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Yeedi vac max, reviewIf you’re looking for a robot vacuum or dual vacuum and mop, you know by now there’s a mountain of brands and models. Big names like Roborock and iRobot get all the headlines but is a cheaper, less well known robot floor cleaner still worth it, or do you have to spend big bucks? In this review, I’m looking at the Yeedi Vac Max. This is a budget bot that sells for just a couple hundred bucks. In my hands on, in-home review, I’ll look at what this bot can do, how well it cleans, what kind of special features it has and if I can recommend it for you.

What is the Yeedi Vac Max ?

Simply put this is a dual vacuum and mopping robot. At its price point, this is not a bot that’s loaded with bells and whistles, naturally. Unlike its cousin the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro, this version does not come a self emptying vacuum base and charging station (but you can actually add it on if you want to; it will work with it) and it’s also missing the upgraded oscillating scrubbing mopping plate underneath that the Vac 2 Pro has, which is supposed to mean a deeper and more thorough clean. The plate on this version is static. This bot also appears to be lacking some of the AI smarts and full smart mapping.

Unlike some other bots there are two plates for the bot; one used for vacuuming only and another when you want to mop. We’ll get to this in a sec. In short, this is a straightforward, no-nonsense robot vacuum and mop—ideal for those just getting into the robot vacuum world. Yeedi also says this bot has carpet detection while in mopping mode to keep the wet mop off your rugs.

What’s in the box?

Yeedi vac max, reviewThe Yeedi Vac Max has just a few parts and pieces and does need very basic assembly.

There’s the vacuum, and it comes with a simple recharging dock that you can use, if you don’t opt for adding on the self emptying station.

Also in here is the new mopping plate which consists of an 8 ox/250mL water tank and some disposable mopping pads. There’s also a corner brush you’ll need to snap onto the bot.  With it unpacked up, you can plug it in and begin charging.

While your bot is charging download the Yeedi app and log into or sign up for an account. The app makes it extremely easy to add your robot; the app will show you how to turn the bot on and set it in pairing more, then walk you through connecting it to your home’s wifi. In less than 5 minutes I was connected. I can say when it comes to set up, Yeedi has a lock on making the process easy even for newbies.

Map your home for smart control

The first order of business is to map your home. The app will prompt you to do this and your new robot will quietly roam your home, using its smarts to lay out a map of your house.

It seems there’s only the option for one floor plan, perhaps not surprising at this pricepoint.

Are budget floor bots really worth getting, or what you save in cash will you lose in frustration? My review of Yeedi Vac Max robot vac + mopThe map isn’t super detailed but it’s basic enough for you to orient yourself. In my home it did miss an entire room (my living room) and subsequent outings didn’t seem to add it. I was able to block the robot off from one side of my home, forcing it to venture out to the other areas, and I could see it attempting to track those areas, but it never updated the map. I suspect I may need to re-map the house to have it completely update.

When it comes to labelling and diving spaces, there’s some limited functionality here too… the labels don’t cover all spaces and I couldn’t see how to create a custom label, and there was also no option to divide a space and create two rooms; you seem to have to take it as the bot sees it.

Voice control

On the topic of voice control, I can say it was quite simple to add Google Home and Google Assistant functionality to my robot. Getting this set up requires you to go into the Google home app, and add a device. Search for the Yeedi brand and then tap to link your account.

In about 30 seconds I was set up and ready to go, and was able to successfully get Google to send my bot on a cleanup mission.

Mop or vacuum by swapping plates

This robot has two distinct functions. If the vacuum placeholder is installed, the robot will be in what’s called vacuum only mode (I call it a placeholder because ti simply fills the gap in the rear of the bot and doesn’t seem to have any function since the dustbin actually lives under the hood). In vacuum mode, it will go all over your house, across carpet and hard floors, and vacuum your spaces.

Yeedi vac max, reviewIf you want it to mop instead, you need to swap the vacuum place-holder for the mopping plate and tank. The bot can both vacuum and mop at the same time.

When in mopping mode, the Yeedi Vac Max is supposed to avoid carpets to keep them from getting dampened. I can confirm this is true from my testing: every time, the bot carefully avoided venturing onto rugs while the mop was attached.

Adjustable suction & water flow

A feature I really like in a robot floor cleaner is the ability to adjust suction and water flow. Adjustable suction means you can schedule a lower power clean if you’re on a work call, or a deeper vacuum while you’re out. Adjusting the water flow can also help moisten and loosen dried-on dirt better.

A couple other features this bot has worth mentioning:

You can set a cleaning sequence; in other words you can choose what order of rooms it will clean in and if you want it to go over an area twice. You simply tap this out in order when you’re choosing the rooms you want to clean.

Yeedi vac max, reviewSpot cleaning made easy

If you want to do spot cleaning or to give a special once over to high traffic areas, you can use what’s called a custom clean. This option will allow you to place an adjustable boundary around a certain area of the home, and then it will send the bot right there. In my testing it was pretty accurate and was able to clean that area well.

How well does Yeedi Vac Max clean?

Let’s get to the details on that cleaning… I put all my vacuums through the same tests; I get them to sweep up finer things like flour or sugar, middle sized bits like rice or oatmeal and bigger cracker pieces, on both carpet and hard floors. With mopping I’ll let them clean dog paw prints or spilled and dried coffee. So let’s put the Yeedi Vac Max here to the test…

Let’s start with the mopping. I put a small coffee spill on the floor and let it also tackle some dried on coffee and wine spills.

Much to my surprise it wiped them both completely away! The mop was actually outstanding at mopping and left the floors clean, shiny and looking pristine.

One thing I didn’t like is that the bot can’t tell when the mopping tank is empty. It will give you a default reminder every time it completes a clean to refill the mopping tank and replace the pad, but it doesn’t have any kind of sensors, so if you’re not paying attention, or you’re using the mop a lot, you may run dry and won’t necessarily know it. The fix here I suppose is to ensure you rinse and refill the mopping tank after every outing or two, and in all honest the robot voice on the bot does tell you to do this every time its done.

Yeedi vac max, reviewWith the vacuuming, there’s from 600 to 3000Pa of suction power depending on the level you choose. In my in home testing, this bot isn’t as effective as some other bots, particularly the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro.

I’d say it picked up about 80% of my spills, but it did struggle a bit with finer flour, and with powering dust out of even shallow grout lines.

When it comes to overall cleaning report card, while the mopping is outstanding, the vacuum is a little less so. So on overall cleaning I’d give it an A-

With this robot you’ll need to remember to empty that onboard dustbin regularly. For me it was full after pretty much every outing, so I guess that says it’s picking up a lot.

No obstacle avoidance

This bot does not come with obstacle avoidance technology either, so you may notice it getting stuck or pushing obstacles around, as I did in my testing. While there are other bots that do offer this, you will pay more for them. I’d say it seems like this vacuum did get stuck a bit more than average as a result.

Yeedi vac max, review

No obstacle avoidance: Vac Max will push things around.

Battery life & runtime

The Yeedi Vac Max, unlike some other bots won’t give you estimates about how long a clean will take, but it does have a large 5200mAh battery.

Yeedi says this should end up giving you about 200 minutes or 3 hours, 20 minutes on a charge. Now obviously this will depend on if you’re using the vacuum at max power or lowest power, and what kind of cleaning challenges it may be facing. In my testing it never seemed to die before it was done. The main floor of my house is about 1000 ft.² and it was easily able to clean it on a single charge.

I will say the recharging time, though it didn’t really become a factor for me, is significant. A full recharge will take 6 hours. When you weigh that long charging time against the ultralong battery life, it doesn’t seem to be problematic, particularly when you consider that the robot will hang out on its base station and keep charging any time it’s not working.

Overall review: Yeedi Vac Max

Overall, this bot is okay—it’s a bit of a study in contrasts. It’s not wowing me with any special features…it’s just an okay vacuum but it is a great mop. It gets stuck more often than other bots because it lacks obstacle avoidance, but it has adjustable suction and mopping waterflow. The mapping is basic, but it does the job for the most part.

It does also require you to remove the mopping plate and install the placeholder if you want a thorough vacuum of your carpets, an extra step for you.
But considering the low price point this dual vac-mop is at, you can probably forgive a lot when it costs as little as it does. Check current pricing at Amazon.

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