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Vacuuming is a chore that many of us don’t look forward to, in part due to the hassle and fuss of getting out the vacuum, uncoiling or untangling hoses, and tripping over cords. When the job is done, there’s still the task of emptying all that dirt and dust into a garbage can, and then you have to put it all away again. It’s the sort of additional annoyance that might make you put off the chore. Samsung has come to the rescue with what it says is an easy-to-use, no-hassle vacuum system that may change your mind about vacuuming. The Samsung Jet 90 Cordless Stick Vacuum is a compact stick vacuum that with storage and charging base. They also have a solution for emptying the dustbin without releasing all that freshly vacuumed dust back into the air.
That’s the Samsung Clean Station, which is essentially a vacuum powered garbage canister… yes it’s a vacuum for your vacuum, designed to empty out your canister into a sealed bag so you don’t have to touch it.

Samsung Jet 90 stick vacuum + Clean Station

I recently had the chance to go hands-on and have this vacuum in my home to test and review. I’ll show you how well it cleans, what it works well for, and what is doesn’t and how it combines with the Clean Station emptying bin and if you stick with me we’ll get into cost and whether or not I can recommend it for you.

Specs: Samsung Jet 90

First off this is a cordless, relatively lightweight stick vacuum, a device which is now way more popular than having an upright. Weighing in at 2.8 kg or about 6 pounds, it gets stored in a unique charging stand which I’ve seen referred to as the Z-Stand.

The Samsung Jet 90 has a digital inverter motor that provides 200 watts of suction through its ultrasonic airfoil blades, which does make it sound a bit like a hovercraft. The motor draws the air and dust up through the pipe and into a five-layered HEPA filtration system.

The metal mesh grille filter traps larger clumps and particulate. The air then moves through Samsung’s Jet Cyclone, where micro-filters capture fine dust while preventing any build-up of dirt on the filter, says Samsung. Finally, the ultra-fine filter traps 99.999% of microdust.

What’s In the Box ?

Samsung Jet 90, review, cordless, stick, vacuum

The parts of the ‘Z-stand’.

The Jet 90 comes with the main unit itself which also holds the special removable dustbin, plus a single battery, and the Z station.

You’ll also get three different “beater bar” heads: The turbo action brush for regular cleaning. It comes with a 180-degree swivel head for easy direction changes, as well as the mini motorized tool for smaller spaces, vehicles or upholstery. You’ll also get the Soft Action Brush, with a microfibre roller made to trap dust plus anti-static silver threads to pick up tiny fibres when vacuuming hard floors.

Samsung Jet 90, review, cordless, stick, vacuumSamsung also includes three tools for special tasks: The flexible extension which lets you change direction for hard to reach areas, the combination brush, and the crevice tool.

All the extension pieces fit into holders on the stand so there’s no extra bits floating around the house to lose track of, but the extra heads do not.

What will Samsung Jet 90 clean?

Samsung says the Jet 90 will work on hardwood, tile, and carpeting and has attachments for special surfaces and smaller areas.

This unit features a digital display that shows power level and brush type and will alert you to airflow issues, clogs, missing filters and more. A thumb can easily operate the entire panel.

Samsung Jet 90, review, cordless, stick, vacuumThe dustbin, including the multi-cyclone system, is fully washable and can be removed without removing the pipe from the body to allow you to tip out the dust. The main pipe is also telescopic and adjusts to four different heights so it should be easier for shorter or taller folks to operate for an ergonomically easy job.

One thing I noticed right away that I love, is that the vacuum turns on with a click and stays on until you click it off, meaning no need to constantly squeeze the trigger while using it.

Cordless and rechargeable

Because it’s rechargeable, Samsung Jet 90 means no cords.

To charge the Jet 90, you place it in the Z Station, a compact stand that is weighted in the base and slightly angled to avoid toppling. The Z Station also charges a second (sold separately) battery at the same time, ensuring that your Jet 90 is always ready for action.

Samsung Jet 90, review, cordless, stick, vacuum

Samsung Jet 90 runtime & battery

Samsung claims the Jet 90 runs for 60 minutes without a recharge and while I didn’t tie it exactly, I’d say that feels about right, and it takes about 3.5 hours to charge fully. The battery should still hold 70% of its capacity after five years.

Using Samsung Clean Station dirt disposal

The Clean Station is a bit of a multipurpose device. It’s a special sealed garbage bin for the vacuum dirt and it also acts as an additional filter while emptying the Jet 90’s dustbin.

Important to note that the Clean Station will absolutely not work with the dustbin that comes with the Jet 90 itself.
It will only operate with the special dustbin canister which is included in the Clean Station package.

Samsung Jet 90, review, cordless, stick, vacuum

Dirt Disposal docking

Here’s how it works. You’ll swap out your original canister for the new Clean Station-compatible one. You can see in this side by side that the Clean Station bin on the right has a trap door in the bottom of the dustbin where the original on the left doesn’t. After vacuuming, open the lid of the Clean Station and place the dustbin into the top opening. Push it down and activate the vacuum inside.

The internal vacuum pulls the dust from the dustbin into the clean station. There is an LED that turns red when the clean station’s bin is full. You can then remove the Clean Station’s collection bag and toss it out.

You can also replace the HEPA filter on the Clean Station, ensuring you’re always dust-free while using it. The Clean Station is sold separately and comes in black or white.

How well does Samsung Jet 90 clean?

I run all the vacuums I test through the same tests… I run them on carpet, rugs and all types of floors, and vacuum up everything from fine flour to bigger cracker pieces.

The Samsung Jet 90 did a great job on carpet. I tested it side by side with another well known stick vacuum and found it was equally matched. It looked like it picked up a lot of pet hair and dirt.

Samsung Jet 90, review, cordless, stick, vacuum

The differences in dustbins: original at left, the Clean Station bin on right.

On floors, the soft action brush did seem to trap dirt instead of scattering it, and I found it was able to pick up everything I threw at it.

The Mini motorized tool was also quite handy for cleaning the couch.

One thing the Jet 90 did not like was rugs including my Ruggable rugs. Both the main turbo action brush— and the soft brush —would stop running over the surface and not pick up anything, and I’d get a warning on the display. It seemed almost like it was pulling the rug up into the rollers and that was jamming it. To see if this was rug-related or vacuum related, I ran my Dyson V11 over these rugs and… same issue, so I’ll call this a rug problem, not a Samsung problem.

When it came to what it could pick up…the vacuum will tackle anything from dust to dirt, pet hair, sawdust, dog toy fluff and a lot more. There was really nothing it couldn’t handle.

Emptying the dustbin

To empty the regular dustbin, just remove the bin from the vacuum, twist off the lid and tip it into the garbage.

With the clean station, same idea; you also need to remove the dustbin from the vacuum body, since it just won’t fit with the pipe in the way. Push it in and it will do its thing.Sometimes I did notice the suction wouldn’t be able to get all the dust and dirt free. You can flick the Start/Stop button to try to loosen things up, but the key here seems to be not letting it get too full or you’ll need to pull out the clog with your hands.

Samsung Jet 90, review, cordless, stick, vacuumNoise level: vacuum and Clean Station

The Samsung Jet 90 is about average when it comes to noise level. The Clean Station by comparison is quite loud when it’s running, but I’d say its comparable to the noise level of other automatic emptying bins.

Overall review: Samsung Jet 90 stick vacuum + Clean Station

Overall, the Samsung Jet 90 seems to be a pretty handy and powerful vacuum. I love that the trigger lets it run without me needing to squeeze it the whole time it’s running.

While it doesn’t have as many extra tools as some other vacuums, it has the important ones and it was all I felt like I needed.

The telescoping pipe means the vacuum is versatile and can fit each user, and the dual heads provide options for cleaning all flooring types. Downsides? I couldn’t get the Jet 90 to work on my flat fabric Ruggable rugs, and if I’m being nitpicky, I do need to remove the dustbin canister from the vacuum to empty it with the Clean Station; it would be nice if it didn’t require dissembling. Overall I’ve been happy with the Jet90 vacuum and can recommend it for you.


  1. Hugh Tenison on November 12, 2023 at 2:29 pm


    I very much enjoyed your review on this Samsung jet 90 cordless vacuum cleaner. It was detailed ,thorough, and fluent. It doesn’t surprise me that you did such a good job with this review, given that you are a journalist, TV producer, et al. I have never heard of or thought of Samsung as making vacuum cleaners, but this sounds like a really good one. I may need to replace my Dyson and am looking for something that maybe works a little better. I found the Dyson to be a little finicky.

    Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more of your reviews. What a great job you have – testing and reviewing merchandise and gadgets.

    • Erin L on November 20, 2023 at 8:40 am

      Thank you Hugh!

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