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mo speaker, bluetooth, portable, foldable, flat, audio, POW, review

There are times when you want some music, but you also want to share. That’s the idea behind a new foldable speaker that clips to your smartphone so you can bring it anywhere. Mo speaker from POW Audio is a fascinating concept. I asked guest reviewer Dave Ware to check it out and report back. – Erin

Reviewing Mo portable, foldable speaker

The Mo Bluetooth speaker from Pow Audio is an interesting small, portable speaker that packs a lot of punch for its size. The Mo differs from many Bluetooth speakers in that it’s built to be roughly the size of the average smartphone, and more importantly, it has an expandable chamber to increase its sound output. It claims to be able to push more volume and quality sound from the device because of this. Let’s see whether it checks out!

What is Mo?

mo speaker, bluetooth, portable, foldable, flat, audio, POW, review

Opening the box, you’ll get the Mo itself, which is decently hefty, but not heavy. It’s easy to hold it in your hand, and quite easy to grip. My copy also came with a clip-on sleeve made for holding credit cards etc. Mo also sells a clip that attaches to the back your phone, though this makes things a bit bulky in my opinion. There’s a also a USB-C cord included, and the Mo charged up relatively quickly. The charge claims to last 8 hours, and after hours of testing, I’ve yet to need to recharge.

Stick Mo on your phone, the fridge, anywhere

While the Mo is phone sized, it doesn’t depend on being physically attached to your phone in any way, it’s simply a Bluetooth speaker. The Mo also has 4 foot pads that are magnetic, allowing you to attach it nearby things. I’ve had the Mo attached to my fridge, as well as a metal rack in my greenhouse. You’ll also find it easy to drop it in a bag or purse or pocket, it’s extremely portable.

POW! How’d we like Mo now?

mo speaker, bluetooth, portable, foldable, flat, audio, POW, reviewI powered up, and the Mo, rather than a Bluetooth “blip”, exclaims “POW” as a soundbite. It’s a little weird, if I’m being honest, and I’d prefer being able to disable that feature. The next thing you’ll have to tackle is expanding the Mo to take advantage of the deeper sound.

To do this, you’ll need to grasp the Mo with your fingertips, and kind of pull/wedge up the sound chamber until it pops out. Then the other side will also need to be pulled to expand. A couple of things on this: it’s not the easiest thing to pry open, you’ll certainly struggle with it until you’ve passed the point where the side pops out. The bigger issue, and one which you’ll shake your head at is the button placement. The Mo has a small power button, and a similar Bluetooth button. These are located on the side of the Mo, right where you’ll need to grasp it to pop it open. It’s difficult to pop it open without contacting those buttons and turning it off or reconnecting Bluetooth. It’s quite obvious that this is the case, and baffling why Pow didn’t place those buttons on the top of the unit, where you’ll rarely accidentally brush them.

Sound quality of Mo portable speaker

Once connected (a simple process fortunately, using my phone’s Bluetooth menu), I played a few tracks from Spotify to check the sound fidelity. The ultimate tests for any Bluetooth speaker (in my opinion) are these: Does it sound good? Will it be loud enough? Does it have a decent range from my phone? The sound quality was very good, surpassing most of the Bluetooth speakers I’ve used. The sound chamber allows for more bass, and seems to even out the sound from your phone. Apart from wall powered speakers, you won’t do a lot better for a super compact phone-connected speaker. It’s still a bit on the “thin” side sound-wise, but the sound chamber goes a long way to improving the depth of sound. The Mo can (theoretically) be connected to a second Mo to give (a version of) stereo sound.

Is Mo loud enough?

Next up is the loudness check. Many Bluetooth speakers seem great and portable and easy to use, but can’t crank out the sound at a level that’s useable, especially outdoors. I’m happy to report that you won’t have this problem with the Mo. This thing is LOUD. I was able to crank it right up without too much distortion, and at it’s loudest, it was, frankly, too loud for me. It’s great to know that if you’re using this at the beach or a barbeque, you’ll be able to have your music audible for everyone.

How’s Mo by POW’s connectivity?

mo speaker, bluetooth, portable, foldable, flat, audio, POW, review

The final test was the range of connection. This is partly governed by your phone, but the speaker itself plays a sizeable role. I had my research assistant (my 10 year old) take the Mo downstairs, while I moved the phone paired with it as far away upstairs as I could, as well as on the other size of the house. Even at 2 stories apart, there was no interruption in the signal at all. The Mo held the connection and alleviated those concerns about having it connected and moving around the house while you work, potentially dropping the signal.

Overall review of Mo portable Bluetooth speaker

The Pow retails for around $100 US, which might be a bit steep for a Bluetooth speaker, but with the quality for both the sound and construction, it seems like a great price for a portable speaker solution. It’s small enough to hide away or display on your table, and apart from the small issue of prying it open and shut, it’s easy to use and functions as expected.

The only real con is the button placement on the side of the unit, but this is more of a minor annoyance than a deal breaker. You’d be well served to pick up a Mo. You can get one from POW Audio’s website.




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