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sleepphones headphones, sleep, wireless, reviewSleep. You elusive beast. Some people struggle their whole lives with getting a good night’s rest, and everyone has their own tricks for getting to sleep and staying asleep. If yours is to wear headphones to block out noise or lull yourself with meditative podcasts or music, you may be one of the ones who’s been using headphones so as not to disturb your partner. But trying to sleep with headphones can be uncomfortable; they hurt your ears and can get tangled overnight. SleepPhones Wireless headphones may be the answer.

SleepPhones review

SleepPhones soft sleeping headphones review how to sleep

SleepPhones soft sleeping headphones

SleepPhones are soft, padded, wireless headphones designed to be worn in bed. These padded headphones have tiny speakers that sit over and above your ear so there’s nothing sticking in your ear all night to irritate you.

Inside the soft cushiony band are the two speakers and a Bluetooth module which controls the phones. The module is removable for re-charging via a micro USB cable.

SleepPhones has upgraded its product!

SleepPhones upgraded product, the new SleepPhones Wireless just launched and this latest update features significant battery improvements, enabling AcousticSheep’s most popular SleepPhones model to now deliver up to twelve hours of audio content, a notable boost over the previous version’s ten hour life. Charging time has also been reduced by an hour, allowing these comfortable wireless headphones to fully charge in just two hours.

Watch my review of the previous version of SleepPhones; some big improvements have been made since then:

There are three buttons on the module; two triangular shaped buttons for controlling volume and skipping tracks, and a square button which turns the module on and off and puts it into pairing mode.

Getting SleepPhones by Acoustic Sheep set up

I have to say that since my last review of SleepPhones, the set up and pairing process is MUCH easier.

Just push and hold the square button on the small rubber module inside the SleepPhones band for about 5-6 seconds to enter pairing mode. You’ll hear ascending tones and you’ll see a red light flashing. Then head to your phone’s Bluetooth menu and select Acoustic Sheep. A long tone confirms your connection.

Fit and feel –  SleepPhones Wireless review

With the headphones now connected it was time to try them out.

I chose the One Size Fits Most band, which is actually labelled Medium on the inside,  and found it fit me well; not too tight and not too loose. Even so, the speakers do not seem to fit directly above my ear. They are more forward of my ear. I feel like I‘m able to pull them a little bit backwards in the band to get them closer to my ear, but I’m also afraid I’m going to break them. I turn the headphones around to see if that helps and it does but now I think I’m actually wearing them backwards. (Turns out the velcro opening in the band is actually the back, according to SleepPhones’ online video)

Easy to make adjustments for perfect placement

After some further reading I do see that you can indeed move the speakers around without worry, so I adjust them to where they’re right over my ears. Opening up the band, I see there’s actually lots of cable inside connecting the individual speakers. I’m able to place the speakers properly and get good, direct sound and my husband says he cannot hear a thing.

sleep phones, wireless, reviewBattery life and charging

sleep phones, wireless, reviewThe promised battery life on previous SleepPhones was about 13 hours, and these new ones add more than a dozen more hours so in theory, you’ll get a lot of use out of them before needing a recharge if you use them to listen to an hour of audio at a time, then shut them off. But if you’re falling asleep with them on, you’ll likely need to charge them up every couple of days.

Old SleepPhones took three hours to fully charge, but this new version has cut charge time to two hours.

To charge SleepPhones, remove them from the band and plug in the Bluetooth module and you’ll see a red light.  When the light goes out, they’re ready.

When reinserting the Bluetooth module you might wonder which way is up. Just make sure the Acoustic Sheep logo on the side of the module is facing out, and up when you slide it back into the headband. The small label on the headphones can be your guide (I’ve seen this label on both the front and the back of the headphones, depending on the model).

sleep phones, wireless, reviewWashable band – remove the electronics!

The SleepPhones soft headband is washable in the laundry (warm wash, tumble dry medium heat, no fabric softener since it cuts the wicking properties). You’ll just need to remove the speakers and the Bluetooth module from it.

The two flat speakers (sewn into felt pads) and the Bluetooth Module slide relatively easily from the band. Getting them back in correctly is another story.

While each speaker has a tiny paper label on it indicating left and right, those are likely to wear off, so Acoustic Sheep has colour coded the speakers: right has red embroidery on one side and left is green (I’ve also seen a green felt pad and red felt pad in place of the embroidery in different models). They go back into the band with the white felt side against your head.SleepPhones soft sleeping headphones review how to sleep

Wireless range of Acoustic Sheep SleepPhones

I was pretty impressed with the wireless range of the SleepPhones.  I did some tests where I walked away from the headphones while listening. I was able to get to the other side of the apartment, with walls in between me and my phone, and still get a clear signal. The stated range of SleepPhones is about 15-30 feet. Given that most folks will likely use the phones with a phone or tablet nearby, like on the nightstand, there should be more than enough range on these for most uses.

Audio Quality: SleepPhones

Since these are headphones, the big question is how do SleepPhones sound? SleepPhones don’t make any claims about phenomenal audio quality but I was pleasantly surprised at just how good they did sound. The audio was clear and sharp and as far as I’m concerned, using these for travel or for being lulled to sleep, they’re just great. If you’re an audiophile you’ll probably find them lacking (you’ll probably find most headphones lacking), but for their purpose, they’re quite good, and I can make no complaints.

SleepPhones review – comfort and fit

SleepPhones are quite comfortable to wear and to sleep in.  I’m a side sleeper, and as such have never been able to wear headphones to bed. I do listen to podcasts to fall asleep each night, so my solution is to play audio from my iPad’s speaker on low volume from the bedside table. Fortunately, my husband doesn’t mind, but I’d rather not subject him to noise.

With SleepPhones, I can lay comfortably on either side, and still listen to my shows, without disturbing my husband. Brilliant! There’s also no cords to get tangled up in overnight, another annoyance.

SleepPhones soft sleeping headphones review how to sleep

The photo where I pretend to be sleeping.

I found the Bluetooth module to be very soft, flat and flexible and it didn’t bother me. It’s easily moveable within the band, so you can place it wherever it will be least noticeable to you.

SleepPhones can also double as a sleep mask. One end of the band is significantly wider than the other; this is the back of the band. If you turn it around, you can use it to cover your eyes, though you’ll probably need to readjust the speakers inside the band.

What SleepPhones are good for:

  • Travel
  • Sleeping on a plane
  • Blocking out snoring
  • Listening to podcasts and radio without waking your partner

Overall SleepPhones review – wireless sleeping headphones

I was quite happy with my SleepPhones.  They’re definitely comfortable, and I didn’t find the band too warm. The One Size fit was fine for me but others should measure to make sure. I like the fact they’re very flat, and don’t press on my head or my ears while I’m sleeping on my side. They’re completely distraction and annoyance-free when it comes to sleeping with headphones on.

I was pleasantly surprised at the audio quality and really love the idea of these for traveling, for blocking out ambient noise, or for falling asleep to meditative sounds.

I think the new longer lasting battery life is pretty great, and the connectivity and wireless range was excellent.

It’s nice to see Acoustic Sheep has made some improvements in the two years since I last tried these headphones; improving both the pairing process and battery life.

Overall, I’d recommend these headphones if you like to sleep while listening to music, podcasts and more. They’re comfortable, easy to wear and they sound great.

SleepPhones Wireless sell for about $99USD (about $133CDN) from SleepPhones website. Or get them here:

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