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5 Gmail hacks you need to know about that can make you more productive


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Erin L

Erin L

5 best Gmail hacksEmail has become an integral part of our daily lives, and for many of us, it’s the primary means of communication in our personal and professional lives. But with so many emails flooding our inboxes, it can be overwhelming to keep up with and manage them all. That’s where Gmail hacks come in. These simple tricks and tools can help you increase productivity, organise your inbox, and make your email experience more manageable. In this blog post, we’ll share the top 5 best Gmail hacks to help you take control of your inbox and make your email experience more efficient and effective.

1. Use Canned Responses

Gmail’s Canned Responses feature allows you to save and reuse frequently used responses, saving time and effort.

To enable this feature, go to the “Settings” tab in your Gmail account, select “Advanced,” and scroll down to “Canned Responses.” You can also create a custom keyboard shortcut for quick access. Once it is set up, you can easily create a template for common emails you send, such as an out-of-office reply, a thank-you note, or even a rejection email. You can also use it to create a standard format for emails you regularly send, such as a weekly or monthly report.

2. Set up email Templates

Similar to canned responses, email templates allow you to save and reuse specific emails. This is especially useful for sending recurring emails, such as weekly reports or meeting invitations. You can find various email template extensions for Gmail on the Chrome Webstore. Email templates can help you to save a lot of time, especially if you have to send similar emails to multiple people. You can create a template for meeting invites, project updates, or even a newsletter.

3. Unsend Emails

We’ve all been there, sending an email to the wrong person or realizing we made a mistake in the email after hitting the send button. With the “Undo Send” feature, you can recall an email within a certain time frame (up to 30 seconds) after you’ve sent it. This feature can save you from embarrassment, especially if you sent an email to the wrong person or with a typo.

4. Create Multiple Inboxes

This feature allows you to create multiple inboxes within your Gmail account, helping you organize and prioritize your emails. You can customize your inboxes by creating labels and filters. With multiple inboxes, you can keep your work, and personal emails separate and prioritize them accordingly. You can also create specific inboxes for different projects or clients, making it easier to keep track of important emails.

5. Try Boomerang

This Gmail extension allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a later time, track whether your emails have been read, and set reminders for follow-up emails. With Boomerang, you can schedule emails at the best time for the recipient, ensuring they receive them at the top of their inbox. This can be particularly useful for sending follow-up emails after a meeting or conference.

These are just a few of the many hacks and tricks available to help you get the most out of your Gmail account. Whether you’re looking to increase your productivity, organize your inbox, or schedule emails more effectively, there’s a hack out there to help you achieve your goals.


Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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