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Tribit, stormbox, pro, review, sound, waterThere’s a boatload of new wireless speakers on the market, and over the last few weeks I’ve been reviewing many of them. Today we’re looking at the Tribit StormBox Pro.
In this review, I’ll take a look at the design, features, sound quality and let you know if I can recommend it for you.

Tribit StormBox Pro review

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Tribit storm box pro is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that will spread sound 360 degrees around, and it’s made to go anywhere. About the size of a litre of milk, the StormBox has a silicone carrying handle for hanging it nearby or moving it around. For the spec geeks: the internals look like this: 3 inch subwoofer , 2 x 40mm speaker , 2 x Passive radiator: 2 x 7.5W + 25W.

Available in black only it’s got a fabric wrap all the way around, non-skid base and big control buttons on top.

It’s rechargeable with the included USB-C charging cable.

Set up

Getting this speaker set up took just seconds. When you turn it on for the first time it will automatically be in pairing mode. Head to your phone or tablet Bluetooth menu, look for the speaker and tap to connect.


Multiple device connections

The Tribit StormBox allows pairing up to 8 devices, and it can stay connected to two devices at one time, though obviously it will only play music from one at a time. This is super handy if you’re sharing the speaker or frequently switch devices.

Speaker phone

The speaker has a built-in microphone so it can be used as a speakerphone if you want to take calls hands-free.


Tribit, stormbox, pro, review, sound, waterOn the top of the speaker or three large buttons and three smaller ones. The volume up and down buttons are self-explanatory. In between them is the multifunction button or MFB. This allows you to play or pause or skip a track by using different types of pressing. Short press is play pause, double press will skip to the next track. If you are using your speaker as a speakerphone, the short press will answer or end a phone call, for example.

The smaller buttons on the top include a Bluetooth button for pairing, power on/off, and the Extra Bass button which allows you to add a little more boom to your StormBox.
Below the power is an array of 4 lights to indicate battery. They come on when you power up, and if you’ve got a full battery, they stay off. Only when you start to drain the battery will they light up and drop down accordingly.

IP67 waterproof: I tried it!

These days it’s becoming very common for a speaker to be extremely waterproof. This speaker is rated IP 67 meaning it can be dunked in up to a metre of water for up to 30 minutes without wrecking the device. I tested this by dropping it into a pool to see what would happen.

Tribit, stormbox, pro, review, sound, waterI was very happy to find that it floats, making retrieval super easy, and meaning your speaker will never end up at the bottom of a lake. When it gets dunked, the speaker keeps playing music. It easily seemed able to shake off any water ingression and keep right on going.

Stereo pairing &”Party Mode”

If you purchase more than one StormBox Pro, you can connect two of them to form a stereo pair.

The manual also mentioned something called party mode, but nowhere in the manual or on Trijbits website does it say what that is, what it means, or what it can do. Since I only had the one speaker for my testing, this will remain a mystery for me.

Sound quality

Well there’s a surprising amount of features packed into this budget friendly speaker, it all comes down to sound quality. After all, if a speaker is subpar it’s not worth having. I’m happy to report the tribe it storm box pro is a surprisingly high fidelity speaker.

Tribit, stormbox, pro, review, sound, waterIt has a great amount of power, and it sounds really great overall. I was easily able to hear the subtle rasp of a drum brush on a jazz track, and there was bumping bass on the pop tracks I selected.

Vocals were clear, and the speaker is surprisingly well balanced.

Outdoors it was also powerful and yard-filling in my vacation testing, and it’s definitely got 360 degrees of range.

Overall, I have zero complaints about eh audio quality of this speaker.

Battery life & charging

Tribit StormBox Pro has a killer battery. It’s a 10,000mAh battery, which gives the Tribit StormBox Pro up to 24 hours of power. These days, that is outstanding battery life and should be more than enough to get you through a week of now and then listening, or a long weekend off grid.

The major downside to this long battery life is that it will take a day to charge it. Yes, the StormBox needs 7 hours to fully recharge the battery, which is an absolute eternity. The easiest way to do this would be to plug it in overnight so it’s ready to go the next day, but that’s a major flaw in this speaker, if you ask me.

Use ass a Power Bank

Connect a USB plug into the back of the storm box and you can use the speakers massive battery as a power bank for other devices.

Tribit, stormbox, pro, review, sound, water

Overall review: Tribit StormBox Pro

Overall I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed this speaker. Admittedly the design is rather simple, so I wasn’t expecting this speaker to be as packed with features as it is, nor for it to sound as good as it does. It’s versatile, in that you can use it as a music speaker, power bank or speakerphone. It sounds excellent; and I’d put it in the top tier of sound quality and bass level, particularly for this pricepoint. It’s also got an outstandingly long battery life at 24 hours, it’s waterproof and it floats.

What are the downsides? The lengthy 7 hour recharging time is terrible, but it can be managed. Beyond that, I’m truly having difficulty finding something to crack on here with the speaker. Perhaps I can be picky and say I wish it came in some other colors, but aside from that, there’s really very little not to like with this speaker. I can definitely recommend it for you.

It sells for about $119USD From Tribit’s website or Amazon.

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