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Foreo, ufo, ufo2, review, compare, how, tech, erinLet’s be honest: we all want to feel pampered and we all want great skin. While heading to the spa every day, or getting bi-weekly facials would be amazing, it’s not realistic for a lot of us. But what is reasonable, is bringing the spa home.

Review: Foreo UFO and UFO 2

To help you get that spa facial glow we’re going to take a look at two smart skincare devices: the Foreo UFO and UFO 2 LED smart mask devices, and I’d like to thank Foreo for sponsoring this post; their support helps me keep the blog and the YouTube channel running. Find out more about UFO or UFO 2 here.

Foreo, ufo, ufo2, review, compare, how, tech, erinForeo UFO and UFO 2: What They Do

 Foreo UFO and UFO 2 have a lot of technology packed into these small smart pucks: UFO uses coloured LED light, plus Thermo-Therapy (heat therapy), Cryo-Therapy (cold therapy), and T-Sonic Pulsations, along with special individually wrapped, single-use mask pads and an app to create the perfect mask routine to address many skin concerns. Let’s dig in to what each one of these technologies does.

What’s the difference between Foreo UFO and UFO 2?

There are a few differences between these devices. In short, the UFO 2 is an updated version: there are not a lot of huge differences, but the UFO 2 performs faster and better than the first generation. Foreo, ufo, ufo2, review, compare, how, tech, erinLet’s dive in…

What Does LED Light Do?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) light technology brings light therapy to the masking process. Different light wavelengths have different skin benefits, and thanks to a recent update, all of these light wavelengths are available on both Foreo UFO and UFO 2: Foreo, ufo, ufo2, review, compare, how, tech, erin
  • Red light helps reduce fine lines and encourages the production of collagen, making it a great anti-aging therapy.
  • Blue light kills some acne bacteria, which can help reduce breakouts and associated inflammation.
  • Green light brightens and evens out the complexion, and can reduce redness.
  • White light has a long wavelength and thus reaches deeper into the skin, this therapy helps jump start skin renewal and tones.
  • Purple offers the best of Red and Green, reducing inflammation and boosting radiance.
  • Orange is believed to help with sun damage and increase glow
  • Yellow helps with rosacea and discoloration.
  • Cyan soothes skin, and promotes healing.

Foreo, ufo, ufo2, review, compare, how, tech, erinWhat do Cryo-Therapy and Thermo Therapy do?

Cryo-Therapy helps with inflammation and healing by cooling the skin, and is available on the UFO and UFO 2. Both devices also have Thermo-Therapy, and this gentle warmth helps the mask essences penetrate the skin a bit better. But the UFO 2 not only gets warmer, but also does so more quickly than its predecessor.

What do Foreo T-Sonic Pulsations do?

Foreo, ufo, ufo2, review, compare, how, tech, erinBoth Foreo UFO and UFO 2 also have T-Sonic Pulsations, which massage the face with gentle vibrations. This helps exfoliate the skin, reduce inflammation and help you get the most out of your mask treatments.

How to Use FOREO UFO and UFO 2

To use any UFO device, download the Foreo app and pair your device. Next you will scan the barcode of the mask you will be using, which can be found on the back of the mask packaging or on the mask box. Foreo, ufo, ufo2, review, compare, how, tech, erinRemove the mask from the packaging and clip into the ring on the device, hit the start button and the app will assist you in finding the appropriate routine for the mask and your desired results. Then, you’ll run the puck over your face and relax. Each treatment is guided so you know you’re doing things as intended. You can also use your Foreo UFO 2 with any sheet mask you want! As a result of new and advanced temperature control, UFO™ 2 can now be used with any sheet mask, to enhance product absorption and skin benefits – ensuring the ultimate at-home spa experience with any mask of your choosing. All of the UFO devices are 100% waterproof, so you can rinse them after use and are made of silicone so they are totally hygienic.

FOREO Masks & facial treatment

There are quite a few UFO compatible masks available, that address a wide variety of skin concerns. Foreo, ufo, ufo2, review, compare, how, tech, erinIf you’re looking for hydration, Call It A Night, Manuka Honey Mask, H2Overdose, and Make My Day are compatible will all UFO devices and offer moisture with other targeted benefits. If your oily skin is out of control, they offer the Matte Maniac, which helps control oil. If you are on a quest to stop early signs of aging, or reduce fine lines, Youth Junkie and Acai Berry will be your best friends. If you need a winter pick me up or are chasing that plumped up glow, Coconut Oil and Bulgarian Rose offer intense hydration geared towards dry and dehydrated skin. Finally, if you’re struggling with redness, they have a Cannabis Seed Oil option and a Glow Addict mask for brightening. The masks are available in 6 and 7 packs, depending on the mask, and can be found at the same retailers that sell most Foreo products.

Which Foreo UFO Device Should You Get?

Foreo, ufo, ufo2, review, compare, how, tech, erinThe UFO 2 and UFO devices have many similar abilities, but there are a few key differences to take into account. The UFO 2 has Advanced Temperature Control, plus it heats more quickly and to a higher temperature than the UFO. You also have more control over the temperature settings – allowing for ultimate customization. Both have Cryo-Therapy, but like the Thermo-Therapy, the UFO 2 offers a greater range of temperatures. Both vibrate with T-Sonic pulsations to stimulate the skin. If you have skin-specific concerns, like oiliness or rosacea, you may prefer the UFO 2 as it offers more treatments for those issues. Using the UFO 2 you can create custom skincare routines that are accessible on your UFO with the touch of a button. UFO devices are USB rechargeable and come in the same three colors (Pearl Pink, Fuchsia, and Mint). As with all of newer FOREO devices, UFO 2 features a Find My Device function which locates and automatically unlocks your device. When it comes to price, UFO 2 is a bit more expensive thanks to that new technology and improved mechanics for heating and cooling so check Foreo’s website for current pricing.

Overall thoughts on FOREO UFO and UFO 2

If you want to be on the cutting edge of beauty and skincare technology, the UFO 2 is a great option, but if you are looking to save a little money but still try out most of the functionality of a UFO device, the UFO is also a great option. Find out more about UFO or UFO 2 here. One last thing… Why are they named “UFO”? Because Foreo thinks they will become “Ur Future Obsession.” Either device is going to give you a customizable spa-like experience that is sure to make you feel pampered, and make your skin look great. Now go glow, girl! *A note about Affiliate Links: Occasionally I will include affiliate links in my reviews. I do this partly for convenience of the reader (since I’ll almost always include a link to the company website or similar anyway) in case you want to read more or purchase but I also may get a small commission from the click, which helps me keep the blog running. If you chose to use this link I thank you greatly for supporting the blog. There’s no obligation or cost to you for using this link.      

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