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Aucma Cold juicer, reviewI’m a juicing fan. I love making fresh green juice, or fruit juices to start the day. Full disclosure: for years I’ve been using a pricey centrifugal juicer, so when Aucma offered to let me try their slow juicer I was a bit skeptical; I figured juicers need to be big, noisy and powerful to get the job done. Spoiler alert: I was surprised at what I got with the Aucma Slow Juicer.

Aucma slow juicer review

Aucma slow masticating juicer


I have to say I was surprised at how well this juicer works. Particularly at $69 I thought there was no way it would be able to perform. How wrong I was.


  • Quiet operation
  • Minimal foam
  • Juice doesn’t separate quickly
  • Easy to clean
  • Juices almost anything
  • Compact
  • Easy to use, assemble, dissassemble


  • Takes a long time to juice
  • Produces less juice
  • Pulp extraction end clogs

In this review I’ll show you how it works, how it differs from a high speed centrifugal juicer, and what the juice is like, and if I recommend this to you.

What is a slow juicer?

Let’s start off by digging into what a slow juicer is and how it works. Slow juicers, sometimes also known as masticating juicers or cold press juicers, typically use a crushing or pressing force, usually with some type of auger. A low speed motor presses the fruit or vegetables to extract their juices through a filter which separates the juice from the pulp.

Slow juicers or masticating juicers don’t create heat or friction the same way a high speed juicer can… as a result they tend not to produce a lot of air or foam, which I can confirm you do get a lot of on a centrifugal juicer.

Which is better: high speed juicer or slow juicer?

So why choose a slow masticating juicer over a centrifugal juicer or a high speed option?
While high speed juicers obviously give you results faster than a slow juicer, sometimes speed comes at the cost of other qualities.

Slow juicers tend to produce less foam, and the low speed extraction also keeps the juice from separating, which, unless you drink it immediately definitely happens with centrifugal or fast juicers.Aucma Slow, masticating, juicer, review

Slow juicers are also very quiet compared to their higher speed cousins.

Fast juicers tend to have fewer parts making them easier to assemble and clean, while a slow juicer may have as many as half a dozen smaller pieces that need cleaning.

In some cases slow juicers may be more expensive… though it this case the Aucma juicer rings in at just $69, which is many times lower than any other juicer I’ve seen.

There are pros and cons to both types of juicer.

What’s in the box?Aucma Slow, masticating, juicer, review

Let’s take a look at and deconstruct this juicer so you can see what you’re getting…

The Aucma juicer has several parts, and those are further broken down… There’s a feeder tube and pusher, the main extraction auger and the pulp disposal.

As part of the extraction section, Aucma cold press juicer is built with a 7-segment spiral drill. The drill or auger presses the fruits and vegetables into the steel filter, pushing the pulp out a narrow tube at the end, creating almost little pulp pellets.

This juicer is able to juice almost anything including both hard and soft fruits and vegetables, like carrots, beets, celery, strawberries, apples. I also used leafy greens like kale.

Let’s get this working…

Making juice with Aucma cold press masticating juicer

The juicer has just one speed, but two settings; forward, and reverse, and the reverse is if you need to get in and loosen up something that’s gotten stuck in the auger.

Aucma says the operating noise is less than 60 decibels, with this slow juicer working at a speed of 80-115/RPM to extract juice slowly. I can confirm this juicer is extremely quiet, particularly as compared to my high speed juicer.

Aucma says its juicer machines can maximize up to 90% more yield of juice, reduce oxidation, and retain the most nutrients.

Aucma Slow, masticating, juicer, review

With this juicer, you do need to use small pieces since the unity is not very large. You’ll cut up your fruits and veg but there’s no need to peel it. Drop the segments into the feeder and let the auger work. It will pull the pieces in and crush them up, juice dribbles from the bottom, and the pulp comes out the end. The pellets fall into a container, and then you can use them for making broth, as compost, or feed them to your dogs, if your pups are like mine: Canadian veggie hounds.

This juicer is definitely slow. It took me about 5 minutes to make a double service of juice, while a high speed extractor will do the same in about a minute.

I also think this juicer extracts less juice than my high speed blender, which is probably not surprising; with all that centrifugal force and heat generated by the blades you’d expect it to pull more juice from food.

But with the Aucma cold press unit here I loved the fact there was no foam and no separation of the juice.

My juice was cool, fresh tasting and didn’t have that slightly acrid taste that some high speed juicers can give.. probably from oxidation.

Aucma says this juicer should not be used for lemons, sugar cane or ginger guava or mango, and that anything with kernels, hard seeds or thick skins should be removed.

Cleanup and disassembly

The Aucma cold press slow juicer comes with a small brush for cleanup. All the pieces pull apart for cleaning and it’s actually pretty easy to disassemble and wash up. The company says very hot water isn’t recommended for cleaning, so putting the pieces in the dishwasher is proably a bad idea; I hand washed mine.

Aucma Slow, masticating, juicer, review

Pulp extraction end clogs. Best to clean it with a straw or chopstick.

Everything comes pretty clean with the exception of the pulp outlet. This has a very narrow tube that Aucma’s brush just can’t get into… and nothing else can either… even high pressure water wouldn’t budge the pulp inside. I eventually got a straw, but a chopstick would also work to pus out the jammed pulp to get it clean. If I can offer a suggestion to Aucma’s designers, a small pusher end on the brush would be helpful for cleanup.

Aucma Juicer Machines equipped with an intelligent protection chips, making it automatically stop after 20 minutes of continuous work. From my testing though, that’s more than enough time to get several glasses of fresh juice.

Overall review: Aucma slow cold press juicer

Overall I have to say I was surprised at how well this juicer works. Particularly at $59 I thought there was no way it would be able to perform. How wrong I was.

Aucma Slow, masticating, juicer, review

Pulp pellets.

I like the fact it’s super quiet, it gets a lot of juice from the vegetables and the juice doesn’t foam or separate. This juicer is able to handle almost anything from fruits to vegetables and greens easily. It was also surprisingly easy to clean.

Downsides? Since I’m on the topic of cleaning, that pulp end was nearly impossible to get clean with out some type of pushing tool, so be aware. It also does take a long time to get your juice.

Overall though I’ve enjoyed my cold press slow juicer experience and I can definitely recommend the Aucma juicer to you.

The Aucma masticating cold press slow juicer sell for around $69US and you can get it from Amazon.

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