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Smartphones are evolving to eliminate wired connections. There’s wireless qi charging, and of course the lack of headphone jacks in many phones today. So ready or not, you’re going to need a set of truly wireless headphones… eventually.

Sony’s new WF-1000X are truly wireless earbuds that come with a slim charging and storage case. Rather surprisingly, the earbuds only deliver three hours of battery on a single charge, compared to what seems to be the industry standard of about 5 hours on other wireless earbuds like Jabra Elite, Samsung IconX, Bose SoundSport or, Rocksport Audio RockPods or Apple AirPods.

I received a pair of 1000X to test out over a few weeks in a variety of situations, and here’s what I found.

Set up and Pairing Sony WF-1000X

Getting these earbuds set up and paired was straightforward, but it does require a specific set of steps:

  • Open the charging case and remove the left earbud. Push and hold the small nib on the underside of the bud to power on. Keep holding for 7 seconds until the headset goes into pairing mode, which will be confirmed from the robot voice prompts.
  • Go to your phone’s Bluetooth menu and select the WF-1000X to connect it.
  • Once it’s connected, remove the right earbud from the case. It should power on and connect automatically. If it doesn’t, push and hold the power nib on the right to get things started.

Using Sony Headphones Connect app

To access some of the headphones’ more advanced features you’ll need to download the free Sony Headphones Connect app.
You don’t need to sign in, which is nice, and the app gives you some controls to play with for your earbuds.

For starters, you can check your battery level at a glance but there are also controls here for the more complicated features.

This review was done for Best Buy Canada’s blog.. so please do me a solid, and read the rest of it there… by clicking HERE.

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