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Sennheiser ACCENTUM

The Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless branding is more than 5 years old with the company’s first ever wireless earbuds announced way back in 2018. Now the company has a new foray into this model with the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. What’s new with this pair of wireless earbuds, how do they sound, what’s the noise cancelling like, and what’s been refreshed when it comes to fit feel and comfort? In this hands-on review I will try them out firsthand to assess the pros and cons and then let you know if I think I can recommend them for you.

Sennheiser Accentum True Wireless


Sennheiser ACCENTUM True Wireless certainly don’t feel like a budget or even a mid-range pair of earbuds. The design, fit and comfort alone scream premium.


  • Beautiful buds
  • Comfortable
  • Small form factor
  • Amazing ANC
  • Stellar audio quality
  • Fast + Qi charging



  • Battery life just average

In my review of the original product, I was really happy with the overall sound quality including the bass and clarity of the finer audio details.

What’s in the Box?

As expected with most wireless earbuds products these days, Sennheiser packaged their ACCENTUM True Wireless earbuds in a very small box containing the charging case with the earbuds themselves tucked inside. You also get four sets of differently sized ear tips, a USB-C charging cable, and the usual quick guide and manual.

What you get: Sennheiser ACCENTUM True Wireless Earbuds

Despite the attractive new branding, the Sennheiser ACCENTUM True Wireless earbuds is second-in-command in Sennheiser’s hierarchy of True Wireless products. It is more affordable than Sennheiser’s new MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 and MOMENTUM Sport products while slightly more expensive than the budget-tier CX and CX Plus True Wireless earbuds.

Out of curiosity, I checked online to see if “accentum” was a real word and I was surprised to know that it’s a singular term of the Latin word “accentus” which means signal or tone!


The Sennheiser ACCENTUM True Wireless charging case is noticeably different from its MOMENTUM siblings. The case lacks the fabric texture and has more of a squircle design as opposed to the MOMENTUM True Wireless 4’s rectangular form factor. It is also a bit thicker than the MOMENTUM Sport’s similarly-shaped case.

But what makes the ACCENTUM truly worthy of its brand designation is the design of the earbuds themselves. Yes, some might feel they lack the premium aesthetic of the MOMENTUM True Wireless brand, but looking closely at the earbuds really highlights the amount of effort Sennheiser put into sculpting the design, and I use the word sculpting deliberately.  These seem to be almost carved delicately from a soft piece of material, and they look almost pebble like with absolutely no edges, corners, or lines to irritate your ears. Clearly Sennheiser made these earbuds with comfort and fit in mind. While I’m on the topic, that perfectly smooth feel does make them a little difficult to grip and touch fiddly… Which I feel like I will probably adapt to. They are soft, silky, and scream comfort. They also feel pretty light with a single earbud weighing 5.5 grams which is roughly a gram and a half heavier than the lightweight Sony Link Buds.

Fit and comfort

Right out of the box these earbuds are extremely comfortable. They may be a touch on the larger side for my lady ears, but thanks to that ultra smooth pebble design, they actually nestled into my ear concha quite well. Even after long wearing sessions I found they did not irritate my ears at all.

Set up and pairing: fast and easy

Sennheiser ACCENTUM

Getting these earbuds set up paired to your phone, tablet, laptop or device is super easy. The first time you use them they should arrive in pairing mode and you can simply open up your phone or devices Bluetooth menu and talk to connect instantly, as I did. If you need re-pair, Touch and hold both the left and the right earbuds for three seconds until you hear the “pairing” command. You can certainly pair these as they are with your device, or you can also download and use the Sennheiser Smart Control app.

The app gives you at a glance information including exact battery level, and adjustability for the noise cancellation and transparency modes, as well as access to additional settings like EQ and sidetone, where you can hear the sound of your own voice.

Dust and weather resistance: IP54

One important thing you should keep in mind is that the Sennheiser ACCENTUM True Wireless isn’t a lower cost version of the MOMENTUM Sport even if these earbuds look like water will bead off them, because these ACCENTUM true wireless earbuds only provide IP54 ingress protection.

This rating offers some dust and water resistance but isn’t high enough to recommend using for outdoor exercising, wet weather wear, or swimming. Check our review comparison of the Jabra earbuds if you plan on working out a lot while jamming to music.

Key Features

Active Noise Cancelling

Sennheiser ACCENTUM

One of the key selling features of the ACCENTUM True Wireless earbuds is ANC or Active Noise Cancelling. Sennheiser actually offers Hybrid ANC which means that Rather than using microphones only on the outside or inside of the ear buds, Hybrid ANC uses microphones on both the outside and inside of the ear buds to seek out ambient noises and then cancel them out.

You can either activate it by triple tapping the left earbud or toggling the setting in the Sennheiser Smart Control mobile app.

Active noise cancellation is an outstanding feature in headphones since it can help block out additional noise from bleeding in and disturbing your listening. ANC uses a digital signal to listen for and then cancel out noise that might otherwise get into your ears. I prefer to test ANC by simply activating the setting and not having any music playing or audio at all, since this is the best way to determine how effective ANC can be. Naturally,if you have some audio playing this can go along way to improving the noise cancelling since it gives you something else to focus on.

I found the ANC in the Sennheiser ACCENTUM is extremely impressive. When I activated it with nothing playing task it’s effectiveness it was able to eliminate almost every external sound and create a true blanket of silence which I really appreciated when trying to write. Inside the app there are a couple of different settings for the ANC including on and off and something called “auntie “ which apparently tweaks this setting if you’re in windy conditions. Overall I was absolutely impressed with the noise cancellation, since it blocks out about 95-99% of distractions by my estimation, and if you are looking to eliminate distractions these would be an ideal pair.

ANC Performance

Sennheiser refers to their noise cancellation technology on the ACCENTUM True Wireless as “hybrid ANC”. You can think of the term hybrid as “not class-leading” so while these headphones can block out some surrounding noise, the pricier ANC-focused products like the Bose QuietComfort Ultra cancel out noise far better. On the upside, the Sennheiser Smart Control app does offer some customization to the ANC complete with a waveform graphic and an ”Anti Wind” option.

Sound quality

The other key feature of these headphones is going to be the overall sound quality. If you’re shopping or shortlist includes Sennheiser, you no doubt know what the brand is capable of and you’ve allocated the budget to spend. Sennheiser audio products in my opinion are excellent quality so I am expecting the same from these truly wireless earbuds and I wasn’t disappointed.

While a lot of headphones and earbuds will sound just fine, when you get a chance to wear a pair that double down on sound quality and aren’t afraid to charge you for it, it’s noticeable. The sound in these is so much richer than average. I can hear a lot of intricacies in the music, and the bass was so good it felt like it was a mile deep. Even the higher end of the audio spectrum was delicate and light wit no hint of raspy or tinny, which you do often hear on cheaper buds.

In short these earbuds will blow you away with their sound quality, whether you like hip hop, the classics, symphony or country.

Touch controls

Both earbuds have touch-sensitive surfaces and offer numerous other controls as well. Holding down the left or right earbud decreases or increases the volume respectively. Single tapping the left earbud triggers “Transparency Mode” which lets you hear ambient sounds while the right earbud serves as your play/pause function. Double tapping the left or right earbuds trigger “Previous” and “Next” commands. Finally, triple tapping the right earbud activates your default voice assistant of your connected device. While you can disable these touch gestures from the app, you cannot adjust the touch sensitivity like you could with the MOMENTUM Sport model.

Battery Life & charging

The reason behind the reduced weight of the Sennheiser ACCENTUM True Wireless is its use of smaller batteries. You can expect around 8 hours of music playback or 6 hours if you use ANC. A fully charged case should be able to juice up the earbuds to a further 20 hours . While this is fine, it is quite average when it comes to battery life. I would be hoping a company like Sennheiser could do better than average but in this case I guess they were more focused on the design and the size of the buds and less on longevity. Trade Offs. It takes around 90 minutes to charge the case via USB-C.

The charging case does support Qi wireless charging if you don’t mind reduced charging speeds.

Overall Review: Sennheiser ACCENTUM True Wireless

Sennheiser ACCENTUM

Overall Sennheiser ACCENTUM True Wireless certainly don’t feel like a budget or even a mid-range pair of earbuds. The design, fit and comfort alone scream premium.

Let’s go over at the pros and the cons so you can see how they might play out for you. ON the pro side, these are gorgeous earbuds that will be comfortable to wear, like I said. The package is super small and highly portable for even the tiniest pockets. The quality of the ANC and the overall audio is worth every penny. Charging time is decently quick and with Qi wireless charging it gives you options too.

What are the downsides? I think the biggest flaw in this earbud package is the average battery life. I guess complaining about some thing that’s average might seem like nitpicking, but it’s just that I think Sennheiser could truly do better. With that said you’re still getting lots of life in these so for all but the heaviest listeners these will probably hold up just fine.

In short, if you are looking for a product that isn’t leaning towards a certain ecosystem like the Apple AirPods Pro, the ACCENTUM is a terrific platform-agnostic option that deserves a spot in your shortlist—and in your shopping cart, if I’m being honest. Your ears will love how comfortable they feel and the audio quality is top notch. I can absolutely recommend Sennheiser ACCENTUM True Wireless earbuds for you and these may be my own personal new go-to pair. They sell for about $199.99 USD/ $279.95 CAD and I think they are absolutely worth the price. You can get them from electronics retailers like Best Buy and Amazon.

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