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Photo gear from Joby lets you go handsfree


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Erin L

Erin L

With so many of us relying solely on our smartphones for the bulk of our photography, it’s too bad we don’t put much effort into making the shots truly great. While lighting, luck and skill are definitely part of getting a good photo, you can improve your snaps with a few key accessories. Joby is a large company that makes photo accessories and gear for DSLR cameras, and action video cameras like GoPro, but it’s also got some gadgets that can help you with the photos you take on your phone.

Joby gorillapod hybrid erinlyyc camera photoJoby GorillaPod provides stability anywhere

To take better smartphone photos it helps if you have some stability. The GorillaPod Hybrid by Joby can hold a maximum of one kilogram or 2.2 pounds. I’ve been testing one of these and have been amazed at how versatile I’m finding it. Its flexible wrapping legs can grip pretty much anything. You can wrap it around posts or poles, hook it to door knobs or even splay it out in awkward directions to grip an uneven surface like a rock or a log.

Special plastic sockets provide articulating bulbs that bend the legs in any direction. Each knob is rubberized, so it has a bit of grip as well. The ball head has a bubble level too, meaning you can accurately keep your shot even.

Add a Joby smartphone mount

Joby gorillapod hybrid erinlyyc camera photoThis tripod is perfectly designed to hold a DSLR camera, but with a minor modification, it works for larger smartphones and even small tablets too. Add the Joby GripTight mount; in testing using my iPhone 6 I chose the XL size. While the mount will fold flat for easy transport and storage, it pops open and articulates so that you can slip many different sizes of smartphones into it (from 69 to 99 millimeters or from 2.7 inches to 3.9 inches). The small threaded hole in the base allows it to cinch tightly to the GorillaPod Hybrid or any other tripod.

Take better selfies with a Joby accessory

In our selfie-obsessed culture, everyone’s shots look the same. Our arms feature prominently in the shot, or maybe you’re a fan of using a mirror and capturing your smartphone in the photo too. Why not take better photos with more creative framing, by using one of these accessories to set up your camera at a suitable distance for a more interesting shot?

Joby gorillapod hybrid erinlyyc camera photoPOV kit gives you security & remote trigger

If it’s security you’re after you’ll want to take a look at the GripTight POV kit from Joby. This handheld and versatile smartphone stabilizer attaches to any action camera mount as well, meaning you can strap it to your helmet or attach it to a chest strap for awesome POV sports photography. The sturdy plastic handle can be swivelled in several directions or folded up to be compact, giving you a secure handhold and a more stable shot.

This is a super handy device for taking video when you don’t want to worry about getting fingers into the frame, or if you happen to be taping near a body of water. With your fingers wrapped security through this plastic loop, you’ll have no worry about your precious smartphone falling into the drink.

A smart phone locks in tightly to the frame thanks to the easy-to-maneuver lever on the back. I also really like the grip Tite POV kit for trucking shots on video.Joby gorillapodJoby gorillapod hybrid erinlyyc camera photo hybrid erinlyyc camera photo

Joby Remote control comes in handy

Joby gorillapod hybrid erinlyyc camera photo remoteHandily, the GripTight POV kit also includes Joby’s remote control trigger. While there’s not a lot of instructions for how to use it inside the package, know that you can connect it automatically to your iPhone and use it as a remote trigger. Super handy if you have it mounted on a helmet for example, or if your camera is being used attached to the GorillaPod hybrid which is currently wrapped around a tree several meters away.

The bottom line is that with a few smart accessories you can up your game from basic selfies to amazing action shots and cool wide angle portraits. I can’t get enough of these new accessories from Joby. They’re not expensive and can take your photography, whether it’s on a smartphone or a fancy DSLR, to the next level. While I didn’t think I needed a flexible tripod, a remote control or a handheld stabilizer, I can say now that I’ve tried photography and video with them, I’m going to find it hard to go back.

Joby gorillapod hybrid erinlyyc camera photo

Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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