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Each year in Las Vegas, the tech world gathers to introduce new items to the world, and while CES, the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 was scaled back somewhat due to Covid-19, there were still many new devices, screens, hardware, and appliances introduced. The announcements often include the best of the best, the most expensive, and the outlandish, but let’s focus on the items you might actually want or really need.

Ring launches Glass Break Sensor for Ring Alarm

With Smart Home technology taking off, video doorbells becoming more and more commonplace, manufacturers are turning their attention to providing new and better features. Ring has announced a new sensor that detects when glass is broken nearby. The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor will ship in February and can accurately detect the sounds of glass breaking and also discern the difference between a glass break and other standard household noises. Ring users will be thrilled to see this potential hole in their security systems dealt with.

Homey says it can bring al your smart home gadgets together

Enthusiasts will be the first to tell you that the most frustrating part of Smart Home tech is that every third party device has its own app that needs to be signed up for, then connected to Google Home or Amazon Alexa, or Apple’s HomeKit.Homey has released a hub that claims to connect to over 50,000 smart home devices and act as a central repository for them all. It uses multiple connection types, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee, and can be used with voice assistants to trigger events and sequences. If you’re finding frustration with your current setup, Homey might have the answer you need.

X1 Family

ECOVACS new robot vac and mop lives in its own carwash

Ecovacs is known for making quality smart vacuums and mops, and they’ve launched their newest offering, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni. One of the exciting features of this unit is the ability to speak directly to the bot without having to go through a voice assistant to do so. It also has the OMNI Station, a “car wash” for the X1 Omni. The bot enters, and the station will auto-empty the dust and dirt collected, then self-clean and dry the mop and replenish the water reservoir, so it’s ready for action.  Get full details in my Digital Trends article. And watch for a review in the coming months.

Moen announces new temperature control faucets that use gestures

We’ve all found ourselves in the kitchen, hands covered in oil, ground beef, or flour, trying to decide the best way to turn the faucet on without making a mess or contaminating things. Moen has come to the rescue with a faucet that responds to gestures. Not only can you turn the faucet on and off, but you can also change the temperature of the water. You can also activate “routines” like ‘hand wash,’ where the faucet pauses the water while you scrub, then starts again. It can also dispense specific quantities of water, so no more measuring cups! The faucet also works with Voice Assistants and is part of Moen’s Smart Water Network, which can monitor and inform the user about water problems or potential issues.

New OLED TVs from LG

Television manufacturers constantly strive to make better, more precise, brighter, and more innovative TVs. This year LG announced their newest OLED TVs, the Evo Gallery line. The Evo Gallery edition can be mounted on the wall, placed on a swivel stand, or placed on an artistic gallery stand. The TV offers self-lit pixels, a 4K a9 gen 5 AI processor, and a brightness booster. The evo Gallery edition offers new improvements in gaming technology, brighter screens, and darker blacks.

Samsung expands Bespoke lineup of appliances

Samsung thinks we all want our homes to be perfect, particularly as we spend more time in them. It wasn’t that long ago Samsung announced its Bespoke line of refrigerators, a customizable appliance with different color and door configuration options, and yes we agree its time appliances stopped being ugly, and came in more than just steel, black and white. At CES 2022 it announced it’s taking this perfectly tailored appliance concept even further, expanding Bespoke to more fridge options, plus adding a Bespoke Washer and Dryer, and a Bespoke Jet vacuum. Read more in my write-up for

Samsung Reveals Huge 55” Double Curved Monitor

If you want to make an impression on friends or like the idea of a giant monitor that extends past your eyeline, Samsung has introduced the Odyssey Ark 200. Not only is the size and resolution impressive for a monitor, but it also comes with a stand that allows you to switch it to a vertical orientation, meaning you could have the screen wrap above your head, really getting you into the game. 

The Odyssey Ark also has the ability to split the screen into smaller sections, so you can have a game running across the bottom, with other “screens” showing a movie, or keeping a zoom session running while you game with friends.


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