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New Ring Battery Doorbell Plus


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Erin L

Erin L

ring video doorbell 2 review how toIt seems like Ring has a plethora of different video doorbells and one of the problems with a breadth of offerings that all seem kind of similar, is that it can be tough to know which one to choose and when it may be worth an upgrade. Now that Ring has announced the launch of its new Battery Doorbell Plus, which promises to address some of the problems with its existing doorbell line, is it a good time to take a look at a new Ring doorbell battery, or to opt into the video doorbell market for the first time? This version is Ring’s first battery-powered doorbell that offers better viewing angles and advanced detection features in one.

While Ring all but invented video doorbells, it has faced tough competition from other companies with better video quality and viewing angles, as well as improved detection of and notifications for things like animals and vehicles. The Ring Pro 2 has been Ring’s best selling doorbell so far, (it’s hard-wired) but the new Battery Doorbell Plus aims to change that with its 1:1 square aspect ratio which lets you better see the ground to view packages and deliveries thanks to its 150-degree by 150-degree field of view. With a smidge better video resolution too at 1536p HD these improvements make it comparable to the Ring Pro 2, but at a lower cost of $179.99, versus $250 for the Pro 2. Also a potentially worthy upgrade: Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is expected to provide battery life that is up to three times better than Ring’s first Video Doorbell, thanks not to a new or more powerful battery, but to to software tweaks that can dial back power consumption by using smarter recognition features like Advanced Motion Detection, Motion Zones, and People Only Mode.

The new square aspect ratio of the Battery Doorbell Plus provides a more head-to-toe view of your visitors and packages on the doorstep, which is an improvement on the standard 16:9 aspect ratio used by almost all of Ring’s other battery-powered doorbell cameras, which gives you a wider view that can be useful but does clip out the ability to see anything that’s been placed on the ground. The video quality, as I noted earlier has also been enhanced to 1536p HD, which is a significant improvement over the 1080p used by Ring’s other battery-powered bells. This improved video quality matches that of the Ring Pro 2, which is known for its high video quality among video doorbells.

You’ll soon say adios to Ring’s Video Doorbell 3 with the Battery Doorbell Plus replacing it in the product lineup. The Video Doorbell Wired at $65 and the Ring Video Doorbell at $99 with a built-in battery will remain in the lower end of the product line, packaging simpler features at that lower price point.

The Battery Doorbell Plus includes features common to all of Ring’s cameras, such as free motion detection and privacy zones, Quick Replies (preset responses to visitors), Alexa compatibility, live view, and two-way talk. It can also be hardwired to trickle charge the battery and to work with an existing indoor doorbell chime. However, a Ring Protect subscription is required for cloud storage of recorded video, package alerts, rich notifications, and People Only Mode.

Overall, the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is a promising new addition to Ring’s doorbell line, with improved video quality, a wider field of view, and an aspect ratio that shows visitors head-to-toe, plus those tweaks to battery life could mean you only need to recharge it a couple times a year, instead of about every 3-4 months currently. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up against other video doorbells in the market once it starts shipping on April 5th.

Erin L

Erin L

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