Why get an Amazon Echo smart speaker? 15 things you can do with Alexa


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amazon echo show 10, why get an amazone echo, is it worth it? What can Alexa do?

If you’ve been wondering when your robot butler is getting here, the answer is … now.

Thanks for smart digital assistants like Amazon Alexa found on Echo smart speakers and screens, we can control our smart homes, get answers to questions, planning our schedule and even guidance and advice with the cooking.

Why do I need an Amazon Echo? Is Echo worth it?

If you’re new to one of these devices you’re probably wondering about what they can really do and if they’re worth it. In this post we’ll take a deeper look at 15 of the most amazing things Alexa can do on an Amazon Echo device.

15 things you can do with Alexa

  1. Use Alexa to Make phone or video calls:  Alexa’s voice control function means you can ask her to call your friends or family and have them on speakerphone while you tidy up or just relax on the couch. She can choose from your synced contacts or even search for the number of a restaurant and you can call to make a reservation.
  2. How to use Alexa to Control your smart home: From turning on your lights (and changing the color if that’s your thing) to closing your garage door,  connecting an Echo to your smart home devices means you can ask Alexa to do just about anything. With Nest smart thermostats, you can get her to change the temperature when you need and you can even get her cleaning up by syncing your robot vacuum! Then all you have to do is ask…
  3. Get cooking ideas and tips:  No, Alexa can’t actually cook for you (yet), but she definitely makes cooking easier and less stressful. By suggesting recipes or allowing you to search for ideas, she can suggest ideas and direct you to some of the best cooking pages on the internet in a flash.
  4. Do conversions:  Speaking of cooking, make baking easier by asking Alexa for recipe and measurement conversions: “Just say, how many tablespoons of butter in a quarter-cup?”. Or how many centimeters in a metre.
  5. Play music: Set the mood with some smooth jazz or get pumped up for the gym with some pop – whatever music you’re into it’s easy to listen with Alexa’s voice control function, which allows you to access Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more. Connect your preferred music service inside the Alexa app and then when you ask for a song, genre, album or playlist, Alexa will deliver.
  6. Set a timer or alarm:  Never be late again by putting Alexa in charge of your alarms. You can also set multiple timers and ask her how much time is remaining.
  7. Get the news, traffic & weather:  By asking “what’s the news” you can get what’s called a Flash Briefing. This function can be customized to include the news sources you want to hear from and give you updates on traffic too to make your commute much easier.  Want the weather? Just ask for the current temperature or the forecast.
  8. Watch TV & videos:Did you know you can watch some TV on your Echo device with a screen? Alexa makes movie night much easier by connecting with your Amazon Prime, and Netflix accounts. She can also suggest movie recommendations for families who find it hard to choose!
  9. Search the web: Whatever you need to know, you can ask Alexa to search Google for it and have the answer within seconds.
  10. Set reminders:  Never forget to send a birthday card or pay a bill again by asking Alexa to set recurring reminders for those important things that sometimes slip our minds.
  11. Order from Amazon:  Getting your Amazon purchases couldn’t be simpler: just ask Alexa for what you need and she’ll present you with a list of options and prices. Pick what you want, confirm the order and it’ll be there ASAP.
  12. Use it as an intercom:  If you have more than one Echo device in your home, the Drop In feature lets you communicate with other members of your household and even make announcements… Did someone say “Dinner time!”
  13. Entertain the kids:  Alexa can keep the kids happy for hours on end with the Echo’s built-in games, trivia, Q&A, fun facts and more..
  14. Manage your schedule: Link your compatible calendar app with the Echo and Alexa can start making appointments and managing your schedule… it’s just like having a real assistant. Just tell her to make a calendar appointment, or even “what’s on my calendar today?”
  15. Create lists:  Have Alexa keep track of your grocery and to-do lists and they’ll be synced with your phone so that they’re always handy when you need them. It’s super convenient to call out for A-Lady to add something to your grocery list while you’re in the kitchen making dinner.

amazon echo show 10, why get an amazone echo, is it worth it? What can Alexa do?If you’ve been thinking about getting a smart speaker , screen or digital assistant device, that’s what to expect. Of course these devices are always learning too, so you can say, “Hey Alexa – show me what you can do” any time to see what new talents are coming on line, or surf the Skills section of the Alexa app to see what you can connect to Alexa.

Life just got so much easier with the introduction of the Amazon Echo and the amazing Alexa feature into our homes! The only problem is, now that Alexa’s got your schedule managed and your house clean, what are you going to do with all that free time?

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