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If you’re considering an external streaming device you might be wondering what there really is to watch out there. After all, don’t you just have to pay extra to get the stuff you really want? Not necessarily. When it comes to Roku streaming devices, there’s lots of content to watch—everything from blockbuster Hollywood movies to new and vintage TV shows and of course all the goodness of YouTube. And while it has some of the most popular paid channels, there’s also plenty to watch that won’t cost a thing.

We’ll take a look at what you can watch on a Roku streaming device like the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Premier or Roku Express and I’d like to thank Roku for sponsoring this post. Their sponsorship helps me keep the blog and YouTube channel running and truthfully I’ve long been a fan of these devices. The wide array of content is just one reason.

What to watch on Roku? How to add channels

First thing’s first… how do you add channels on Roku?

To add a channel press the Home button then select Streaming Channels from the list on the left. You can also Search for the channel you want.

Surf through the available channels then click on the one you want and choose Add Channel.

Roku tv, streaming, review, how to what to watch, content

What Can I watch on Roku?

Watch Prime Video, YouTube & Netflix

Whether you have a Roku TV like the Hisense Roku TV here, or you’re using an external Roku streamer, you’ll have access to an array of channels or apps. Of course you get the ones you expect like streaming giants Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and the content-rich and free to watch YouTube. You also get the Roku Channel.

Watch The Roku Channel

Comedies, award-winners, cult classics and more. You can stream hundreds of free movies by accessing the Roku Channel. There’s pages and pages of shows and movies to choose from, and the content is constantly being updated.

Roku tv, streaming, review, how to what to watch, content

Get the newest hit channels: Apple TV and Disney+

Apple TV and Disney+ are now part of your Roku world! When it comes to Disney+, subscribe and stream movies and TV series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic directly on supported Roku devices like the Streaming Stick, Express or Premier.
You can try Disney+ free for a week to see if you like it. After that, it’s just $8.99/month.

Disney+ allows you to stream ad-free and on-demand on up to four devices simultaneously and add up to seven individual profiles. The curated experience also offers personalized recommendations based on your viewing history.

With Apple TV you can set up a new account to access Apple’s huge array of content or you can log into your existing Apple TV account on your Roku device to get all the same stuff you were getting on your dedicated Apple TV—without the price tag of buying another one! You can browse, buy or rent more than 100,000 movies and TV shows, and buy individual episodes or whole TV seasons.


Apple’s new monthly subscription channel Apple TV + is also available on Roku devices. This channel adds exclusive shows, movies and documentaries from Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, and more. Apple TV+ costs $4.99 per month but you can test it out thanks to a seven-day free trial.

Watch CBS All Access, Sky News, HappyKids.TV, Cineplex, Google Play

Want more channels? You’ve got it. Roku streamers and TV sets have dozens of channels or apps so you can find exactly the content and channels you want. The list keeps growing, so check out the Roku Channel Store to see all the new and current channels.

Roku tv, streaming, review, how to what to watch, contentWatch Sports & Weather

Did you know you can watch the Weather Network on Roku streaming devices and TVs? Or the NHL channel, NBA, MLB, soccer and UFC? There’s dozens of sports channels available using your Roku TV or streamer, so whichever is your favourite, you’ve got a way to watch all the action.

Listen to Music with Spotify

Sometimes you just want to listen. With Spotify on Roku you can tee up your playlists and surf all kinds of music, right on your TV.

Roku tv, streaming, review, how to what to watch, contentDoes Roku have Canadian TV content too?

If you’re reluctant to cut the cord to your cable provider because you want local content, you can still get it using a Roku streamer. You can access a lot of Canadian TV on the Apple TV app on Roku, or try the Global TV app. Many favourite shows are available to watch free for a week after they first air. Or get a free one week trial to see the depth of content from Global.

Wow… that’s a lot of content. Roku devices can give you access to a world of TV, movies and streaming content or online videos for a fraction of the price of other streamers. With both free and paid channels and apps, you’re bound to always find something on your Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Premier or Roku Express.


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