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Shark NV 360 vacuum

With all the focus on lightweight portable stick vacuums, is there still a place for a corded upright? For some of us, yes. If you have lots of carpet and pets or kids, you may need something a bit more powerful and long-lasting. This explains why vacuums like the Shark NV360 still sell well after all these years. And with thousands of 5-star reviews I decided to see what all the fuss is about.

That doesn’t exactly mean though that the Shark NV360 is a one-size-fits-all type of vacuum but it is an upright vacuum I wanted to explore considering I haven’t reviewed any Shark upright vacuums in the past. Shark has a good track record with affordable hair styling and air purifier products so let’s see if the Shark vaccum NV360 can score some bites on the competition.

Shark NV360 vacuum


The Shark NV360 vacuum is the epitome of a solid, standard corded vacuum cleaner – reliable, with a sealed dustbin and decent power. You may be a bit less nostalgic for the volume.




  • Good suction, performs well
  • Removable canister is handy for carpeted stairs and furniture
  • Corded means no recharging or batteries to manage
  • No vacuum bags


  • Loud
  • Dustbin is a little small
  • Corded is not for everyone

What is (and isn’t) the Shark NV360?

Shark NV 360 vacuum

The Shark NV360 is a cord-connected upright vacuum that promises versatility with a budget-friendly $149.99 USD / $279.99 CAD price. The Amazon prices do fluctuate but you can generally find the vacuum well under $200 USD or $300 CAD. Shark advertises the NV360 as a vacuum that can handle both carpets and bare floors but the NV360 shark vaccum definitely stands out on carpet.

Unboxing and Assembly

The Shark NV360 comes in a curiously small box which certainly made me think twice if I got the right vacuum. But its small packaging is a testament to how modular the vacuum is and it does have its advantages which you’ll realize when you need to assembling its parts.

You can see a quick assembly guide complete with illustrations the moment you lift the top tab on the box. You just take out the vacuum base and place it on the floor. Then insert the Portable Lift-Away body in the vacuum base’s exposed tube. The body also has a small tube for inserting the extension wand. Finally, the last step involves attaching the handle to the extension wand and the stretch tube to the larger exposed tube on the body. Attaching a part should give a resounding click making the overall assembly process pretty straightforward.

Lift-Away Functionality

Shark NV 360 vacuum

The vacuum itself weighs around 13 pounds which is remarkably light for a corded vacuum. Plus, when the duty calls for cleaning upholstery or other furniture, you can easily detach the vacuum’s body from its base thanks to its Lift-Away functionality. From there, you can use the extension hose to carry on with the cleaning to further fill up the pod’s 0.9-quart capacity. The mobile vacuum canister can help you in cleaning upholstery, stairs and other awkward to reach or higher up surfaces.

While the Shark NV360 vacuum does have a hose and wand that you can use to clean harder to reach areas both lower and higher, it isn’t very long and might not reach areas like your ceiling fan depending on how high it is. While it helps, the short bungee-style hose can be a bit limiting, and does kind of pull the canister over during use.

How well does it clean?

Shark NV 360 vacuum

The NV360 is literally a shark when it comes to small debris. It has good suction power for its price class and I found it handles spills on carpeted surfaces with ease. I vacuumed up all kinds of debris on carpet and furniture, tested it on stairs too and it worked really well. The removable canister is also surprisingly handy.

On floors it does a good job too, hoovering up most everything I put in its path.

Shark’s proprietary Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology gives the vacuum excellent filtration capabilities. These positive traits serve as a nice baseline for the rest of the nifty features the Shark NV360 possesses.
I will say it’s quite loud, but what corded upright with a big motor isn’t. If noise is more important to you than cleaning power, it’s time to shop for DustBusters.

Pet Cleaning Performance

Shark NV 360 vacuum

The Shark NV360 is a good choice for pet owners thanks to the reliable pet power brush attachment. However, if you have a pet that frequently sheds, you may find yourself emptying the dustbin frequently due to its limited capacity.

No bags to replace

Since this shark vacuum NV360 uses a sealed canister, there’s no vacuum bags to worry about replacing. Emptying the vacuum canister is done with the push of a button, and you can easily wipe it out to keep it looking new.

Overall Review: Shark NV360

I expect upright and robot vacuums to evolve even further given all the hot new products coming out towards the end of 2023 and beyond. Expect to see multipurpose machines that Kenmore reliably vacuum and mop all in one device.

However, designing a vacuum is hard and improvements often come with compromises or just cost too much for the average individual who might just want a tried-and-tested cleaner. This is why the Shark NV360 continues to exist today and I expect it to be around for many years to come which is great for consumers looking for a reputable upright vacuum performer —on a budget.

On the pro side, it’s got good suction and was successful at all my cleaning tests. The removable canister is handy for carpeted stairs and furniture, it’s got filtration and the cord means reliable power with no recharging or waiting on dead batteries. With a sealed dustbin that you can empty there’s no extra vacuum bag cost.

On the con side; the vacuum is loud, the dustbin is a bit small, and the retractable hose is short. Some may also find the corded operation a downside.

But if you’re shopping for a corded upright for carpeted spaces, I can definitely recommend the Shark NV360 to you. It sells for about $149.99 USD / $279.99 CAD and you can get yours, as I got mine, on Amazon.

If you are looking for a cordless more portable vacuum, or you have a bigger budget, check out a top-of-the-line Dyson stick vac, or why not let this robot floor washer do the work for you?

Shop the Shark NV360 vacuum on Amazon and Walmart.

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