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Ring Alarm Pro

DIY alarm systems like Ring Alarm can he an easy way to get better home security. Ring has two options, Ring Alarm 2 and Ring Alarm Pro. IN this review I’ll be taking a look at Ring Alarm Pro. I’ll show you what it can do, and what’s different about it that makes it “pro” I’ll talk about the set up and the effectiveness and the special additional features you’re getting with this version. I’ll wrap things up with the pros and the cons and let you know if I think I can recommend this alarm kit for you.

What makes Ring Alarm ‘Pro’?

Let’s start off with the key differentiating factor here that makes gives version a ‘pro’ designation. The Ring Alarm Pro has a built in eero Wi-Fi 6 router, meaning Ring Alarm Pro is ready to tackle two big pain points: keeping burglars at bay and eliminating dead zones in your home internet coverage.  The other thing it can do is apply coverage to a home or cabin that doesn’t have Wi-Fi, since it offers the option of connecting over the cellular network  too.

What’s in the box?

Ring Alarm Pro

I opted for the eight piece Ring Alarm Pro. The main component is the Ring Alarm Base Station, which is the brains of your system. This Pro version is about 2-3 times fatter than the regular Ring Alarm 2 base station, but that’s because there is a wireless router in here also.  This base is what emits the audible siren and audible ‘blink-blink’ door-open alerts, so you want it to be located somewhere you can hear it.

You also get a Keypad for arming and disarming the system. You can wall mount this, and it also works as a portable remote control too since you can remove the keypad from the mount easily.

Depending which kit you opt for you’ll have a different amount of sensors. I had the 8-piece pack, so I got 4 magnetic door/window sensors, one motion detector, and a Wi-Fi booster.

This item includes:

  • Alarm Pro Base Station
  • Keypad
  • Door/Window Contact Sensors (x4)
  • Motion Detector
  • Alarm Range Extender
  • A free 30-day trial of Ring Protect Pro4

You’ll also need the free Ring app.

Ring Protect Pro plan

To get the most out of the Ring Alarm Pro (especially in terms of professional monitoring and cloud storage for any video recordings), you’re looking at hitching your wagon to a subscription plan. Ring Alarm and all Ring Alarm accessories require a subscription for digital notifications, in-app features, digital arming/disarming, and integration with other Ring, Echo, and third party products.

While this is par for the course with most smart home security systems, it’s something to consider if you’re allergic to ongoing costs. Ring offers the Ring Protect Pro plan for your Alarm at a cost of about $20/month (US). This includes professional alarm monitoring and response and a few extras too that you might find worthwhile:

Cellular Backup

Ring Alarm Pro Cellular backup

And if you’re worried about your electrical or internet going offline, Ring can automatically switch the system to a cellular backup to keep your security system up and running even in the worst circumstances.

Power backup

A 24-hour backup battery keeps Ring Alarm Pro on if the power goes out. Subscribe to Ring Protect Pro, sold separately, and you’ll stay connected even if there’s an outage with 24/7 Cellular Backup Internet.3

Connect in Remote Locations

If you live somewhere a reliable connection is hard to find, 24/7 Cellular Backup Internet3 may be available to connect you even off the grid. This is only available for certain areas where cell service is accessible though so you’ll want to check Ring’s website for the availability and coverage map.

Local video storage

With Ring Alarm Pro base station you can store videos locally on an SD card inserted into your Ring Alarm Pro Base Station. This gives you physical copies of videos recorded on any Ring cameras you might have in instances when they’re triggered.

This is potentially useful in cases where your home internet or local cellular network provider suddenly fails you.

Set up

Ring Alarm Pro

Ring’s set up process is super easy.

If this is your first Ring device, you’ll have a few extra steps like creating an account and adding your home’s Wi-Fi, but if you have other Ring devices, the app will re-apply your settings, making set up fast and convenient.

To Set up Ring Alarm pro, do the base station first. That’s because, the app will recognize your kit once you add the base station, and then list all your components for set up inside the app; you just follow the prompts. If you need to figure out which sensor is which, each one has a small number next to a QR code which identifies it.

Installing all the Ring Alarm components is also quite fast. The 2-part door/window sensors each have adhesive backing, so you can peel and stick them anywhere. You can also use screws or nails if you prefer. The Motion sensor also has a sticky back so can be wall mounted or just set it on a shelf or piece of furniture.

Using Ring Alarm Pro

So how do you use Ring Alarm Pro?

Ring Alarm Pro keypad

Like many similar alarm systems, there are three settings: Disarmed (off), Home, and Away. With Home, only the door sensors (or others you choose) would be triggered; generally things like motion detectors in the home are not connected for this mode. Using Away mode, the entire system including motion sensors is armed.

If the system is not armed the door and window sensors will make a pleasant sounding ‘blink blink’ noise when opened, just so you know someone is coming or going.

If the alarm is set, naturally the siren will go off and you’ll get a notification that some thing has been breached. You need to shut it off in the app or enter your passcode on the keypad to stop it.

While it is possible to set off the siren yourself if you should ever need to, there is some thing that’s worth knowing about this system: it’s more designed to scare off a burglar rather than to alert your neighbors. That’s because the alarm siren is only going to go off inside your house and it’s not very audible outside the home.

For that reason, let’s talk about the monitoring plans…

Add-on if you need to

On the security front, the Ring Alarm Pro offers customizable options to suit Fort Knox or just your cozy 2-bedroom apartment. You can add additiona sensors and devices, like flood-freeze sensors or carbon monoxide, making it a flexible choice for the security-conscious, and it allows you to grow the system at any time if you end up in a bigger or smaller space.

Now, the Wi-Fi Magic

The real showstopper is Ring Alarm Pro’s ability to boost your home internet connectivity. If your current Wi-Fi system’s reliability starts to crumble due to old age, too many devices on the network, or it’s just plain janky, Ring Alarm Pro could be a game-changer. The built-in Eero Wi-Fi 6 router gives you better efficiency, improved data transfer speeds, enhanced performance in a tech-dense home, and most importantly, increased WPA3 security standards across your entire network.

You can set up your new eero network as a replacement to your current Wi-Fi network, you can also add it as an extension to an existing eero Wi-Fi network, or you can create a whole separate and new Wi-Fi network if you want.

And since it’s eero, it’s also a mesh system that you can use with other Eero mesh devices to enhance network coverage in your home. Mesh systems work by spreading the internet love across multiple nodes (think mini Wi-Fi boosters), reducing dead zones and ensuring your Netflix binge isn’t rudely interrupted by buffering.

I’ve long been a fan of the eero system and I think it provides excellent Wi-Fi connectivity, and is able to cover a wide area very well. This two is fully customizable as well since you can easily add additional Wi-Fi points if your space expands to improve your home Internet coverage. I also think the eros system is easy to manage in the

Overall review: Ring Alarm Pro

Ring Alarm Pro

If your home is your castle and you’re keen on keeping it as impregnable as possible (while enjoying Wi-Fi that doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out), the Ring Alarm Pro is definitely worth a look. It’s a two-in-one solution that addresses safety and connectivity, which, in today’s world, is pretty much the dream team.

I’ve been a fan of the Ring Alarm system for several years, and I think the Ring Alarm Pro is another great option. Let’s go over the pros and the cons to see if it might be right for you. On the pro side ring alarm systems are easy to set up and easy to navigate using the ring app. The eight piece kit is more than enough for me to cover all my bases here at home. Building in an eero Wi-Fi router into the base station is just plain smart as it allows you to pop two birds with one stone. Now with that said I will say if you don’t have need for a replacement Wi-Fi system or to add a second Wi-Fi band to your home there’s not really much need to splash out on the pro version here. The only other reason a Pro version might be a better choice is if you want to access the 24 seven cellular coverage for places where WiFi doesn’t exist.

As far as downsides go, there is really nothing to complain about that couldn’t be remedied by making some adjustments to your Ring order. If you think this kit is too expensive, you can scale down to the Ring Alarm 2. If you don’t need the Wi-Fi router, same thing applies. If you need more sensors to cover a larger space, you can easily upgrade to a larger kit.

In short, I’m a big Ring fan and I continue to be with the Ring Alarm Pro.

Ring Alarm Pro starts at $299USD for the 8 piece kit. Additional sensors, keypads, and Eero Wi-Fi points are also available at an additional cost.

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