Tineco Pure One S4 Mini smart handheld vacuum: Review


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I review a lot of vacuums. It’s actually a really popular review topic; from robot vacuums and mops, to cordless stick vacs, there’s lots to cover. One area I haven’t spent a lot of time yet is in mini or handheld vacuums, but that’s about to change since the Tineco Pure One Mini S4 arrived into my test kitchen.

This small, portable, rechargeable handheld vacuum is designed to be a handy go-anywhere vacuum for spills and dust. In this review, I’ll look at what it can do, how powerful it is, how well it cleans and what it’s good for, plus if you stick with me i’ll talk about the price and whether I can recommend it to you.

Tineco Pure One S4 Mini smart handheld vacuum: Review

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What’s in the box?

Tineco Pure One Mini S4:Inside the package you get just a couple of accessories. In addition to the small cylindrical vacuum, there’s a base and charging station which you can attach to a wall if you like. You also get two attachments: an upholstery nozzle, and a flip top crevice and brush tool. There’s also a hair and cleaning tool included.

Set up

Setting this vacuum up takes virtually no time at all; plug it in and let it get charged. When it’s ready, press the power button.

There’s an an additional Max button to add more power if you need it but the vacuum has just those two speeds: auto and max.

When the dustbin fills up, just lift the latch on the back of the handle and slide the dustbin forward, then dump it out.

The dustbin, like the vacuum is small, holding about 0.2 L or just over 3/4 cup and requires frequent emptying. There’s a metal mesh HEPA filter inside to trap smaller particles. Conveniently both the dustbin and the metal filter are washable

Power & suction

It goes without saying perhaps that this is not meant to be a powerful vacuum; it’s a handy vac meant for quick cleaning of small spills. With 90 watts of power it’s not a powerhouse, but it’s not supposed to be either.

To test this vacuum out I tried using it on a variety of things…

Tineco Pure One Mini S4:What is Tineco Pure One Mini S4 good for?

I used the Tineco Pure One Mini S4 for:
Cleaning my laptop keyboard
Dusting my desk
Cleaning baseboards
Vacuuming spilled rice in the kitchen
Vacuuming small areas in the car

Using Tineco Pure One Mini S4: how well does it clean?

The Mini is good at dusting, and easily and deftly handled leaves from a leftover flower arrangement on my desk, and tidied up my keyboard well. It was good at getting into smaller spaces like baseboards, andI noticed when using the vacuum that without the attachments, the half circle shaped nozzle isn’t ideal for a lot of spaces; it’s too wide, and awkwardly shaped.

With the extender on, it helps it become more nimble.

I also tried out the upholstery attachment and found it definitely helped pull in more pet hair. The small size of this vacuum also helped me easily get under and between the cushions. Even so it takes a few passes to suck it all in.

To check the suction power I devised a couple of tests. I used the Tineco Pure One Mini S4 to pick up flour, rice, crackers from both carpeted surfaces and hardwood.

It was surprisingly good, even on the lower setting, inhaling all the debris from the floors easily. Same deal on carpets, though the bigger pieces of cracker getting caught up in the fibres made it a little more work.

Tineco Pure One Mini S4:LED Loop

The Tineco Pure One Mini S4, like other Tineco vacuums uses a small LED light loop or the iLoop sensor that purports to show you when it’s cleaning dirtier areas.

As with my previous experience with this I think it’s a bit of an unnecessary marketing gimmick.

The light changes somewhat randomly… it’s supposed to turn red on dirtier areas to show you when it’s working harder. Mine changed kind of randomly, even when I wasn’t cleaning anything at all.

Battery life & runtime

With a full battery (and it comes in at 2,000mAh), and when used in Auto Mode, the Tineco Pure One Mini S4 should give you about 26 minutes of runtime. Using Max power cuts it to just 12 minutes. Clearly this vacuum is aimed at being a handy way to vacuum small accumulations, but not for bigger cleaning jobs.

A full charge takes about 3-4 hours. That’s a long time for the short runtime of the vacuum, in my opinion. The solution to this is to keep the vacuum stored in its charging cradle when not in use.

Noise level

This vacuum is definitely on the quieter side thanks to its small motor, so you could easily use it without being too disruptive.

Tineco Pure One Mini S4:Overall review: Tineco Pure One S4 Mini smart handheld vacuum

Overall I really like this little vacuum. It’s light but powerful, super portable and would be great for bringing in the van or RV, or even for cleaning out the tent at the end of a camping trip. It was handy in many situations around the house and it has really good suction for a vac this size.

Downsides? The battery life could be longer in my opinion, and it takes a while to charge, but if you keep it stored on its charging base this won’t be an issue. I also don’t find the iLoop sensor to be very valuable, but that’s okay because the machine does a great job – lights show no light show.

Overall I can recommend the Tineco Pure One Mini S4 for you. It sells for about $149 USD and $199CAD and you can get it from Tineco’s website or from Amazon.

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