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Tineco Pure One Air Pet reviewAnyone who has pets who shed (even just a little) knows that having a reliable, efficient vacuum in the house is a non-negotiable. Pet hair can get everywhere, and traditional or corded vacuums are big and can’t always get into smaller or awkward spaces. –or handle furniture. So does a vacuum specifically designed for pet hair really help? I’m going to find out.  In this review I’ll take a look at what you get with the Tineco Pure One Air Pet, how well it cleans, things like how loud it is and how well it converts from a stick vac to a handheld, plus if I can recommend it for you overall.

Tineco Pure One Air Pet


I think this is actually a very capable stick vacuum that gives you all the features you likely need in a cordless vacuum, at a great price point.


  • Light, easy to carry
  • Cleans well; good suction
  • LED light is handy
  • Stick vac or handheld
  • Freestanding base; no mounting
  • Useful attachments


  • Dustbin clogs when overfull
  • Dustbin is on small side
  • Battery life could be longer

What’s in the Box?

The Tineco Pure One Air Pet  comes with:

  • The main vacuum motor which has a flip-out bottom for emptying the dust bin
  • A freestanding charging base
  • And there’s the extension tube and three tools
  • Mini power brush
  • 2-in-1 dust brush
  • Crevice tool

The vacuum unit has an LED info screen which can show you basic info at a glance like battery life and if you’re in regular or Max power mode, as well as the dust sensor which can detect early clogs.

Anti-tangle brush

A very common issue with vacuums is hair getting trapped and wrapped around the brushes and it’s a pain to clean out. The Pure One Air Pet vacuum boasts its made with zero-tangle technology that eliminates this issue.

The supposedly tangle-free brush is made with a dual comb and V-shaped bristles to keep hair – both long and short – from getting stuck around the brush. This, in turn, allows you to collect more hair in the dustbin and also take less time cleaning or unwinding hair from the brush.

Tineco Pure One Air Pet review

Anti-tangle brush.

Right away I can tell you it works! After using it for about three weeks, I finally remembered I should check on this feature and flipped it over to find not a single hair; neither human nor pet was jammed in or wrapped around the brush. The small microfibre edging around the brush does helpfully trap other smaller hairs and the overall design of this motorized head completely kept hair from getting caught. I was extremely pleased

The overall suction power for this vacuum is about 16,000 pascals and 230 watts.

How well does Pure One Air Pet clean?

I used this vacuum on a variety of every day cleaning tasks and I also put it through some dedicated tests. Check out my review video to see it in action!

I use the same testing strategy with all the vacuums I test; I sprinkle things like finer flour, oats or rice, and bigger cracker pieces on both carpet and hard floors. Then I take a look at how much the vacuum is able to suck up.

Using it to clean the sofa of accumulated pet hair was one of my primary uses and it did quite a good job. Sometimes it can be hard to get wiry dog hair off of upholstery, but the Air Pet did an outstanding job.

On general vacuuming tasks it was similarly adept; I was able to vacuum my entire space; about 1000 ft.² on a single charge and I was able to pick up everything from dust and crumbs to dirt and small spills, not to mention pet hair.

Tineco Pure One Air Pet reviewIn my dedicated testing, I was surprised by how effective the Air Pet  was on both floors and carpets. ON floors it inhaled everything in one pass. It did struggle with large cracker pieces, and seemed to corral them but not pick them up. Based on the way it’s built, it looks like the motorized head is not really meant for huge chunks since it struggled to get them… and you should be picking those up anyway, or using one of the attachments instead like the crevice tool.

Similarly on carpet and rugs the Tineco Pure One Air Pet was able to suck up both finer and coarser debris in one swoop.

Many of us hate vacuuming because hauling out the vacuum, and messing with its parts can be a pain. So with a convertible vacuum the idea is to keep it simple to switch it up. In the case of the Tineco Pure One Air Pet, this vacuum is very versatile.

Stick vacuum or handheld

The Pure one air pet is versatile; you can use it with its extension attached for regular vacuuming, and it lays almost completely flat for getting under furniture… or just add any of the attachments to the motor for a portable hand-vac that’s great on upholstery or in a car or camper van.

Tineco Pure One Air Pet reviewThe weight of the vacuum is also good; at about 2 pounds with the extension and brush attached pounds it’s heavy enough to feel substantial and well balanced, but super light so it doesn’t feel like a chore to use it.

Locking trigger

The vacuum uses an on-off button under the handle, and I appreciate both the placement and the ability to lock it on to leave it running.

Some vacuums that use a trigger position for the power button force you to constantly hold it down while it’s running, which isn’t ideal. With this vacuum you can simply click the power on to do your cleaning and then click it off when you’re finished.

The mini power brush is perfect for upholstery (including in the car), while the 2-in-1 dust brush is great for windowsills and tight corners. The crevice tool is also extremely useful, as it can clean up debris between very tight spaces such as car seats and couch cushions.

LED light to shine the way

Tineco Pure One Air Pet reviewThere is a LED light on the main brush head, which helps you see exactly where you are cleaning and any obstacles that may be in the way. I actually quite like this feature and while it’s not the same as shooting lasers across the floor which vacuums like Dyson now include, it does give a bit of extra illumination so you can see if you’re missing anything.

Noise level

Compared to other vacuums, the Pure One Air Pet  vacuum is quiet, measuring 80 decibels or less when in use, according to Tineco.

While I don’t have a decibel metre to fact check this, I can say the vacuum is quite quiet when in use. It definitely doesn’t have any kind of roar and I honestly think someone could be napping in another room and not be woken up by using this vacuum.

Freestanding charging & storage base

The Tineco Pure One Air Pet’s charging base and stand is  freestanding, meaning you don’t meed to worry about mounting it, though it does need to be near a plug. It has a small clip where you slide the vacuum into place and this  holds it whether you have the stick attachment on or it’s handheld. The base is heavy to keep it from tipping or moving when you remove the vacuum, and it charges the battery too.

There’s also holders for the tools and accessories.

Tineco Pure One Air Pet review

Dustbin emptying

It may have been Dyson that first created the ‘point and shoot’ dust bin. The concept was revolutionary when it first came out; it eliminated the need for us to reach in and pull dust and hair out of the dust bin. With a point and shoot style dustbin, the bottom flips open and you can simply push the trigger lock to empty it out while holding it over a garbage can.

This might be the biggest downside of this vacuum. The latch doesn’t unlock well and you have to pull it open sometimes. Plus since there’s no level that helps push debris out, often it needs help to clear out all the dust and debris. While the roller brush is extremely adept at not getting hair tangled around it, the hair does end up in the bin, and I usually had to pull it all free.

Battery life & charging

This vacuum takes about 3 to 3 ½ hours to fully recharge. When in auto mode the run time is about 30 minutes. If you enable max power mode the runtime drops to 10 minutes.

Admittedly that’s not a lot, but because you will largely be leaving the vacuum on its charging base, you should always have access to a full battery. You can also buy extra batteries.

Overall review: Tineco Pure One Air Pet vacuum

Overall the Tineco Pure One Air Pet has been a handy vacuum around the house. It has surprisingly good suction, yet it operates on the quieter side, it picks up both finer and coarser messes, and it was so light weight it was easy to grab it and give the floors a quick once over any time. The attachments it comes with are useful and the free-standing charging stand is very convenient. It’s easy to empty, and I was able to regularly clean my whole main floor on one charge. The vacuum was also great at battling pet hair.

So what are the downsides? The battery life could be a bit longer at this price point, and maybe the dustbin could be a bit bigger, but that’s kind of nitpicky. The dustbin is also prone to clogging and you need to pull the junk out sometimes if you don’t empty it often.

I think this is actually a very capable stick vacuum that gives you all the features you likely need in a cordless vacuum, at a great price point.

The Tineco Pure One Air Pet Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner can be purchased on Tineco’s website or from Amazon.

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