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Levoit Superior 6000S reviewWinter air can be shockingly dry…you can moisturize…  drink lots of water, even take a relaxing soak… but that only helps for a short time. If you’ve got dry, stale and staticky indoor air, a humidifier can help, like the new, Superior 6000S Smart Evaporative Humidifier from Levoit. I’d like to thank Levoit for sponsoring this post. Though they have paid me for my time, they have not told me what I have to say or what I can’t say and I got to use this humidifier as I wanted to, so you can consider these thoughts my own.

Levoit Superior 6000S smart humidifier


Overall there’s a lot to love about this humidifier. The first and biggest—it truly works.


  • Humidifies entire home
  • Wheeled design easy to move
  • Hose for filling
  • Uses ordinary tap water
  • Auto mode makes it easy
  • Very quiet operation
  • Lots of control options: App, On-device controls, voice control
  • Easy set up
  • Small storage footprint



  • Larger size may pose challenge for small space placement
  • Filters may need replacing more often, in drier climates

Review: Levoit Superior 600S smart humidifier

Let’s see what you’re getting here…The Superior 6000S is a freestanding large format indoor humidifier designed to put moisture back into your air, covering up to      3,000 square feet—enough to humidify your whole home.

It’s on wheels and has a detachable hose for easy movement and fill-ups, and one tank-full will run for up to 72 hours. By the way; it also uses plain tap water so no need to source distilled.

How do I know if I need a humidifier?

Before we go too far with the Superior 6000S; how do you know you need a humidifier and how can you choose one?

What is ideal home humidity?

Levoit Superior 6000S review

Humidity before: on the low side.

You could get an air quality monitor like the one I have to tell you exactly what your humidity levels are; proper humidity is between 30 and 50%. As you can see mine—at 30%— is definitely on the low side.

No monitor? No problem…I’m going to put on my Bill Nye the Science Guy hat here for a sec to help you figure it out.

There are a few telltale signs of a dry home:

Excess static electricity: if you’re getting shocks or giving them or your hair is out of control, you may have a dry home.

Dry, itchy eyes, skin, constantly chapped lips: if you’re forever using moisturizer and lip balms or moistening eye drops without any relief, dryness may be contributing to the problem.

Coughs or Nosebleeds: in some cases breathing dry air can cause nosebleeds or persistent coughing. If a doctor says you’re okay, it may be time to investigate better humidity at home.

A humidifier is simply a device that helps more moisture, or water (also called humidity) get into your home. When it comes to choosing a humidifier there’s four types:

  • Central humidifier: Part of central home heating or cooling systems.
  • Ultrasonic or Impeller humidifiers: These devices use sound waves or a special rotating disc to give off a cool mist.
  • Steam vaporizer: Electricity creates hot steam inside that then cools before leaving the machine.
  • Evaporators: These devices use a fan to blow air through a wet wick, filter or belt.

What is evaporative technology?

The Superior 6000S is a smart evaporative humidifier. It’s just helping to speed up the natural process of water evaporating into vapor and then being pushed out. Since the water vapor passes through the built-in wick filters, it helps capture large particles and minerals, meaning less dust and build up.

If you want to learn more about humidifiers, or how to choose the right one for you, we’ve for a full humidifier explainer and FAQ right here.

Set up: fast and simple

Levoit Superior 6000S reviewGetting the humidifier set up was quick and easy. There’s a handful of parts, and they go together quickly.

The bottom is the large capacity water tank (it holds 6 gallons or 22.7litres), a support frame goes on top of that, then the wick-filter basket and finally the humidifier-top, which houses the fan and controls.

Remove the top and use the included funnel-hose to fill the tank directly from the nearest tap; lines on the front of the tank will show you when it’s full.

Place the top back on and turn it on. You can choose from a variety of settings and change them on the device or with the VeSync app.

Levoit Superior 6000S reviewVeSync app & smart voice control

The app adds a new level of smart to the Superior 6000S, since you can turn it off or on, make adjustments, set a sleep timer and even run a daily or weekly schedule right from your phone or tablet.

Levoit Superior 6000S reviewIf you prefer managing things hands-free, you can connect the app to Google Home or Amazon Alexa to enable voice control also.  I set mine up with Alexa and it was super convenient to use.


The Levoit Superior 6000S is a large format humidifier, so you’ll want to place it in an area where you’ve got plenty of space for it, and to allow air to circulate, because it has 360-degree humidification. With a 100-240V DC motor, the Superior 6000S is powerful yet efficient, with just a 36-watt energy use, which Levoit says is about 50% less than competitor products with AC motors.

How loud is Superior 6000S?

Levoit Superior 6000S reviewI was surprised at how very quiet the Superior 6000S is. Even on its highest setting it’s unlikely to disturb anyone, and if it does bother you, the lowest settings are definitely quiet enough to sleep next to, in my opinion. Levoit says the actual noise output is just 28-48 dB.

Levoit Superior 6000S: Modes

Depending how much additional humidity you feel you need, you can enable several different modes:

Auto mode

Auto mode automatically adjusts the fan speed to keep your indoor air at a targeted humidity level. There is also an Auto Away Mode that will also increase or decrease the humidity based on whether or not you are at home.

Sleep mode

The sleep mode is ideal if you want to use your humidifier in the bedroom. Sleep mode changes the fan speed setting to low/quiet and also turns off the LED display.

Dry mode

Dry mode is a special feature that uses both low and high fan speeds to dry out the wick filters. This actually helps extend the life of the filters by preventing moisture buildup meaning it will deter potential mold. You can run dry mode on low or high.

Can you add essential oils to a humidifier

One question I had was if I could use essential oils in my Superior 6000S; Levoit says no: It’s not designed for that and the oils would likely gum up the works, so steer clear of putting anything aside from water in here.


Levoit Superior 6000S review

Ready for storage.

One of the things I liked a lot about the Superior 6000S is that it packs up a bit smaller for storage. Each of the components will fit inside the other so it takes up less space in the off-season.

Maintenance & Wick/Filter replacement

Levoit Superior 6000S reviewTo keep your air clean and properly humidified you will need to replace the wick-filters every 3-6 months depending how much you’re running it. A pack of replacements costs just $39 dollars

My results

As I noted at the beginning of this review, I took humidity readings with an air quality monitor in my house. The humidity in my home varied from about 38% on the high side down to a low of just 30%. After running the Superior 6000S in my house for just a few hours, I had already boosted humidity by almost 10%.

Overall review: Levoit Superior 6000S

Overall there’s a lot to love about this humidifier. The first and biggest—it truly works, as you saw from my humidity reading.

Levoit Superior 6000S reviewI was surprised that it’s not actually as large as I thought it would be, yet it holds lots of water and can humidify for days. It runs very quietly, and all the settings are adjustable. There’s sleep mode and an auto setting so I don’t need to fiddle with things, but if I do want a bit more control, the touchpad on top is very easy to operate and the app is even more so. Plus with the addition of voice control I can simply call out a command to my digital assistant and have it taken care of.

The wick filters are easily replaceable, the wheels on the bottom are super handy, as is the included filling hose, and the fact I can use ordinary tap water just makes the whole process seamless.

When it comes to the downsides there is nothing glaring to me here. Some users may find the larger size to be a bit of a challenge for smaller space placement, and others may not appreciate that the filters will need replacing regularly. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s required with every portable      humidifier on the market.

In short, this is a humidifier that will be well worth adding to your home; I’m glad to have mine and I think you’ll enjoy this in your home too. The Levoit Superior 6000S sells for about $249USD/$329CAD and you can get it at The Superior 6000S is also available at Amazon.

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