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liteline, skye, potlights, smart, tunable, color change, downlights, home, reviewWe’ve spent the last 4 months renovating, and one of my big wants was better lighting. But not just basic smart bulbs— I wanted a whole home lighting system I could manage and control easily; both using tech, and manually. My research led me to Liteline’s SKYE OnCloud LED tunable white and full colour, Wi-Fi connected downlights, and I’d like to thank Liteline for sponsoring this post. They provided lights to me for my renovation but haven’t told me what I have to say or can’t say about their products.

Review: Liteline SKYE OnCloud LED tunable, Wi-Fi downlights

In this review I’ll take you through what these lights can do, how they operate on a day to day basis, a bit about the installation, and what we think now that we’ve had the chance to live under them for a bit.

About the Liteline OnCloud ecosystem

liteline, skye, potlights, smart, tunable, color change, downlights, home, reviewWe chose 4” SKYE OnCloud potlights, also known as downlights, since the pot, or ‘can’ is not required because these are much cooler-running LED lights. Also I want to point out there is no additional hub or bridge needed with these downlights, saving you some additional costs and set-up hassles!

We used these in our kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, living area, and closets (6” downlights are also available). Since we were renovating, we had a lot of flexibility to add new lights where we needed them.

How smart potlights like Lightline SKYE OnCloud lights work

The SKYE OnCloud lights work with a Liteline OnCloud Room Controller, aka a special wall switch. But this is no ordinary wall switch. For starters, this switch has built in Wi-Fi, so it lets you control the lights at all times both with an app and manually on the switch—and most importantly, it means you never lose connectivity or go out of sync between the lights and the app. We’ll get to those details in a sec… but with traditional smart bulbs, if you turn off the wall switch, you’re essentially resetting the bulbs, or you lose all wireless control because the power is cut. With Liteline OnCloud, you’re always connected and always in sync, whether you use the wall switches or the app. No need to tape your wall switches on!

liteline, skye, potlights, smart, tunable, color change, downlights, home, review

Liteline SKYE Room Controller with Wi-Fi

The OnCloud Room Controller switch has 8 buttons on it that allows you to turn it on and off, dim or brighten, adjust the colour temperature from warm to cool, and to cycle through preprogrammed scenes that you set up using the WiZ lighting app.

Liteline WiZ smart home app

Let’s get to the app… Liteline uses WiZ, a smart home brand that makes smart lights including smart bulbs, which I’ve previously reviewed.

liteline, skye, potlights, smart, tunable, color change, downlights, home, reviewThe WiZ app is your control centre for everything. You can group lights together to control them as a room or zone, you can operate the lights in any way; turn them on and off, dim or brighten, adjust the colour temperature from warm to cool (specifically from about 2700K (warm and soft) to 5000K (bright daylight white), or bring in some of the 16 million coloured light options too, which I love.

liteline, skye, potlights, smart, tunable, color change, downlights, home, review

We added Wiz connected light bulbs to some pendant fixtures in the kitchen.

Plus, the Liteline Room Controller and other OnCloud products work with all WiZ products including smart light bulbs that can be found at stores like Home Depot. I actually opted to purchase new bulbs for our pendant fixtures in the kitchen and dining area, and for the area beside the kitchen so everything could be on the same system.

Special features in WiZ app: Schedules, Circadian Rhythm, Scenes

But more than those basic functions there are also a few other really cool features. You can set schedules where the lights will come on and off—great if you’re out of town, of just want that automatic feature.

There is a Circadian Rhythm feature that I am absolutely loving for working from home: it transitions the light in your home to be more like how natural sunlight adjusts; warmer in the morning and evening and brighter and whiter in the middle of the day. Great for a much more natural feeling to your lighting, which can also help with sleep schedules.liteline, skye, potlights, smart, tunable, color change, downlights, home, review

There are what’s called Dynamic light settings – these are settings like ‘party mode’, or ‘ocean’ that rotate through a few colours to make you feel like you’re really there.

And Scenes allows you to set the lighting in your room exactly how you want it, and then take a photo to save the settings for later. You can even control these with your smart home devices… more on that in a sec…

liteline, skye, potlights, smart, tunable, color change, downlights, home, reviewHow to install: Litelines SKYE OnCloud LED tunable downlights

I’m not afraid of DIY, but since we were having a contractor handle our renovation, we opted for a pro to install our new downlights. But these are something you could do yourself if you feel comfortable.

A couple things to note, these lights are made up of two parts; the light fixture and the hardwire driver box, which tucks up inside the ceiling, but the whole kit is compact and meant to be very energy efficient. You also need a neutral wire. One last note, there is the option of different colour magnetic trims that easily snap on.

The installation is as simple as affixing the hardwire box, then connecting the wires, and finally seating the light fixture into the ceiling with tension clips. In each room where you have your lights installed, you’ll also want the OnCloud Room Controller switch, which installs in exactly the same way as a traditional light switch.

Litelines SKYE OnCloud lights: can I use a three-way switch?

Worth noting, if you want to use a three-way switch, as we did so we can turn the lights on and off from two different ends of a room, you don’t wire this in the traditional way; the three-way set-up is handled inside the WiZ app; you can add additional switches anywhere you need them, but the additional switches don’t actually need to be wired to the lights themselves. Neat.

Smart potlight set up & pairing with WiZ app

Once your wiring is done, you’ll get your lights set up on the Wiz app.

First, you’ll use the app to create rooms.

Then, add the lights. Search for them and the app should find them. When the lights appear in the app, you can move to the final step which is assigning your room controller.

Here, choose add Device, Wall Panel, and the app will get you to press the ‘on’ button of the wall panel or controller three times, and boom, it’s paired.

This grants control to the wall panel and lets it stay in sync with the app.

How to Reset Liteline Skye lights

If by chance your lights don’t show up, you can reset them by holding the on and off buttons on your Wall Panel/switch at the same time for 5 seconds. Watch for a red light to appear on the Wall Panel, then press the “on” button quickly and your lights should start to blink and turn blue. Start the pairing process in the app again and that should do it. If you’re working with lights that have already been paired once, the process is slightly different: Press the on and off buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. Watch for that red light to appear on the Wall Panel, then press and HOLD the “on” button for three seconds until the  lights start to blink and turn blue or purple.

If you want a little more depth and detail, check out How to Pair here and how to handle Manual Pairing.

LiteLine Skye downlight won’t turn off? Stuck on color

If by chance you’re experiencing lights that have become disconnected from the app, or seem not to work any longer, a reset might help. Your Wi-Fi router might also be overwhelmed with demands, particularly if you’ve got a lot of smart gadgets connected. In that case (as happened to me) adding a second Wi-Fi network or mesh system such as Google Wi-Fi or Eero Wi-Fi.

Troubleshooting: What do light colours mean?

Light flashing blue means a light is in pairing mode. If the light is flashing red it may not be getting a strong Wi-Fi signal, or that the IP spaces on your router are full. Routers have a limited number of devices that can connect at once; if it’s full, your lights may struggle to connect. You can check the signal strength to your light first: Click on the light inside the Wiz app, then click on the gear icon for the light. Click the label for the light (not “name”) and then click the “i” for info. The RSSI value is close to zero. If the value is bigger than -60 you might not be getting a strong signal. To help with a poor signal, you can move your router closer to your lights or upgrade your Wi-Fi.

Having trouble with a light; it  won’t turn off or it’s oddly locked on a colour?

To goose your set-up, try a quick reset or a ‘force-off’ of your room controller: Push and hold the off button for about 5 seconds until you hear the switch click. The switch should have now killed power to the lights. Push the on button for about 5 seconds and your lights should come on again, and hopefully they’ll be back to normal.

Using Liteline SKYE lighting

liteline, skye, potlights, smart, tunable, color change, downlights, home, review

The tile’s not blue… that’s the lights!

We love the look of these lights; the overall esthetic is sleek and modern, and they don’t distract from the rest of our decor. But at the same time, they’re bright when we need them to be, and then can fade into the background when required.

I love dimming to a candlelight preset when it’s time for wine, I can crank the lights to bright daylight if I’m cooking, or I can have fun and festive lighting anytime I want it.

The Wiz app has a huge array of preset lighting scenes, or I can create and save my own.

The lights are quick and responsive and they turn on and off in a split second with both the wall panel or app, and there’s only the briefest of lags if I ask my digital assistant to handle the ambiance duties.

How to group lights, create favourites & adjust settings

To group lights together and control them as one, tap and hold an icon then drag it over another icon.

You can create favourite presets in the Wiz app that will also allow you to access them and swap amongst them using the bottom buttons on the wall panel.

Go into your room, then tap the gear icon above the slider bars and beside the colour preset. Tap Favourite Light Modes to choose between 4 presets. Here you can also adjust the fade in and fade off time. You can also change what the switch will do when it turns on: it can either come on with the last setting you used, or turn on with a specific colour temperature and brightness.

liteline, skye, potlights, smart, tunable, color change, downlights, home, review

Funky lights in the walk-in closet/dressing area

Smart home and voice control: Google and Alexa

What would smart lights be without voice control? You can use your existing Alexa or Google smart speaker to add voice control to your SKYE lights. Just go into Google Home or Alexa app and link the Wiz app (Google) or set up the Wiz skill (Alexa). I had Alexa voice control set up in a minute, and it was so easy to just call out lighting commands and have them executed without needing to walk over to a wall switch or pull out my phone.

What happens if Wi-Fi goes down?

While we all love a connected home, Wi-Fi outages do happen. If your Wi-Fi is out, what happens to your lights? You can still use them manually with the OnCloud Room Controller wall switches which as I noted allows them to be tuned on and off, dimmed and the colour adjusted right on the switch. The room controller will even control WiZ bulbs that are not hardwired to it, as long as they’re setup within the same room in the app.

How long do Liteline SKYE OnCloud LED lights last?

These lights have no bulbs to replace, meaning they are completely maintenance free. Each SKYE fixture should last about 50,000 hours, which at about 12 hours of use per day means you shouldn’t need to worry about these for more than a decade.

There is also a 3-year warranty. If there are any issues Liteline’s customer service team will help figure out where the issue is and replace and problem parts.liteline, skye, potlights, smart, tunable, color change, downlights, home, review

Overall review: Liteline SKYE OnCloud LED tunable white & full colour lights

Overall I couldn’t be happier with Liteline’s SKYE OnCloud LED tunable white and full colour, Wi-Fi connected downlights.

To recap, they stay in sync no matter if you use your phone or the wall switch. They’re fully tunable, to every shade of white and a hundred colours. This is a truly buildable system too, since the Liteline Room Controller and other OnCloud products work with all WiZ products including smart light bulbs that can be found at your local big box store like Home Depot.

Liteline lights are widely available at electrical wholesalers across Canada, so talk to your electrician or contractor about price and availability. If you’re in the states you can contact Liteline directly and they’ll connect you to a lighting agent.

Learn more about Liteline OnCloud system on their website.

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