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Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS electric range reviewIt can be intimidating to purchase large appliances. For starters, most of us will probably only buy a few in our lifetimes, so as it’s not something that most of us are used to doing. If you need to buy a large appliance, odds are the features, options, and technology have changed. It’s also tricky to compare models and features, since you can’t easily buy one, try it out and return it if you decide you don’t like it. That’s where reviews are a game-changer and can help you navigate these big expensive purchases, like the one I put in after my kitchen renovation; the Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS electric range. This slide-in range has a ceramic top with 5 burners, and a convection oven.

Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS electric range review

Why choose an electric range?

Ranges come in two styles, gas and electric. While each has its benefits, electric stoves are excellent for many reasons. They’re generally less expensive to purchase and much easier to have installed. Provided you have the needed amount of space already clear, odds are good that your kitchen already has a 220-volt plug. Once the range is in position and plugged in, you’re pretty much ready to go.
Electric ranges are also much easier to deal with in terms of not worrying about lighting them and having potential issues with gas in the house.

Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS electric range reviewWhy choose a Ceramic Glass cooktop?

Ceramic glass top ranges are by far the flattest surfaces to cook on— and easiest to clean. We didn’t opt for induction here, mainly because we didn’t want to get all new cookware. I’ve had an electric stove all my life, and a ceramic cooktop before this, and we’ve always been happy with it.
A ceramic cooktop has a perfectly flat surface, allowing you to place pots and pans on without them toppling over.

Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS: Different burner options

FlexHeat Triple Radiant Element

A big issue for standard ranges is matching the element’s size with the size of your pots and pans. Using too large of a pan on a small burner makes for inefficient heating, and you’ll struggle to keep the entire dish heating evenly. Conversely, a small pot on a large burner creates the danger of burning yourself while handling and the risk of overheating your meal.

The FlexHeat triple radiant element can be set to 6,9, or 12 inches, allowing you to choose the size that fits whichever pan or pot you’re using, ensuring perfect conditions every time. It’s a brilliant idea that home cooks everywhere will appreciate.

This range has several options for burners; and each of the 4 main burners is adjustable when it comes to cooking surface size; simply swapping which way you turn the dial will change the heating element size, and there are options for pretty much all the pots and pans we have. A warming area in the centre back also means there’s a place to hold food at temperature without overcooking.

Melt setting

Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS electric range reviewThe back left burner also has what’s called a Melt setting which lets you do things like melt chocolate without danger of burning too. This burner does have a really great low setting that does work for melting baking supplies. The burners do seem to heat up a bit on the slow side, depending on the setting and what you’re heating, but it’s not an impediment. Conversely, it can take a bit to make adjustments and have them take hold; not a problem if you’re boiling water but cooking an omelette can be a challenge to get it to the right temp to cook it without browning it.

The ceramic cooktop doesn’t cool super quickly, but a small LED light will illuminate when your surface is still hot.

Cleaning ceramic is a challenge

One last note on the ceramic cooktop; they are easy to clean but hard to get pristine. You need special cleaners for ceramics to keep from scratching it up, and I can never get it as clean and new-looking as our cleaning lady does.

Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS electric range reviewKnob placement

The knobs on the stove are on the top of the range, which is a great placement as far as I’m concerned. We looked at a few with knobs that were on the front, and when we were playing with them in the story it seemed dangerously like leaning into them would accidentally turn them on or change the setting, so this placement is actually really good, easy to adjust and doesn’t get in the way.

The knobs pop off for easy cleaning underneath. Speaking of cleaning, the oven has a recessed panel where the controls are visible and it’s forever catching crumbs and spatters, and getting all the gritty bits out is a constant cleaning challenge.

Oven configuration: Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS

One of the reasons I love this oven is that it’s big and a lot of its space is devoted to cooking space.

The Whirpool range YWEE-745-H0FS electric range has three racks for baking and roasting, that can be adjusted to six positions. One of the racks is a narrower and deeper rack called a Max Capacity Rack; this essentially lets you place the rack near the bottom, but gives you room to get bigger roasts in, like a big turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS electric range reviewBottom drawer: hot but tiny!

The downside of all that cooking room is that the storage drawer underneath is small; at just 3-inches deep, it really only fits a few cookie sheets and some racks; you’re not going to be able to store pots and pans in here.

Though the manual doesn’t say, and there’s no controls for it, some refer to these drawers as warming drawers and indeed the drawer does get hot; to the point it can sometimes he slightly hazardous to pull a cookie sheet out from the drawer if the oven’s been on.

Special features:True Convection Cooking

Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS electric range review

Bottom drawer is just 3-inches deep.

The key feature of this oven is its convection cooking. Convection of in this Whirlpool “True Convection cooking” uses circulating air from a fan to distribute heat more thoroughly and create a more even cooking area; this makes it great for baking. Convection ovens also tend to cook food faster than a regular oven, so if you’re new to this technology, it helps to lower cooking times until you get used to your oven.

Temperature Sensor & auto adjustment

The worst part of baking is not knowing exactly how long to set foods for and the fear that you’ll over or undercook the food. Technology has come to the rescue with built-in sensors to monitor the temperature and adjust the temperature in the oven for you to ensure a great bake every time. The Whirlpool will constantly monitor and adjust the heating elements on and off inside to keep the oven at a constant temperature, meaning even if you need to open the door, your oven should get back to temperature quickly. Mine seems to manage this quite well.

Convection Conversion

Those who have convection ovens or air fryers know all too well the constant confusion with times and temperatures for cooking. Because convection ovens work faster, there’s a need to figure out how to convert a recipe or food instruction to the correct convection setting.

The Whirlpool YWEE745H0FS has programming to handle this for you, automatically doing those conversions for you. I like to be a hands-on baker, so I tend not to reply on this stuff.

Frozen Bake Technology

Also in the tech helper category, the Whirlpool YWEE745H0FS uses “Frozen Bake technology,” which means it cooks frozen foods faster by eliminating the need to preheat the oven. You choose the food type and enter the temperature and the cooking time from the package, and the oven will take care of the rest. It’s said to cook frozen pizza 31% faster, and other frozen favorites like lasagna, chicken nuggets, fries, and pies take less time to prepare. This is another feature that Whirlpool will try to sell you on, but if you ask me, it’s not necessary, so I never use it.

Delay setting

Like most ovens out there you can set the oven to come on at a delay; great if you’re going to be out and want to come home to a preheated oven, or to start your food ahead of time. The delay setting here is easy to program and easy to use, and you can also set when it shuts off too, if you need to.

Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS: lots of fan noise

One of the biggest annoyances with this oven is the fan. After you’ve shut the oven off, the fan will run, sometimes for over an hour and while it’s not loud, it sounds just like the fan does while it’s baking, so I’m forever checking if the elements are actually off or not.

Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS electric range review

After the self cleaning cycle

AquaLift® Self-Cleaning Technology: it’s a sad steam bath

One of the struggles of owning an oven is that eventually, you’ll need to clean it. That process has traditionally been a day-long effort, filled with scouring products and creams and headache-inducing smells. It also means your oven and almost certainly your kitchen will grow increasingly hot during the day. Whirlpool has invented AquaLift® self-cleaning technology, which they claim will deliver odour-free oven cleaning without chemicals in less than an hour. You pour about 16 ounces of water into the bottom of the oven and hit the 40 minute cleaning cycle.

Calling this a cleaning cycle is a bit of a misnomer if you ask me; this really just heats the water to create a bit of a steam bath, which any of us could do with any range out there. While it does effectively soak off any dried on stuff in the bottom, you’ve now got to get all that water out of the bottom. Plus, it does nothing for the sides, or the door, which still need scrubbing and probably oven cleaner if you want it to look like new.

If anything, since this doesn’t have a traditional high heat long clean options, your cleaning options are a little inferior on this oven if you want my opinion.

Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS also has a Sabbath mode if you need that, and a timer and clock which are both easy to set. I will sat the timer doesn’t keep alerting you ???

Overall review: Whirlpool YWEE-745-H0FS

Overall I’d say we’ve been pretty happy with this range. On the plus side, it’s versatile and there are lot of options for cooking and baking. I feel it cooks food both in the oven and on the stove top very well.

Its biggest downsides are that the fan runs for way too long after you’re done, and the oven drawer is really too small for storage. The burners also have a bit of a delay before your heat setting adjusts, but that’s not unusual for electric ranges; if you’re looking for exacting precision, gas is the way to go for you. The self cleaning feature is also lacking big time.

Even so, I can recommend the Whirlpool YWEE745H0FS if you’re looking for a slide-in, ceramic top convection range. It sells for about $1500CAD, though it may now be discontinued.

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