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Jose Conti

Jose Conti

how to make iphone charge faster.

Battery anxiety – it’s that sinking feeling when you’re out and about, far from the safety of a charger, and your trusty sidekick (aka your iPhone) starts gasping for juice.

Unfortunately, iPhones aren’t exactly the fastest kids on the block when it comes to charging speeds. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck slogging slowly to 100%. There are plenty of ways to make iPhones charge a little faster. Here are five of them:

Activate Airplane Mode

First things first: put your iPhone in Airplane mode while charging. But wait – won’t you be cut-off from your digital life? Don’t worry, you’ll survive the short break. Just think of it as a mini digital detox.

Switching to Airplane mode turns off power-hungry features like cellular data and Wi-Fi, allowing you to supercharge your iPhone’s power recovery. Airplane mode also suspends any background app data transfers, downloads, and updates making sure every little bit of power is kept within the battery.

Avoid Using it While it’s Plugged in

While using an iPhone while it’s plugged in won’t result in any catastrophic harm, it significantly slows down charging rates, especially if you’re using power-hungry tasks such as video streaming or gaming. You’re essentially discharging the battery as it’s charging, like filling a bucket with a hole in it.

Get a Faster Charger

Iphone Battery Guide

The most basic charging brick that Cupertino giant officially sells is the 20W USB-C charger. This type of charger is compatible with a range of Apple devices including the iPhone, AirPods, and even the MacBook Air.

However, if you have any of the Pro iPhones starting from the iPhone 13, opting for a 30W charger is a practical choice because these bad boys can charge up to 27W. This helps significantly in topping up your battery from 0% until 50% or when Apple’s battery management software kicks in.

Ditch Wireless Charging – For Now!

Wireless charging might promise a tangle-free life, but it often takes longer than the old-school wall adapter. To be more specific, iPhones are only able to charge up to a decent 15W with MagSafe chargers and 7.5W with older Qi wireless charging standards. So, until the technology improves, it might be wise to stick to the cord if you’re in a hurry. You know how the saying goes – “Old is gold.”

Keep It Cool

How to edit unsend text imessage, iphone, apple

Last but not least – heat and batteries are arch-enemies, like Sherlock and Moriarty. Charging your iPhone in a hot environment slows down its charging speed because too much heat can damage the battery. So, for a faster, safer charge – keep it cool and ventilated.

With our growing reliance on iPhones in our day-to-day tasks, the ability to charge from 0% to 50% in 30-40 minutes can come in clutch. Luckily, Apple has upgraded its charging standards in recent iterations of the iPhone. With the right charger, a swift Airplane mode swap, a balanced temperature, some rest, and a good dose of maintenance, you’re all set to transform your iPhone’s charging time from a drawn-out drama into a speedy sitcom.

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