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Valencia Home Theatre Manhattan chair


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Erin L

Erin L

valencia home theatre, chair, manhattan, recliner, review

They say that less is more, in life and when it comes to design. That’s how Valencia describes their Manhattan chair – functional and comfortable seating with a minimalist design.

Trying out Valencia Home Theatre recliner: Manhattan

When the untrained eye looks at home design, we tend to focus on the details of decoration and color. We rarely notice the pivotal role that seating can take it bringing together design and functionality.

The Manhattan by Valencia is made to be both chic and comfortable—perfect for a home in the “urban jungle”, but since each chair is built by commission, you can personalize it to reflect your design preferences and existing spaces.

Best of all, some hidden features make it more than just an aesthetically pleasing chair. It will likely become your favorite chair in the house; every detail serves a purpose.

In this article, I will review the Manhattan chair by Valencia, describing the experience from the moment it arrives to your door to the moment you begin to examine the craftsmanship close-up. I’d also like to thank Valencia Home Theatre for being a great, long term sponsor of the blog and YouTube channel.

Preparing for Arrival

Before your Manhattan chair arrives, you want to make sure you have prepared the perfect spot for it. It’s as much eye catching,  as it is functional and comfortable, so I suggest finding a place for it that will show off the tilted block upholstery design on the sides.

Remember that the Manhattan also as a reclining feature, so it needs to have free space in front of the chair  for the footrest to pop out. You do not need to leave too much space behind the chair for when the backrest reclines. That’s because the high-quality design of the Manhattan shifts the seat forward together with the footrest so that the back reclines without going past the wooden frame detail.

valencia home theatre, chair, manhattan, recliner, review

Eye-catching side upholstery.

The dimensions of the Manhattan chair when reclined are as follows:

  • From the tip of the footrest to the back of the chair: 62 ½ inches
  • From the bottom of the chair to the top of the backrest: 39 inches
  • Width, including the wooden armrests: 34 ½ inches

valencia home theatre, chair, manhattan, recliner, review

Valencia Home Theatre: Manhattan Model Features

Solid Wood Accents

Solid wood accents frame the cushioned design on the sides of the seating. The wooden frames also serve as the arm rests.

While it would be pretty convenient to set a drink on here, those of you with pets know those powerful tails will wipe it away, so the fact the designers have thought to still include a cup holder here means your drinks stay safely where they belong.

valencia home theatre, chair, manhattan, recliner, review

Motorized Reclining

This is perhaps one of the biggest hidden secrets of the Manhattan chair. Tucked below the wooden armrest you’ll find a sleek pair of buttons that allows you to control the tilt feature. The motor is virtually silent.

Most recliners out there on the market look pretty much the same. They are large, a bit bulky, and upholstered with the same color fabric all over.

The Manhattan is a game-changer as far as recliners go. The footrest tucks smoothly below the seat and the mechanism that controls the back rest isn’t visible. When you push the button for the chair to recline, the footrest seems to pop out of nowhere. Simultaneously, the backrest reclines to about 135 degrees to a relaxing position.

There’s also a USB plug built into the tiny control panel so you can charge up while you surf the web and relax.

valencia home theatre, chair, manhattan, recliner, reviewErgonomic Design

Valencia didn’t compromise on comfort with its clean design. The seating cushions are made of dual density ergonomic foam on both the seat and the back, providing a soft yet supportive place to sit and proper lumbar support in both the upright and reclining positions.


The Manhattan chair is one of the chairs available in the Performance Series seating. This means that each Manhattan chair is built to order and made just for you. This also allows you to include the details you want – from altering chair dimension to changing the tint of the wood or the color of the upholstery. You can basically order a one of a kind chair made just for you!

valencia home theatre, chair, manhattan, recliner, review

If you are looking for a functional piece with a clean design and ergonomic comfort, the Manhattan is a great option.

Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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