and although we still haven’t acknowledged the fact it just didn’t work, we’ve made it better miraculously just after your tests and before your blog, so everything you say is wrong. And we don’t know what inflammatory means.

    Piss off,

    • Matt Millsap on July 17, 2015 at 5:13 pm

      Pretty extreme interpretation of the message.

      I have dealt with OKIDOKEYS support and have received the updated components mentioned and they did help. According to your own Twitter posts you purchased the lock 4 months ago. For a lock that has only be shipping for 1 year (I purchased one of the first) it seems reasonable to assume that some modifications would be identified and updated in the standard course of, you know, improving a new product brought to market.

      Also, the new app from 3 or 4 weeks ago works completely differently in terms of Handsfree than your original blog post describes, soooooo, maybe don’t post a review that has information that is already 3 weeks old.

      • Erin L on July 17, 2015 at 5:48 pm

        Thanks for reading Matt. Have you noticed any of the connectivity issues I mentioned? Or does the door lock work for you every time? Great to hear about the Geo fencing working well for you. Sounds like it might be worth reinstalling the lock, and trying it again if things have improved.

  4. OKIDOKEYS Team on July 15, 2015 at 2:56 am

    Dear Erin,
    We regret your experience. However we believe it is important to point out that according to our records you did not reach out to us for support, we found your inflammatory twitter post of 2-3 months ago and proactively reached out to you.
    According to your responses, we solved your issues as we shipped additional adapters at no charge which are now part of our standard package.
    Also, as your test dates back to 2-3 months, we precise we have had a completely new version of handsfree mode with geo fencing available for 3 weeks now.
    Best Regards,

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