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Vitapod, vitamin, water, drink, machine, review

Bored with plain water, but don’t need the added chemicals and sugar that sodas or sports drinks bring? Need hydration but don’t like the artificial colours and weird flavours of something like Gatorade? You could turn to powdered drink mixes, but those can be messy and end up clumped in the bottom of your glass. The Vitapod drink system promises a new way to get your vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids while enjoying a cool, delicious drink that they say is healthier than water.

Vitapod review: hands-on testing & tasting

In this review, I’ll take a look at how the machine works, what it can do, the drinks and options available and how they taste. Stick with me and we’ll also talk prices and if I think it’s a good investment for you.

What is Vitapod?

The Vitapod system combines many features you might expect to see in other kitchen appliances, but here, they’re all in one unit. It’s a filter, chiller and mixer.

You place it on your countertop, plug it in, fill the reservoir with about three litres of water, which enough for six full-sized drinks. Using Vitapod’s special pods, the machine will mix water with the contents of the pod, mix it up so there’s no powder residue, then pour it into a glass. The holding tank for the water is insulated, has chilling properties and can take ice cubes too for colder water. There’s also a built in water filter.

Vitapod, vitamin, water, drink, machine, review How Vitapod Works

The Vitapod releases the pod’s contents into the clear mixing chamber, where the contents are mixed by blades moving at 690 RPM so there’s no clumps or residues.

Vitapod, vitamin, water, drink, machine, reviewVitapod water filtration

The machine filters out impurities in the water while it’s creating your drink by passing the water through the 0.5-micron carbon filter.

With most filters, the water passes through only once, but Vitapod says it passes it through multiple times, meaning less chance of things like microplastics, chlorine, or toxins ending up in your drink. Vitapod says their filter will give you ten times the filtration as the market-leading filter system.

How does the filtered water taste on its own? It’s pretty good, almost as well filtered as my reverse osmosis system’s water. Vitapod has a built in cooler that will cool the water to the optimal temperature for drinking which is about 10-15C, and that, says Vitapod will speed up the absorption process within the body, so you’ll gain the benefits of the vitamins and hydration more quickly.

Vitapod says it “cools” the water: my experience: not so much…

I have to say I was expecting chilled or cold water and that’s definitely not what you get; it’s more temperate and I’d say it gets only halfhearted applause for calling it “cooled”.  I’d run the cooling for up to an hour and the water never got truly cool or cold; in my tests it stuck at about 20c or 69F. And the cooling motor by the way kicks out very warm air and makes a good amount of noise, so given the lacklustre results I kept it off after that.

Vitapod, vitamin, water, drink, machine, review

A look inside the water filtration/cooling tank

You can also, says Vitapod, add ice to the tank and the thick insulated tank should stay cold. Except an hour after I added three giant ice cubes, they were all melted, and the water still wasn’t cold, so it seems to me this container is not preserving much in the way of cold temperatures.

One last note on the tank; it’s got a handle so you can carry it to the sink more easily.

Vitapod makes different drink sizes, flavours

With the Vitapod, you can customize the size of your drink, from 3.5 ounces (88ml) to 8 ounces(236ml), or a full 16.9-ounce drink(500ml), just by pushing the button

Vitapod says it’s worked with scientists and doctors to create pods that provide the nutrients most commonly found to be lacking in our diets.

Vitapod offers a Hydra+ hydration range, as well as an Enriched+ that leans more towards antioxidants and both also provides vitamins and minerals.

Vitapod, vitamin, water, drink, machine, reviewThe Vitapod system aims to provide Vitamin A, C, D, and E and potassium, magnesium, calcium, and polyphenols. They’ve also added flavonoids or antioxidants. Eating fruit and vegetables provides around 50mg of flavonoids, while we should consume about 400 to 500. Vitapods provide up to 370mg, depending on the pod.

No added sugars, but Vitapod drinks do have sweetener

Sodas and powered mixes often contain sugars or artificial flavours and sweeteners. Vitapod drinks have neither of these, and are low in sodium.

I will say these are not unsweetened though. And for me this was a biggie. All the drink mix samples I tested have some kind of sweetener in them; in this case it’s stevia, and in my opinion it was way too sweet and syrupy for me, and tasted a bit chemically. I shared the drink mixes around with some others to taste and we were about an even split on whether the drinks were great as-is or too syrupy tasting.

Vitapod’s team responded to my opinion by suggesting I could double the amount of water for each drink to cut the sweetness, so I took to making my pods in a pitcher and I will say that did help; less sweet yes, but naturally some of the flavour is also lost. It does have the added benefit of meaning I get twice as much drink out of each pod, so yay for me!

Vitapod, vitamin, water, drink, machine, reviewThat’s when I got to thinking about what Vitapod is trying to do here; this is not really a machine that will make infused water. Instead think of it as a sports or hydration drink maker, but with none of the garbage that something like Gatorade has in it. It’s too sweet to be infused water, but too natural tasting to be Gatorade, if that makes sense.

Overall review: Vitapod drink machine pros and cons

Vitapod claims their drinks are “healthier than water”, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is the machine removing harmful impurities from your drinking water with the filter, but the pods are also providing vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, and flavonoids that water doesn’t have.

Vitapod Pods cost about $1.16 USD each and are sold in 30-packs for $35. Each one will make a 16oz drink, and if you’re like me and want it a little less intense, you’re actually getting 32 oz for that same price.

Overall Vitapod is easy to use, and it has a good range of flavours and health and wellness options. It has an insulated water tank so it won’t get too warm and it makes drinks pretty fast.

Vitapod, vitamin, water, drink, machine, reviewDownsides? I found the drinks in their regular 16 oz form to be too sweet for me but my husband and friends are about 50-50 on whether they’re too sweet or just right. I didn’t find the chilling to be very effective unless I added ice cubes to the tank. The machine is also quite large so it will take up a substantial footprint on your counter, and you need to wipe it clean frequently since there’s definitely overspray.

If you’re the type who drinks Gatorade or supplement shakes non-stop, this machine is made for you. With more natural flavours and appealing taste combinations, it’s a way better option than that. If you’re just looking for unsweetened or infused water beverages, this is not the machine you’re looking for. But I’m hopeful Vitapod will be coming out with some of those options in the future.

Vitapod sells for about $199 USD from the company’s website. Pods cost about $1.16 USD each and are sold in 30-packs for $35.


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