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Roborock s7, robot, vacuum, mop, review, how, clean
There are so many robot floor cleaners now. Vacuums, mops, ones with cameras that double as security rovers and dual units that will vacuum then mop. Roborock has released its newest multipurpose floor cleaner, the dual vacuum and mopping Roborock S7. So what does it take to get this version to stand out? How about Sonic Mopping?

Roborock S7 Vacuum and mop in one: review

There are so many robot floor cleaners now. Vacuums, mops, ones with cameras that double as security rovers and dual units that will vacuum then mop.
That’s the premise behind this bot, which essentially vibrates your floor clean. I recently received the Roborock S7 model to test out and review in my home. We’ll get into what exactly Sonic Mopping is, what it can do better than other mop bots, how well this home cleaning robot works— and if I think it’s a good investment for you.

What is Roborock S7?

Roborock s7, robot, vacuum, mop, review, how, cleanThe S7 is Roborock’s newest home cleaning robot. I reviewed the S4, a simple robot vacuum, not that long ago and you can see that review here on the channel too.

This version adds mopping capabilities to the vacuuming, and with this robot floor cleaner it will actually both vacuum and mop at the same time, an enticing premise.

Let’s take a look at what you get. In the box is the robot unit, charging base station plus the mopping plate and removable, washable microfibre cleaning cloth. A small water tank for the mop lives at the back side of the robot, while the removable dustbin for the vacuum is under the hood.

Setting up Roborock S7

To get your bot ready for housekeeping is actually pretty easy. Plug it in and let it get a full charge. Download the Roborock app and sign into or sign up for an account. You’ll follow the steps in the app to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi connection, which was quick and easy. I was ready to go in just a few minutes.

Roborock s7, robot, vacuum, mop, review, how, cleanOnce the robot is charged, send it out on its first cleaning pass. This allows the robot to use one of its key features, that will let it be super specific to your home: laser mapping.

The Roborock S7 will go out and using LIDAR navigation it can create a detailed map of you house, floor by floor— up to 4 levels. With that detailed map, you can create rooms or zones and use room-specific cleaning, either from the app or using a voice assistant. (More on that coming up.)
After just one expedition though my home, my bot had a viewable map, and that’s significantly faster than some other pricier bots which can take multiple passes to generate a map.

Once the bot has mapped your space, you can go into the map to divide or merge rooms and label them, or make any adjustment to the spaces you want. With that done, you can simply tap on the app to send the bot to either vacuum or mop whichever room you want, or do the whole home.

You can also set up schedules to clean certain rooms on certain days, so you don’t have to do a thing.

One other cool note… the robot can detect carpet and it will add carpeted areas to your map —you’ll see them on your map as greyish hashed up areas. It uses that info to give rugs a deeper vacuum, and so it knows to lift up the mopping plate while it vacuums those areas.

Roborock s7, robot, vacuum, mop, review, how, cleanUsing Roborock S7

I’ll quickly point out you can start, stop and send your robot home using buttons on the top of the device, but the real power comes in the free Roborock app; it’s your control center for cleaning; you can start and stop cleanups, set multiple schedules, use virtual walls or no-go zones, choose your cleaning power and create your home maps and label rooms for room-by-room vacuuming, then choose exactly what gets cleaned.

Using Roborock S7: mopping

Since mopping is the big new addition here, I’ll start with that.

Roborock s7, robot, vacuum, mop, review, how, cleanWhat can a robot mop do?

Robot mops like this one aren’t going to sop up a spilled bottle of water or your dog’s pee: they don’t generally have wet pickup technology so it’s not like a shopvac. And they’re not going to be able to clean larger or gummier messes. These bots are meant to be a regular maintenance thing, giving a light wipe up, rather than a vigorous clean.

With that out of the way…The S7 has two key features which Roborock says make it better at mopping than other bots. It uses sonic technology and intelligent lifting.

So…What is Sonic mopping technology?

While other mopping robots have a similar design, that is a water container and a cloth covered plate, what makes the Roborock different is that its mopping plate vibrates. Roborock says this bot is one of the fastest sonic mops on the market, offering adjustable scrubbing power from 1,650 times/min up to 3,000 times/min.

I couldn’t really see it vibrating, and I was looking. But I guess trying to spot t thousand vibrations a minute might not be easy…

How does Roborock S7 handle messes? Watch the video to see…

Roborock s7, robot, vacuum, mop, review, how, cleanRoborock claims S7 is made to scrub surface dirt and break up even dried-on messes.

Mostly at my house we get dried muddy dog paw prints and some spilled coffee, so I ran the bot over those. Depending how muddy they were it did take more than one pass to wipe them up. I found the mopping was good for a light overall wipe, but more intense spots were a challenge for the S7.

But with that said, you can make some improvements… using the customize tab in the app.

How to customize Roborock mopping

You can adjust the scrub intensity from Low or Close to Mild, Moderate or Intense. The vacuum will also run while you’re mopping. The Deep mopping setting cancels out any simultaneous vacuuming.

You can also customize the depth of cleaning, from doing one simple pass, to having the S7 do a Deep mop which doubles up the mopping for a more thorough clean.

Plus, you can actually adjust the cleaning intensity by room, so if your kitchen or hallway needs more attention, you can get it. I was actually pretty surprised and impressed by this feature, and immediately enabled deeper cleaning on the kitchen and hallway and the bathrooms.

Choosing vacuuming vs mopping

It doesn’t appear there’s a way to choose either vacuuming or mopping; the bot will do both, assuming the water tank is full and the mopping plate is installed. The app seems to have no way to differentiate this…. But it does have a way to deal with carpets while it’s mopping.

What is VibraRise technology on Roborock S7?

The Roborock S7 has what’s called VibraRise technology which automatically lifts the mopping plate when carpets are detected. This innovative feature made possible by Roborock’s new ultrasonic carpet recognition technology enables the S7 to mop hard floors and vacuum carpets in one, single cleaning session, without interruption.

Roborock s7, robot, vacuum, mop, review, how, cleanI couldn’t really get a shot of this working on camera, but the bot did skim over my carpets, and I didn’t feel any residual wetness so it seems like the lifting technology is working.

Now to the Vacuuming: how well does Roborock S7 Clean?

I tested the vacuuming by scattering fine flour, oatmeal or rice and bigger cereal around.

The Roborock S7 did a pretty good job on most of the messes, getting flour in one pass, but other rollier spills on floor would sometimes get scattered.

On carpets it does an outstanding job; it’s very thorough…

Roborock S7 Carpet Boost: deeper clean

The Roborock S7 has Carpet Boost technology where the bot recognizes carpet and increases suction when it rolls over it. The bot does quite a good job at this and the difference is noticeable.

In terms of its ability to get over taller obstacles, I can say the S7 was never hung up on trim, edges or rugs during my testing.

How does Roborock work on different floors?

The Roborock S7 was also easily able to handle the different types of floor surfaces in my space; I had carpet, rugs, tile and hardwood and it cleaned each one well, and was even able to navigate some taller transitions without getting stuck

Much like my experience with the Roborock S4 (that review is here, by the way), I can confidently say that of all the robot vacuums I’ve ever tested, this one probably got stuck the least; it needed almost zero rescuing or help from me.

Roborock s7, robot, vacuum, mop, review, how, clean

Managing the the onboard dustbin on this vacuum is what I’d call (after reviewing more than a dozen other robot vacuums) a wee bit on the small size. It really needs to be emptied after every use.

I didn’t seem to get any kind of alerts from the app if this bin was full; neither push notifications nor passive alerts. That would be nice if it could issue reminders, or if it had some way to detect and tell you if the bin was full.

I noticed that if I forgot to empty it, it would get really crammed, making it a bit harder to dump out easily.

Using voice control with Roborock S7: Siri, Google, Alexa

Roborock s7, robot, vacuum, mop, review, how, clean

Google Audio & Assistant

The Roborock S7 can be controlled with Google, Alexa and Siri.

With voice control you can call out for your bot to start a clean, stop or go home, or to sweep or vacuum a specific room.

Each digital assistant has its own specific steps to get it connected. For my review period I tried to set up Amazon Alexa, but couldn’t get it to connect, so I tried Google Assistant, which did work great..

Setting up Roborock voice control

Getting it set up isn’t intuitive… first I tried the Alexa app.

Go to More>Skills & Games and search Roborock. You’ll click Enable to Use and then you need to sign into your Roborock account. Alexa will then ask to Discover Devices. Only this is where it quit. The app was not able to find the Roborock s7, so I wasn’t able to try this during my testing. So I moved onto Google…

With Google, go into the Google Home app, click Set Up Device>Works with Google and search Roborock. Choose your device and that’s it.
Then you can say, “Hey Google, tell Roborock to clean” and it will head out. This worked right away and I was able to control the S7 using Google Assistant.

Battery life: Roborock S7 vacuum + mop

The Roborock S7 has an extra-large 5200mAh battery which should offer up to three hours of uninterrupted cleaning (in low mode). The robot stays on its charging dock when it’s not working and that keeps it topped up, so I didn’t notice any low battery concerns.

How to control Roborock with a joystick

One last little nugget here… there’s a remote control function as part of the Roborock app. You can use the app screen like a joystick and drive your bot to any precise location you want, then get it to do a spot clean. The controls work very well, but when you’re driving there’s not much intelligence to it, so you have to adjust it precisely.

Roborock s7, robot, vacuum, mop, review, how, clean

Overall review: Roborock S7 vacuum + mop

Overall, I have to say the Roborock S7 vacuum has really impressed me. I really like that it’s dual purpose, doing both vacuuming and mopping in one device and that saves me space. Both the mopping and vacuuming clean quite well. Though I couldn’t really see the sonic mopping at work, it kept my floors tidy between full mops.

Downsides?: There’s the small dust bin, and lack of dustbin full alerts, as well as the non-intuitive digital assistant set up (I’m also told a disposal base for this unit, will become available later in 2021). But these are things you can work around easily enough in my opinion.

While the S7 wasn’t great at mopping dried on messes, it was really good at daily cleans to keep overall dirt and dust at bay… enough that I’m going to be keeping this one employed around the house for the foreseeable future.

The new Roborock S7 sells for about $599-649 US. And I’m not seeing it available in Canada just yet.…

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  1. baz on July 11, 2023 at 12:09 pm

    sad that there’s a ~30% markup to be a canadian…. almost worth a trip south of the boarder to pick one up!
    thanks for the review, cheers!

    • Erin L on July 11, 2023 at 5:21 pm

      Right!? That always gets me! – Erin

  2. Brian on May 8, 2023 at 11:35 am

    Does this S7 have a camera? How do I veiw it?

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