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T3 hair dryer review

The world of hairdryers is becoming increasingly more complex. Some hair dryers can cost almost as much as a smartphone, and come with almost as many features! T3 Micro, makers of the Twirl 360 Curling iron I reviewed (read it here) have two hair dryers designed to smooth frizz, boost volume and create soft, manageable hair. I had the chance to test out the T3 Micro Cura and Cura Luxe over several weeks to see how they compare to each other and to other high end hair dryers.

What’s the difference between T3 Cura and Cura Luxe?

T3 Cura Cura Luxe whats the difference, review

Cura Luxe in black and Cura in white.

The Cura could be referred to as the base model, but that might be doing it a disservice, because in truth it’s got lots of features and settings.

Both the Cura and Cura Luxe have Digital IonAir, multiple heat settings, a cool shot button to lock in your style, and two different directional nozzles. Both are 1875 watts.

By choosing the Cura Luxe, you’ll get five heat settings instead of the Cura’s three, plus a ‘Volume Booster’ button and an Auto Pause Sensor that will automatically stop the motor when it senses you’ve released the dryer’s handle. It works quite well and is handy if you’re constantly picking up and putting the dryer down to style.

What does Volume Booster do?

T3 Cura Cura Luxe whats the difference, review

I tried using the volume booster setting and in truth it was a bit baffling.  Turning it on doesn’t generate more air or more power… switching it on seems to do… nothing. At least nothing physically visible.  Is it emitting more ions?  Maybe.

Either way, I didn’t notice any kind of magnificent increase in volume with this setting on.

How does T3 Auto Pause feature work?

The Cura dryers come with what’s called an Auto Pause Sensor. It pauses airflow when the dryer handle is released, since small sensors on the handle can detect when your hand is on it. When you release it and set the dryer down, the dryer knows and shuts off the air. Pick it back up and the dryer will resume operating with your pre-selected settings when one of the three sensors is covered.

This setting is handy for those of us who like to section our hair and work sector by sector. I found it worked very well, though there is a very slight lag between letting go of the handle and it turning off.

T3 Hair dryer, after results

Using the T3 Cura and T3 Cura Luxe

I like using these hair dryers. They’re very quiet, lightweight, and efficient; drying my hair in minutes. I noticed a definite lack of frizz and static in my hair while using these hair dryers, and I live in an extremely cold and dry city where static hair is usually the norm.

I wouldn’t say these dryers seem ultra powerful. They’re definitely not jet engine powerful and don’t just blast hot air like some cheap dryers do; you’ll get more of a gentle but thorough dry and with the directional nozzles off, a nice wide cone of air.

The heat isn’t extremely hot, even on the top-most setting. I couldn’t find any info about the actual temperatures the dryer puts out, so I can’t be specific, but these dryers seem less hot than others- even less hot than my current fave, the T3 Featherweight Luxe. Now, with that said, I was still able to style my hair as I normally would.

Drying speed: Cura dryers

The speed at which these dryers will dry hair is impressive beyond belief.  I have a lot of long hair and in my tests, I found the Cura and Cura Luxe could get my hair about 90% of the way dry in about 3 minutes! Another 90 seconds or so and I was all but done; then of course there’s the fine styling and sectioning that I may or may not do on any given day. This isn’t surprising to me since I also use T3’s Featherweight Luxe and get similar results. These dryers are FAST.

Overall review of T3 Micro Cura and Cura Luxe hairdryers

T3 Cura Cura Luxe whats the difference, review

I don’t generally like comparing brands, but in this case I feel I need to mention the Dyson Supersonic. I’ve tried it also (read that review here) and think it’s an amazing hair dryer, albeit one that will cost you a month’s rent.

These dryers can easily stand up next to the Dyson and blow it away – pun intended.  The Cura and Cura Luxe give you just as much speed and shine, they zap static and they leave your hair feeling equally as silky as the Supersonic, for a fraction of the price.  If you lust after that Dyson experience, you can get it from Cura and Cura Luxe or my Featherweight and still have enough money to visit your hairdresser for a trim.

The Cura sells for about  $235USD and the Cura Luxe is about $285 from T3 Micro’s website or from Amazon, below

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