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AC60 B80 Bluetti

Managing power needs while on the go can be a challenge. While there’s no shortage of portable power stations and power packs out there for your electronic devices, they have traditionally come with two problems: The ones that are smallest and most compact and portable don’t hold enough juice, wile those that offer a bigger power punch are usually too big, heavy and awkward to want to lug around. It’s a problem power innovators BLUETTI has been working to solve, and they’ve just announced a new product pair that is sure to be popular this summer in Canada.

We’d like to thank BLUETTI for their ongoing sponsorship of our website, since it helps us keep the lights on—literally and figuratively!
Beginning June 20, you can get your hands on the new BLUETTI AC60 and BLUETTI B80, the smallest solar generator with expandability.

What is BLUETTI AC60?

The BLUETTI AC60 is a solar generator with a 600W inverter and a 403Wh LFP battery that can connect to even more power by teaming up with the new BLUETTI B80 expansion battery (more on that coming up) for capacity boosting.

With a compact size (11.4 x 8.1 x 9.2 inches) and light weight (20.06 lbs), it is portable enough to carry easily.

With a robust seven outlets including two AC outputs, one USB-C port with that can power devices up to 100 W, one cigarette lighter port, two USB-A ports and a wireless charging pad, the AC60 can charge anything from smartphones, to batteries, laptops and even small heaters with ease.

Water and Dust-proof

When you’re off grid or out in nature, it almost doesn’t matter what size of portable power option you have it it can’t stand up to the weather.

The AC60 Bluetti has been upgraded over older models and now features dustproof construction and waterproof housing. In fact, BLUETTI AC60 is rated IP65 against water and dust ingression, making it a perfect power source for a beachside barbecue, backcountry campsite or a day at the lake.

Fast Silent Charging

BLUETTI has made recharging easy with four ways to power up: The AC60 supports a wall plug, car charger, solar panel and even generator re-charging.

Even with a fully zapped battery, the AC60 can still be your travel companion since it recharges quickly. With a 600W AC turbocharging, it takes just 40 minutes to recharge the AC60 from 0 to 80%.

AC60 B80 Bluetti Plus, since no one at the campsite wants to sit next to a noisy generator, BLUETTI’s engineers have designed a power solution that respects the silence of the great outdoors: AC60 operates quietly at 45 dB, or below 40dB when using its handy Silent Charging Mode, ideal in confined spaces like a small room or even a tent.

Smart Power-Saving

Sometimes we all forget, so BLUETTI has built in a feature that will automativally save your power if nothing is plugged in. Known as advanced ECO mode, the AC60 will automatically shut off to save power if no loads are connected.

For powering small loads, AC and DC outputs can be adjusted separately to 10-30W and 5-20W respectively on the BLUETTI App. That can reduce its self-consumption and keep it running for 1-4 hours. Plus, it has ultra low stand-by loss when not in use.

Easy Monitoring & Control

The key to creating a portable power station you want to bring along is to not only make it light and easy to move, but easy to use and understant too. Some portable power solutions seem to require a degree in advanced electronics, but not BLUETTI devices: The AC60 is both high-tech and user-friendly, with an intuitive colour LCD screen that shows battery percentage at a glance as well as charge/discharge time remaining, output/input power and other handy data. Plus, the BLUETTI App offers real-time monitoring and control from anywhere in case you need ongoing management.

What is the B80 Expansion Battery?

B80 battery is Designed to complement the AC60, it uses the same reliable LFP cells, the most stable and safest battery for energy storage that deliver over 3500 cycles, meaning your battery will have a good long life.

Two B80s, 806Wh each, can expand the capacity of AC60 to a maximum of 2,015Wh. The Bluetti B80 battery can also work as a stand-alone DC power source with three DC ports: a USB-A, a USB-C, and a car outlet. It can also be recharged on its own via its input ports or in connection with the AC60.

Reliable and Safe

AC60 B80 Bluetti As reliable and safe as the AC60 Blueeti, the B80 comes with an advanced battery management system to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit and other safety problems.

It’s 6-year warranty should also bring peace of mind.

Compact Size for Outdoor

The AC60 and B80 are each about as small as a shoebox, and carrying is made easy with the solid fold-down handle. Like the AC60, the B80 expansion battery is IP65 rated: weather-proof and ready for any outdoor activities.

Availability & Price

BLUETTI AC60 and B80 will be available on BLUETTI’s official website.  The  Bluetti AC60 has a special early bird price of $799. As a special bonus, TechGadgetsCanada readers can get an extra discount of $20 by using the code PRAC60 during the debut price period — June 21 to July 5.


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