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yeedi, vac station, robot, vacuum, reviewEver wished you had more time for the relaxing things in your life? What if you could free yourself from some of the time spent cleaning with a robot vacuum? Yeedi Vac Station is a compact all in one robot vacuum and mopping robot, that will also empty its own onboard dustbin into a sealed vacuum bag when it’s full.

Review: Yeedi Vac Station

In short, this is a full service floor cleaning robot, with all the features you expect from —and get— in high end robots, like Roombas, but this is all in one nice package—and for one affordable price. Yeedi is sponsoring this post, and I’d like to say thank you to them for supporting the blog and the YouTube channel. Even so, Yeedi has not told me what I have to say or what I can’t say in this, so consider these opinions my own.

Yeedi Vac Station: What you getyeedi, vac station, robot, vacuum, review

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Dual vacuum and mopping Yeedi Robot
  • Charging station/auto empty station base
  • one corner brush
  • Mopping plate and reusable fabric cloth
  • 2 vacuum bags (1 installed in the disposal unit, and an extra)
  • Charging cord
  • There’s also a ramp extension if your robot will be docked on carpet

Let’s take a look at and underneath the robot: Inside the top lid is the onboard dustbin; with this bot you’ll probably never need to touch it, since it will empty itself.

In the back is the water tank, and the mopping plate clicks on underneath the front.
Underneath, there’s the roller brush and a corner brush also.

Key Features of Yeedi Vac Station

Intelligent Mapping with 3D visual SLAM

The Yeedi Vac Station is a very smart robot. When you first get it, it will go out all over your home, and then generate a map of your house. This may take a few days or several passes, but soon you’ll have a detailed map of your space. You can then label that map so you can use room specific cleaning. More on that in a moment…

yeedi, vac station, robot, vacuum, reviewThe Yeedi Vac Station uses visual SLAM which stands for simultaneous localization and mapping which uses cameras to map and define specific areas in your house, and to learn paths around them for smart cleaning. The Yeedi robot seemed to really see my home in great detail, and I didn’t need to make any major adjustments or corrections to the space it mapped.

Advanced Floor-Type Detection

The Yeedi Vac Station has Advanced Floor-Type Detection. This technology instantly identifies your floor type and then adapts just the right cleaning method required to loosen and remove dirt, debris, and pet hair. It will increase suction power when it finds itself on carpets, for example.

yeedi, vac station, robot, vacuum, reviewMore suction power than others

Speaking of the suction, the vacuum uses up to 3000Pa of suction power and you can actually adjust the suction power — from low and quiet, up to super powerful —right inside the Yeedi app. I will point out that 3000pa is actually higher than a lot of other similar vacuuming robots.

Despite extremely high suction power, the Yeedi is not too loud. In my opinion the noise level is more than reasonable.

Customizable Cleans and Scheduling

Sometimes you’re too busy to remember to push a button and send your robot out to sweep or mop. That’s why scheduling your cleanings is a great idea. Using the simple calendar interface, you can set up regular cleanings, assign certain rooms to be cleaned on certain days, or give high traffic areas a daily once over.

Room Specific Cleaning

That map of your house generated by the onboard lasers is a powerful tool. Using the map, you can select specific rooms to be cleaned on specific days or at specific times if you want.
Battery life and runtime

The Yeedi Vac Station robot has a 200 minute run time, which is also substantially longer than the competition.

yeedi, vac station, robot, vacuum, reviewMopping capabilities

With some more expensive robot floor cleaners, you need a separate vacuum and separate mopping bot in order to get your floors truly clean. With the Yeedi Vac Station, the mopping technology is built right into the vacuum, meaning this device can both sweep and mop your floors all at the same time
With an integrated carpet detector, Yeedi Vac Station will avoid mopping when carpet is recognized. That’s key, since you don’t want soggy carpets.

Let’s take a closer look at the mopping. The Yeedi Vac Station has a small water tank and removable mopping plate. Just click the mopping plate into place with its soft washable and reusable microfibre cloth attached, then fill the tank with water.

When your bot heads out it will lightly wipe the floors, cleaning up things like dusty paw prints or daily dirt. For some, it may be worth noting a robot mop like the Yeedi is meant to give your home a light mopping wipe – this is not meant to clean up large or viscous wet messes.

Performance: How well does Yeedi sweep & mop?

Let’s take a look at how the Yeedi Vac Station vacuums and mops…
I put all robot vacuums I test through the same paces… I have it work on vacuuming up things like fine flour, oatmeal, rice, and larger cracker pieces on both hard floors and on rugs…

The Yeedi vacuum seems able to tackle most any kind of debris, and what it doesn’t get in the first pass, it gets in the next one.

When it came to the mopping, I spilled some milk, and other liquids onto the floor and let some dusty dog paw prints accumulate.

Yeedi actually did a surprisingly good job of getting small spills wiped up without making them worse, and leaving my floors shiny clean.
Let’s look at how Yeedi handles different floor surfaces: …

yeedi, vac station, robot, vacuum, reviewThe bot was easily able to handle the different types of floor surfaces in my space; I have carpet, rugs, tile and hardwood and it cleaned each one well, and was able to navigate most transitions without getting stuck, though I did have a few odd spots where it was getting hung up – sometimes under my sofa. But I was able to go into my map and create a no-go zone in that area, so after the first hang-ups, it wasn’t an issue again.

Auto-emptying: just like pricey Roombas have!

Normally you really need to empty a robot vacuum’s onboard dustbin after each cleaning, but with an auto emptying station like the one on the Yeedi Vac Station, this lets you clean for weeks or even months without needing to touch the onboard dustbin, because the botvac will return to the dock to empty itself when it’s full, then go out and keep right on cleaning.

Voice Control

If you are a Google Home or Amazon Echo user, you can link your smart home devices to your robot, and tell it when and where to start cleaning.

Adding voice control to your robot vacuum and mop is absolutely essential as far as I’m concerned. I use it all the time; if I spill flour in the kitchen I can beckon the bot to sweep it up… if the dogs have tracked dirt into the living room, I just ask Alexa to ask Yeedi for a quick mop. The smart home capabilities are infinitely helpful and work very well.

How does Yeedi Vac Station compare to iRobot Roomba?

yeedi, vac station, robot, vacuum, reviewAs we’ve seen, the Yeedi Vac Station has all the best features of a more expensive Roomba vacuums and mops—and then some that a Roomba doesn’t! For starters, this all in one bot means you don’t need to pay for two robot floor cleaning devices; one to sweep floors and one for mopping, as you do with iRobot’s Roomba bots.

The Yeedi botvac has laser mapping, room-specific cleaning, floor detection, it will increase suction when it detect carpets, plus it has more suction power than most botvacs—and you can even dial the suction up or down as you need to—which you can’t do on a Roomba.

Overall: Yeedi Vac Station

Overall this is a very impressive vacuum at an even more impressive price. When you consider that comparing this to iRobot’s lineup, where you’ll be paying nearly $2000 to get this much cleaning power, the $499USD price of the Yeedi Vac Station is an absolute steal.

So far I’ve been enjoying what this bot can do in my house…it definitely frees me up to have more fun, relax more and simply enjoy life …

*A note about Affiliate Links: Occasionally I will include affiliate links in my reviews. I do this partly for convenience of the reader (since I’ll almost always include a link to the company website or similar anyway) in case you want to read more or purchase but I also may get a small commission from the click, which helps me keep the blog running. If you choose to use this link I thank you greatly for supporting the blog. There’s no obligation or cost to you for using this link.

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