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TCL 10 Pro smartphone review


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Erin L

Erin L

tcl, 10 pro, review, phone

It seems a lot of us are evaluating our smartphones in lockdown. If you’re looking for a new Android smartphone, I just got my Canadian hands on the TCL 10Pro. In this review, I’ll take a look at some of the promises TCL is making about this phone, some of the key features and whether I think this might be a good phone for you.

TCL 10 Pro smartphone review

As usual, I’m not going to get too deep into specs and speed tests and that kind of review; I’m more focused on what TCL promises you in this phone and whether I think it delivers on user experience.

This is a sexy phone. The brushed grey metal back and glossy glass screen with infinity edges looks beautiful. There’s virtually no front notch and the camera array on the back lies virtually flush, except for a teeny lip on the dual LED lights. Analogue types will love that there’s a headphone jack in here too.

Interestingly there’s an infra-red beam too so you could use your phone to control remote devices at home.
As this is an android phone, it has all the expected Android apps and features so I’m not going to get into detail on those either.

Super premium looks: TCL 10 Pro

This phone seems designed to look like a super premium phone at a lower cost. The screen is a 6.47-inch Full HD curved AMOLED display that goes edge-to-edge almost without any bezel. It looks great and it’s easy on the eyes. With the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 675, Octa-core processor, and 6GB of RAM you’re promised a smooth performance. Plus with ip to 128GB of internal memory, expandable up to 256GB via an aftermarket microSD™ card.

Speaking of the screen, the 10Pro has something called NXTVISION. This is a dedicated display engine that lets you customize your screen when it comes to colours, enhancements and reading modes.

Camera tests: TCL 10 Pro

tcl, 10 pro, review, phoneTCL touts the cameras in this phone as a major selling feature. And — spoiler alert— I found the camera was really great.
The TCL 10Pro has quad rear cameras with dual LED flash: 64MP (ultra high-res) main camera with hybrid auto focus, a super low light video camera lens, a wide-angle lens and a macro lens. On the front, you get a 24MP front-facing camera.

TCL says AI-powered imaging technology in the TCL 10 Pro produces photos and selfies “rich in clarity and color in low light. Additionally, it features a hybrid auto focus solution for a fast and crisp shot day or night. The 10Pro also promises Brighter Self-Portraits “with 4-in-1 big pixel technology that provides twice the light.”

tcl, 10 pro, review, phoneSuper Night Mode

I’ll be looking forward to testing out Super Night Mode which makes it digitally easier for you to get more light into your shots . I didn’t get a huge chance to get out shooting with it, but overall I found the TCL 10 pro took beautiful photos.

More photography features

You’ll find some additional photo features in the TCL 10Pro too under the ‘More’ tab inside the camera. There’s options for slow-mo, stop motion, panorama, super macro and even light trace which lets you get more DSLR-style effects with light and high pixel which gives you more detailed photos. There’s also portrait mode for bokeh effects and a Pro mode which lets you customize your shooting in a lot more depth and detail.

Shoot 4K video with TCL 10 Pro

Though TCL doesn’t brag about this, the 120Pro shoots in both 1080p HD and in 4K video, giving you some great options. There’s also a video stabilization feature for less shaky videos.

Watching videos, especially 4K video on this phone is mesmerizing. The screen is crystal clear, vibrantly coloured and an absolute joy to watch.
The speaker quality on the other hand is super basic. It’s tinny and mono-sounding, but hey, only jerks watch videos on their phones with the sound cranked on speaker, am I right? Plug in or connect your headphones and enjoy much better audio quality.

tcl, 10 pro, review, phoneFingerprint Sensor security

The TCL 10 Pro comes with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen for easy access and security. As with most fingerprint sensors, it does take some finessing to get your fingerprint to read right, but you get used to it and the phone does open in a snap.

Smart key option

If you like having shortcuts on your phone, you’ll love the customization options with the smart key. The single left side button can be programmed to do different things for you with a single, double or long press.

Reverse charging: use TCL 10 Pro as a power bank

The TCL 10Pro has a Fast-charging 4500 mAh battery with OTG reverse charging.
What is reverse charging? It lets you charge other smartphones using your smartphone and a cable. It essentially turns your phone into a power bank.

So, you can use your phone charging with your friends and use your phone as just like a regular power bank.

tcl, 10 pro, review, phoneTCL 10 Pro: additional features

Let’s go over a few more features and what they do…
Adaptive Tone and Reading Mode auto-adjusts your 10Pro to suit any environment for easier viewing. Eye Comfort Mode reduces harmful blue light, so if you plan to use your phone as a bit of an e-reader, it might be good to know you can lessen the strain on your eyes and not ruin your sleep cycles.

Overall review: TCL 10 Pro smartphone

Overall TCL 10Pro has a lot of features and options. You’ll get all the Android features you need and some other things you might not realize you want. I’m surprised by how much stuff is packed in here.
The screen is definitely a dream and you’ll love staring into it endlessly. It’s easy to use and customize, and the camera works quite well. Downsides of this phone? Some of you might be disappointed at the lacklustre speaker quality.
One of the big appeals of this phone is the price. It sells for about $665-700 CAD depending on the carrier you get it from.
Overall I think this is a great phone and if you’re looking for a well priced Android phone with plenty of tools and features, you’ll like the TCL 10Pro.


Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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  1. Balu on March 31, 2023 at 4:05 am

    The phone has exceeded expectations. I didn’t have it in my hands before buying it. Bought on sale – good price. Beautiful, lies well in the hand. Works fast, good mobilespecs. net communication quality is ok, takes decent photos, the screen is bright, does not heat up. Fingerprint and face unlock is fast.

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