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Holidays are just around the corner and whether you do most of your shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s totally normal to miss out on a few things and resort to stuffing stockings with gifts at the last minute. Fortunately, there are still plenty of decent products I can share that ship quickly and make your stockings feel nice and hefty. Whether you like to stuff stockings with cheap and cheerful small goods, or go big and expensive (some of us do stockings only at Christmas!), we’ve got suggestions for you. Also, if you need the best tech stocking stuffers that arrive before Christmas, most of these are available on one or two day shipping from Amazon, so we’ve posted those with prices here too.


The coolest thing about buying a pair of earbuds is how they easily fit into the smallest stockings! Just make sure they don’t have any holes because some of these stuffers are north of $300! For your special someone with an iPhone or a MacBook, the Apple AirPods Pro is a terrific gift. Yes, they are a bit pricey at $329 CAD but we have the one-year hands-on experience and they remain highly competitive against other top picks!

Bowers & Wilkins PI7 or PI5

For an alternative that plays nicely with devices across the spectrum, the Bowers & Wilkins P17 impressed us with great audio quality, noise cancellation, and build quality. But before you pony up $399 USD / $499 CAD, make sure the lucky person doesn’t mind frequent charging as the earbuds’ battery life is on the average end.

Amazon Echo Buds

If you need to stretch your budget to buy earbuds for several people, consider the Amazon Echo Buds! Priced at around $154 CAD for the USB-C wired charging version, you get plenty of nifty features and decent audio quality even when not taking the Amazon-specific features into account.

Jabra Elite 4 and Skullcandy Push Active Earbuds

The Skullcandy Push Active Earbuds is a great budget sports earbuds recommendation because of its rather low $79 USD / $99 CAD price. Audio quality is nothing to write home about but fitness buffs will appreciate the long battery life, sweat resistance, and secure fit thanks to those built-in hooks.

If audio performance matters more than the other features, you only have to spend a bit more for the Jabra Elite 4 earbuds. These earbuds don’t last as long as the Skullcandy earbuds on a single charge, but you get Active Noise Canceling! The newer Jabra Elite 8 Active are also Erin’s newest best pick so those are a great gift buy too.

Echo Dot with Clock

Amaszon echo dot with clock 5th gen, review

You can’t go wrong with a cute-looking ball that shows the time and plays whatever beats you tell it to! Not to mention these Echo Dot smart speakers are priced frequently below their $59 retail price and you can get it bundled with add-ons in case you want to treat yourself or another loved one as well!

For the Music/Podcast Addicts: Bose Soundlink Micro and JBL Go 3

JBL Go 3 speaker reviewAll modern tiny speakers sound fuller and better than the speakers built into your phones making these Bluetooth-powered treats great stocking stuffers for your audio-loving friends and relatives. How much of an audio quality boost you want depends on how much you’re willing to spend!

The JBL Go 3 and Bose Soundlink Micro are our top ultraportable speaker picks for 2023. For the budget-conscious, we recommend the JBL Go 3 as it offers decent audio quality for a sub-$50 USD / $60 CAD price. It also feels rugged and comes in various fun colors that even younger folks will appreciate.

Bose Soundlink micro reviewThe Bose Soundlink Micro costs more than double the price of a JBL Go 3 for a reason – the audio quality is much better while still sporting a small form factor. The design and micro-USB port does make the speaker look a bit dated, but I’d wager anyone wouldn’t mind when he or she pumps up the speaker volume to 70% (Hint: it gets loud!). Remember, this is a Bose product!

Wyze Cam v3 Mini

Wyze Cam v3, review

A security camera might not be the most glamorous stocking stuffer but the Wyze Cam can serve as a handy first line defense in a tiny 2-inch package! In case he or she already has an outdoor camera, they can easily use it as a baby or pet monitor or just a simple indoor surveillance piece that can capture motion. Plenty of versatility here!

Abode Smart Light Bulb 

The key to a good stocking stuffer light bulb is something that is inexpensive, easy to set up, and has that fun color-changing property—and one that you don’t need to buy an extra hub or bridge for. The Abode smart light bulb ticks all those boxes as it doesn’t require a hub for setting up and offers a simple app interface. The fact that it works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is a nice extra!

Amazon Smart Plug

Unsure what type of smart home accessory to buy for your friend or relative? Go for a smart plug like the Amazon Smart Plug and let that person decide! The package doesn’t scream Christmas gift as loudly as others, but it is one of the most useful low-cost accessories for turning any AC-powered device into a smart one where the power state can be controlled by a simple Alexa voice command. We also love the GE Cync Smart Plug too. Watch for a full review coming soon.

Earbuds Cleaning Kits

Cleaning kits are inexpensive products that can add significant life to any gadget so why not include them with your main gift? All it takes is just $7 to add a capable earbuds cleaner kit complete with a brush, sponge, and metal tip for getting stubborn dust and dirt out of those tight crevices. If you’re feeling more generous, you may include the Kickstarter-funded PurePort Multi-Tool kit which does a great job cleaning earbuds and can clean both cables and connection ports alike as well!

Bluetooth Trackers

Apple Airtags, worth it, review, waterproofThere are a lot of folks out there that simply think Bluetooth trackers aren’t worth the price, especially when you factor in battery replacements. Buying one as a gift is one thoughtful way of saying that valuables and personal possessions do matter and could be real saviors when the unexpected happens! Air Tags are the obvious Bluetooth tracker choice for Apple fans because of their tight integration with iPads and iPhones. For those Android loyalists, consider getting a Tile Pro as that tracker has a replaceable battery.

SD or microSD Cards

Whatever gift you want to stuff in a stocking, you want to make sure that person can use it to the fullest right out of the box! SD and microSD cards are prime examples and they are so cheap to the point that there is no excuse for adding even the smallest capacity! Go for the SanDisk, Samsung, or KOOTION brands and head to this buying guide if you don’t know which type to get.

For the Budding Content Creators

Have a friend or loved one frequently uploading content in TikTok, YouTube, or maybe livestreaming on Twitch? Stuff up the stocking with a few small, but meaningful upgrades!

Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig

The Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig is a handy and inexpensive upgrade for entry-level vloggers. It may not offer any professional features like image stabilization, but the lightweight, flexible tripod legs allow you to use it as a monopod for self-videos as well as a standard tripod for filming all sorts of other scenes. The clamp keeps the mobile phone securely in place on the tripod while the arms allow you to mount other accessories such as a light or microphone. If getting the kit is a bit much for your stocking budget, any of the various components can be purchased individually including the small Beamo light, and even the wireless shotgun microphone.

Check out Erin’s Joby vlogging gear review for other Joby accessories you can add to your stocking.

Tula Portable Microphone & Recorder

If you want to be that extra cool Santa this year, a Tula Microphone is one potential ticket. Stuffing this retro-looking bad boy in a stocking will add a whopping $349 CAD to its value. When it comes to media, most consumers prefer better audio fidelity over video quality, making this microphone a great and highly noticeable upgrade over a smartphone or laptop’s built-in mic. What’s even cooler is the 8 GB worth of flash memory built right into the mic allowing you to use it as a standalone voice recorder. Perfect for podcasting on the go! If this one seems a bit out of stocking budget range, the microphone makes a fantastic gift also. Erin picked one up this year and it’s become her new go to microphone.

For the Globetrotters

When the occasion calls for gifting to frequent flyers, stocking stuffer gifts are the right approach because small gifts don’t add any extra bulk to their travel gear! Here’s some easy recommendations.

For the Wellness Buff

usmile Y10 PRO

usmile y10 proI personally find electric toothbrushes to be a bit of an unnecessary luxury and that’s probably because I tried using a cheap one and came away a bit unimpressed. As they always say, you get what you pay for!

But after I read Erin’s review of the usmile Y10 PRO and how she gave it a perfect 5-star rating with no cons of any kind, I can’t help but be curious with this sonic electric toothbrush. But as a gadget-lover myself, I can see from a mile away just how cool this electric toothbrush is. It has a built-in screen that keeps track of your brushing, has an IPX8 waterproof rating so you can use it in a shower, and it can even measure how hard or soft you brush. Everyone needs to brush their teeth making this a great $100 USD gift for anyone!

Ninja Blast

Ninja Blast personal blender reviewA blender in a stocking? No, this isn’t a joke! I can totally confirm that you can fit this compact, portable blender in a perhaps larger stocking because I have one myself. What surprised me with this product when unboxing is the blender’s cylindrical packaging, so it won’t really give that large stocking a bulging look.

As for the blender itself, it’s a joy to use as I can just charge it with my phone charger for a couple of hours and then fool around with some blends here and there. I use it for making smooth protein shakes, cucumber shakes, and strawberry almond milkshakes. It had no trouble crushing ice as long as you add water and I found it really easy to clean. Ninja did a terrific job designing this blender and Erin agrees; read here review!

Have any gadgets you plan on stuffing in your stockings? Do comment and share away!


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