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Usmile smart toothbrush reviewBasic toothbrushes are so yesterday. That’s because dentists say they don’t clean as well as a sonic or electric toothbrush. Particularly if you have tooth or gum issues, or your an aggressive brusher, choosing a gentler and more effective sonic electric toothbrush can really improve your smile. The usmile Y10 PRO smart toothbrush recently arrived at my door for testing and review.

usmile Y10 smart toothbrush


Overall I’ve been enjoying my usmile experience. The brush is nicely designed, easy to hold, and extremely easy to use. It doesn’t complicate matters with the need for a smart phone app; it shows you all the information you need to brush properly right on the tiny digital screen.


  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Cool digital screen
  • 4 brushing modes
  • Smart mode works very well
  • Adapts to your teeth
  • 2 brush heads included
  • Very affordable
  • Pressure indicator


  • We seriously don’t have any!

In this usmile Y10 pro toothbrush review I’ll show you what makes it special, what its features are and what it’s like to use as well as if I think I could recommend it for you, and I’d like to say a big thanks to usmile for sponsoring this post. Well they are paying for my time, they have not told me what I have to say or what I can’t say about this toothbrush, and I got to test it out exactly how I wanted to, so you can consider these thoughts my own.

What’s in the box?

Unpacking the toothbrush it comes with all the necessities as well as a handy convenience; two brush heads, making this about a six month’s supply of brushing, if you change the heads every three months.

Usmile smart toothbrush reviewNot only that, usmile Y10 pro claims that the brush can get over six months of use on a single charge from a standard USB-C plug, making this brush not just smart, but also extremely trouble free and ideal for frequent travelers.

On the front of the toothbrush you can see one of the key differentiators; a two-part colour LED information screen. This type of technology is usually only available on brushes costing hundreds of dollars, so it is nice to see it here. We’ll get into what it tells you in a couple of moments.

usmile is a popular brand overseas, but is relatively new to North America, so I was keen to try out their technology, since I have reviewed most smart and sonic toothbrushes that have been released in the last 10 years. The important thing to note about smart toothbrushes is they can be extremely expensive. usmile Y10 PRO offers almost all the technology of other brands, but at a much more affordable price, ringing in at just $109 US.

Watch my video review of usmile Y10 Pro

Set up

Aside from choosing your language, it’s ready to rock out of the box. The toothbrush arrives fully charged right from the factory which is a nice touch that I truly appreciate since it means I can use it right away.
There are two buttons on the front below the digital screen; there is the power button which is the black button in the center, and the function button which is below that. The power button is your main on off switch, while the function button can switch between modes, or change your language .

A handy removable sticker on the side helps you know exactly what you’re seeing.

Special features

Four Brushing Modes

Usmile smart toothbrush review usmile Y10 Pro smart has four different brushing modes, and there’s a little more to offer than low medium and high; there’s Smart Mode which adapts to different tooth surfaces using intelligent cleaning solutions—essentially with this you’re letting the brush decide what mode is best for you. Then there’s Clean Mode which uses more moderate/medium pressure and is suitable for daily use. White Mode will clean and polish teeth with stronger pressure, and is meant for those days you need a deep cleaning or some extra whitening. Finally Soft Mode gently cleans the teeth with lighter pressure and vibrations making it ideal for those with sensitive teeth or gums, or for first time users to get used to the sonic vibrations.

Each of the modes will be displayed on the digital screen when you choose it so you know exactly which one you’re using.

Brushing Pressure

A really neat feature I found about usmile y10 pro is  the brushing pressure light. If you’re pushing too hard while brushing your teeth the pressure indicator light on the back of the toothbrush will turn red reminding you to use gentler pressure. As someone who’s dentist is constantly lecturing her about being an aggressive brusher, this is a handy tool to have. Even more so with the light on the back of the brush so I can see it clearly in the mirror while I have the toothbrush in my mouth.

Brushing timer

Dentists recommend you brush for two minutes twice per day. The truth is most of us never make it that far, even though we think we do. The built-in two minute timer will keep you honest, and the brush will also display a countdown clock on the handle so you can check in anytime.

Usmile smart toothbrush reviewThe brush also has what’s known as a quad pacer, where it will pause briefly every 30 seconds which is your cue to move to a different quadrant of your mouth. This ensures you’re brushing each part of your mouth evenly.

Adaptive Brushing Optimization

usmile’s electric toothbrush has what’s called automatic optimization technology. usmile says this means it learns and adapts to my brushing styles, resulting in an impressive 44% enhancement in cleaning effectiveness.

My brushing experience

One of the source spots of a powerful electric toothbrush can be that it’s almost head numbing to use at full power. The vibrations can be pretty intense and some, me included, find this incredibly uncomfortable.

That’s one of the reasons usmile’s toothbrush appealed to me, since the company says the brush is made with both shock absorption and an air cushion brush head. I definitely found it a lot less intense, yet at the same time the brushing felt extremely effective and my teeth seemed very clean after the requisite two minutes. Plus, the pressure indicator helps to avoid overpressing, and the intelligent pressure control adjusts
frequency and intensity in real time.

At the end of each brushing session you’ll get a report on how you did, right on the small screen. It will tell you you’ve done a good job or that you could use some improvement as well as displaying statistics about your brushing time. Because you’re getting the information right to the palm of your hand, there is no app or smart phone connectivity needed.

At a glance, here’s what it will tell you:

The large colored screen includes a timer to calculate brushing time automatically.

Feedback on Missed Areas:
You get a tooth map after brushing, helping prevent missed spots.

24/7 Plaque Tracking:
TheY10 Pro estimates plaque growth after each brushing, and may prompt you to brush again.

usmile Y10 Pro is also waterproof (IPX8 rated) if you prefer like my husband does to brush in the shower. usmile also says the more smooth vibration and lower intensity design should reduce toothpaste mess, water and splatters during brushing.

I tried out each of the modes and particularly liked the Responsive Brushing option from the Smart Mode. You can actually hear the sound change as the brush adapts when you’re brushing different surfaces, like the front of the teeth or the tops of molars.

Battery life and charging

Usmile smart toothbrush review

usmile y10 pro smart says the toothbrush is meant to have a six month battery life, even if you brush for the full recommended two minutes per day, twice a day. I’ve only been using the brush for about two weeks, so I won’t be able to verify that just yet and will have to take usmile’s word for this for now.

When recharging time does come around, a low battery indicator will display on the front of the brush on the LED screen. Total charging time should be about 4 to 5 hours.

Brush reminder

One of the other things I liked a lot about this brush is the softness of the bristles. usmile says they are made with 90% minimum roundness for better gum protection. I found it extremely comfortable to use. Plus, I like that the bristles will fade over the course of six months as a visual reminder to replace the brush head.

Overall review: usmile Y10 smart toothbrush

Overall I’ve been enjoying my usmile experience. The brush is nicely designed, easy to hold, and extremely easy to use. It doesn’t complicate matters with the need for a smart phone app; it shows you all the information you need to brush properly right on the tiny digital screen. The pressure indicator on the back is genius and makes it ultra easy to see when you might be brushing too hard. Plus with a six month battery life and USB-C charging, it’s a travelers dream.

Usmile smart toothbrush reviewI also appreciate the smart brushing mode and enjoyed letting the Y 10 pro do the work for me. But having other modes will make this brush ideal for plenty of users. Plus, with more measured intensity and absolutely no head rattling vibrations, overall the brushing experience is really great.

When it comes to the downsides, I’m really having a hard time finding any.

The fact the usmile Y10 PRO is as affordable as it is, is just the cherry on an already excellent sundae.

You can find usmile Y10 PRO on Amazon. You can use our link and enter Coupon Code ErinY10PRO for a 15% discount, plus there’s an Amazon coupon for an additional $10 off.

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