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Reviewing Bob & Brad C2 Massage Gun and trying ALL the attachments


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Erin L

Erin L

Bob and Brad, c2, massage gun, reviewI gotta admit, when I heard the term massage gun I was expecting something else… but it turns out massage guns or percussion massagers as they’re also known, are a legit therapeutic device that can help relax tired, strained or irritated muscles.

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Bob & Brad C2 Massage Gun Review

I recently got a sample of the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun so in this review I’ll go in-depth on what it is, what it can do, what the array of attachments is for and whether I can recommend it for you. You can also watch Roger and I test each of the attachments individually and show you what you’re getting.

What’s in the box?

Let’s unbox the C2. Inside you get the gun itself which though it feels substantial isn’t too heavy.

There are 5 massager heads that simply slide into the opening on the gun, and I’ll go over them first and try each.

Bob and Brad, c2, massage gun, reviewThere’s the Ball head. This is meant for large

First thing that strikes me is that it kind of deceptively powerful…it feels like a strong massage but it’s really quiet while it’s running. Bob and Brad told me it gives  off just 55db rather than  60-70db which some other massage guns emit.

Bob and Brad, c2, massage gun, reviewThere’s the Bullet Head. This is meant for joints, trigger points, and places like the palms and soles of your feet. You can also use it to get deep tissue accuracy.

The Fork Head is made for to straddle the spine and for use along the neck… it can also be helpful along your Achilles tendon.

Bob and Brad, c2, massage gun, reviewThe Flat Head is pretty much a universal head that’s not too big and not too small…like Goldilocks would say, it’s juuuust right for a lot of places. It’s also gentle on skin.

Finally the Air Cushion head is meant for sensitive areas and has a spongy soft cushiony pad that keeps it from jarring bones accidentally.

Bob and Brad, c2, massage gun, reviewThree things I like about this massage gun

  • It’s small and portable, particularly with the nice case.
  • We like the Bob and Brad brand because it’s actually two guys.
  • The gadget uses a physical therapy approach, meaning the C2 is intentionally built to improve patient and athlete recovery.

How does Bob & Brad C2 compare to other massage guns?

I actually test the Bob and Brad gun here against two other top sellers on Amazon, so if you want to see where the C2 here ranked check out the comparison now.

Therapeutic devices are pretty cool and there’s a whole host of smart and unusual devices designed for better health care. For starters check out the smart blood pressure cuff I tries that you can take measurements with at home.. or the wrist worn device that claims to help regulate your body temperature… do they actually  and are the worth the money? Find out.

Bob and Brad say these are the key selling points of the C2:

1. Over 6000 5-star reviews.
2. Unlike other products on the market, Bob and Brad’s ergonomic creations prioritize a “physical therapy approach,” meaning they’re intentionally built to improve patient and athlete recovery.
3. While being super lightweight and quiet, the C2 massage gun is deceptively powerful, giving out high-intensity vibrations that are effective at relieving muscle tension while feeling gentle on the skin.
4. It’s by far one of the simplest and lightest massage guns, making it super portable.
5. Bob and Brad’s C2 massage gun gives 2000-3200 RPM and up to 35lbs of force, while others on the market give anywhere from 30-40lbs of force and 1750-3180 RPMs.
6. A key benefit to Bob and Brad’s C2 massage gun is the noise reduction compared to other guns on the market, giving off just 55db rather than the normal 60-70db.

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Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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