Review: Dometic Waeco RV/campervan Sink & Propane Stovetop/Hob


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Review: Dometic RV/campervan Sink & Propane Stovetop/HobRV traveling has become more popular than ever. And if you can’t afford a big RV, or don’t have a place to keep one, then you’re probably looking into vanlife, like we are. A camper van allows you to not only enjoy comfortable road trips to destinations all over the county, traveling by RV or van has the added benefit of allowing you to take your lodging with you – so you always have the comforts of home while on the go. While convenient, vans and RV need to make the most of every square inch, so good design and convenience goes a long way. Dometic has two products for outfitting your RV that are not only easy on the eyes, but also feature thoughtful space-saving design.

Review: Dometic stovetop/cooktop/hob

The Dometic CE99 gas burner stovetop or hob as the Europeans like to call it, has a sleek hideaway design that allows you to cook while also preserving counter space. The entire hob measures at about 19 by 14.5 inches, giving you enough space to cook meals without overwhelming your kitchen area.

Review: Dometic RV/campervan Sink & Propane Stovetop/HobThe two-burner design has a safety glass lid that should will be flush-mounted to your countertop. This heat-resistant lid can be used for resting hot items, and can easily be wiped clean. The two control knobs hide under the glass keeping the sleek look and they let you control the cook temperature. I will say they are a bit on the small size. Naturally we’re trying to save precious space here, but these can be a bit hard to grasp and maneuver, particularly in the small nook they’re tucked into.

I read somewhere these burners are meant to have slightly different performance options and output, but after using them for a few weeks I have to say I’m not seeing any difference.

Review: Dometic RV/campervan Sink & Propane Stovetop/HobThe stainless steel design will withstand repeated use with ease, and will require little maintenance to keep it looking brand new.

We have this stove hooked up to the propane tank we had professionally installed under the van so we could count on reliable cooking fuel that we also use to power our furnace.  The burners heat up fast as a gas range will do, and I can get water boiling for coffee in about 5 minutes.

The stovetop has been quite durable for us and seems to be withstanding regular use well, now at about 4 months after installing it. Keeping it clean isn’t too much of a hassle… you can wipe it with a soapy cloth, and polish up the glass with glass cleaner if you want.

Dometic VA8000 hideaway sink and folding tap

If you appreciate continuity of design, the matching Dometic VA8000 Series Sink (possibly now under the name Dometic Waeco?) would be a natural pairing with the stove. Designed with a similar heat-resistant glass lid, this square stainless steel sink is also designed to be hidden when not in use. As with the stove, the glass lid can be used as a surface to rest hot items on while cooking.

Review: Dometic RV/campervan Sink & Propane Stovetop/HobWe paired this sink with our own custom hookup: a water pump and drinking water tank, and a grey water tank. We also had to create our own drainage options as this sink did not come with fixtures or fittings. We picked up a bar sink drain at Home Depot and connected it easily enough.

Dometic folding faucet

It also doesn’t come with this, but you pretty much need a Dometic folding tap. We had the hardest time sourcing one of these and mid-pandemic it took months before it arrived, but it is the absolute best solution for this sink and after months of badgering retailers and suppliers I don’t even know what model number we ended up with here. Like the drain, we had to engineer this a bit, as you need a collar to fit it correctly, which was no picnic to find either, but worth all the effort in my opinion.  This folding tap is taller than some others I saw, and I prefer this option as it makes filling pots or cups easier and leaves you more room to rinse dishes or work underneath it.

The Dometic folding faucet is cleverly-designed and hides away while not in use, so you can close the lid to keep things tidy and to maximize your space, or just avoid hooking stuff on it as you move around the van.

Review: Dometic RV/campervan Sink & Propane Stovetop/HobMeasuring at roughly 16 by 14 inches, with a 6 inch depth, this sink is small enough to be discreet, but large enough to accommodate most van-sized dishes, pots and pans. The stainless steel requires little upkeep to keep looking its best and is sturdy enough to withstand years of use. We’ve been using it a lot and I can confidently say this sink is holding up well and is a great fit for out tight van space. It’s handy for brushing teeth, washing dishes, or just keeping your hands clean.

When you’re too tired to worry about the dishes, or you have to make a quick getaway, you can pile things into the sink and close the lid for a tidy look, and not worry about anything going flying.

The Dometic HBF 2370 gas stove and the Dometic VA8000 sink both offer sleek designs that maximize your workspace while offering convenient solutions for your home on wheels. They both feature a black-tinted glass lid that can be used for a variety of purposes, and which also allows you to hide these fixtures so your space is streamlined and easy to clean. Their built-in compact design will fit even the tiniest of spaces, and their industrial aesthetic will fit into any decor style. In short – they are perfect for any RV and take the worry out of cooking and cleaning while on the road.  We have been really happy with our choices and would install both of these fixtures again.
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