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deebot, ecovacs, t8, AIVI, review, how toI’ve had the opportunity to test a lot of robot vacuums and even some robot mops. But until now, I’ve never had an opportunity to test one like the DEEBOT T8 AVI from ECOVACS. With OZMO mopping technology, this robot vacuums and mops all at once, and it’s smart enough to avoid carpets while mopping! Now that is an enticing prospect, and I’d like to thank ECOVACS for bringing it to my attention and sponsoring this video. Their support helps me keep the blog and YouTube channel running.


The T8 AIVI is an AI-driven robot vacuum and mop, controlled by an app on your phone. It has smart mapping, so it learns your home’s layout for smarter, faster and more efficient cleaning. It’s also got a camera and sensors on board that help it identify and avoid objects in its way, but the camera also provides a live stream to your phone so you can monitor your home from anywhere to check in on your pets, or see if you left an appliance on or a window open. It also can be controlled via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for easy and hands-free voice control.

See exactly how well it works by watching the video review: cleaning in action!

DEEBOT T8 AIVI : What’s in the Box?

In the box you get the T8 AIVI robot, a base station and power cord, two sets of edge brushes; one for the device and a spare set, some disposable mopping pads, a reusable mopping pad and an extra filter.

How to set up DEEBOT T8 AIVI

Setting the device up was quite straightforward. Plug in the base station and connect the T8 AIVI. Turn it on using the switch inside. Then download the ECOVACS Home app on iOS or on Google Play. It will help you through the rest of the steps; essentially connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi.

Mine was ready to go in minutes. You may need to let it charge fully before your first use.

When you’re ready, fill the water reservoir with water. Filtered water is recommended to help avoid any hard water buildup. You don’t even need to add cleaner!

ECOVACS, deebot, t8, aivi, robot, vacuum, mop, in one, reviewGet easy App Control

App connectivity lets you take control of your cleaning schedule and monitor your home from the palm of your hand. It essentially means you can clean your home from anywhere, anytime. Just hit the button!

Schedule cleanings in the app

You can also simply schedule a clean when you’re away and let your robot take care of any messes while you’re away.

T8 AIVI Features

Vacuum and mopping in one

You might be wondering how this machine can both vacuum and mop, and how it knows what to do—and when.

With OZMO mopping technology, ECOVACS patented 2-in-1 vacuuming /mopping invention, your home cleaning experience is significantly streamlined. For many of us, both vacuuming and mopping is a tedious task – a 2-in-1 solution like the T8 AIVI saves time, money, and effort, keeping your floors exceptionally clean, while also removing the need to store additional cleaning supplies or purchase multiple cleaning tools.

The T8 AIVI has an array of high-tech sensors which help it navigate, plus a real time video camera that can help you clean stains, spills, dirt and debris. The T8 AIVI roller brush combined with dual side brushes attack everything from dust to large debris, for an effective clean.

How well does the T8 AIVI clean?

ECOVACS, deebot, t8, aivi, robot, vacuum, mop, in one, review

The robot has powerful suction thanks to its top of the line engine. And you don’t have to worry about dust and allergens escaping, since the high efficiency 3-layer dust filtration system filters out 99% of tiny particle matter.

With all that power, you might think it’s noisy. Not so. The T8 AIVI has a surprisingly low noise level.

Mopping quality: T8 AIVI

When it comes to mopping the T8 AIVI is designed to to give your floors a light, regular wipe-down.

The T8 AIVI saturates the mopping pad with water and then gives your floor the once-over. I saw no flooding and no streaks.

With a robot mop, you’ll likely wonder what happens with carpet. After all you don’t want your robot soaking the rugs instead of sweeping them. T8 AIVI has Carpet Detection Technology. This means the mopping feature recognizes carpets, plus it also allows the robot to automatically increase suction power on floors for a better, deeper clean.

deebot, ecovacs, t8, AIVI, review, how toAIVI technology means your robot finds more dirt, and gets stuck less  

One of the downsides of robot mops and vacuums can be how often they get stuck. If they’re not smart enough to see around obstacles, they get caught up in them. The T8 AIVI uses AI-driven technology to recognize  7 obstacles—anything from shoes, to charging cables, socks or clothes and even, U-shaped chairs and small floor mats— and it avoids them so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck.

The T8 AIVI is able to learn from its surroundings and adjust its cleaning schedule as needed, with a map created after each cleaning.

A report shows how many times the T8 AIVI avoided an object, and you can create Virtual Boundaries to make sure the robot only cleans where you want it too. With the data collected, the T8 AIVI can adapt to home environments and better optimize how it cleans.

See your home with T8 AIVI Video Manager: home security on wheels!

deebot, ecovacs, t8, AIVI, review, how toWhat if you knew what your kids or the dog was up to, and exactly what kinds of messes they were making, and you could clean it up without even getting up?

That’s the proposition behind the T8 AIVI’s Video Butler feature. This futuristic technology allows you to direct the robot to any spot in your home, sees what’s there in real time, all thanks to live streaming video. You can use it to check on pets or monitor for a loud noise or any type of disruption for additional peace of mind at home.

Privacy features enabled

Concerned about privacy? ECOVACS encrypts your data and the video is not stored in the cloud. Plus the video stream is password-protected.

What is TrueMapping technology?

deebot, ecovacs, t8, AIVI, review, how toTo get the best, deepest and most efficient clean in your house, the T8 AVI has technology that allows it to map your home – their TrueMapping technology uses aerospace level object detection, so it ‘sees’ twice as far as previous versions and have four times better object detection. It can see ahead up to an astonishing 10 meters and objects as small as two millimeters can be detected.

With Multi-floor Mapping Technology your T8 AIVI can remember up to 3 floor plans too, meaning you can use it everywhere, on multiple levels of your home.

And even better, it can automatically detect and choose the right map for the floor for more efficient cleaning.

Stair safety & anti-collision

Don’t worry about your robot falling down stairs. The T8 AIVI has sensors and a drop-off detection feature to avoid any drop-offs and will safely reverse away.

Battery Life of T8 AIVI

With 5200mAh built-in li-ion battery and optimized energy consumption system, T8 AIVI can clean up to 3+ hours in one charge. And because it’s smart, when the battery runs low, T8 AIVI will automatically return to its Dock Station to charge, all by itself, then resume its clean later, right where it left off.

Need a deeper clean? Use Max+ Mode

Max+ Mode can be used when you need an intense deep clean. It supercharges the suction power to better handle very dirty floors.

deebot, ecovacs, t8, AIVI, review, how toT8 AIVI Works with Google and Alexa

Experience convenient, hands-free control of your robot vacuum-mop. If you are a Google Home or Amazon Echo user, you can link your smart home devices to your robot, and tell it when and how to start cleaning.

Overall thoughts on  DEEBOT T8 AVI

Overall there is a lot in this machine and there’s a lot to love in my opinion. For starters you get both a mop and a vacuum in one, which if you’ve been shopping around you know can be expensive to purchase separately.

The T8 AIVI knows what type of floor it’s running on and will mop, sweep, or vacuum depending on what’s needed – and I’m a fan of that because it means no soggy carpets. It’s also significantly quieter than most of the other robot vacuums I’ve tried.

This unit sells for about $799 US and it’s available from ECOVACS website and Amazon.

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