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Yeedi Cube review vacuum mop The very first robot vacuums were a huge breakthrough in the cleaning industry. The ability for a vacuum to clean up an entire room with little user intervention meant a lot of the manual labor taken out of the equation. The innovations haven’t stopped: now these floor bots are able to vacuum and mop and clean and handle their own maintenance too. While they get smarter and more helpful they’re also becoming a lot nice to look at too. The more sophisticated robot vacuums have bigger and bulkier docking stations which could limit your setup possibilities. Yeedi, one of the lesser-known vacuum manufacturers, has a solution in the form of the Yeedi Cube. The vacuum certainly has sleek looks, but does it have the cleaning power and smarts to make it a fixture in your home? Let’s find out!

Yeedi Cube


Yeedi Cube is a more compact choice that looks great and doesn’t sacrifice good cleaning.


  • Compact base station; easier to place
  • Visible water tank easy to maintain
  • Convenient handle
  • Easy to use app
  • Set up was quick
  • Good vacuum power
  • High suction
  • Mopping keeps floors dust-free
  • Quiet operation
  • Nice design
  • LED light on base station a nice touch


  • May need to set no-go zones for awkward furniture

I’d like to thank Yeedi for sponsoring this post. While they’re paying for my time to do this review, they have not told me what I have to say or what II can’t say so you can consider these thoughts all mine.

What is Yeedi Cube?

Yeedi is a fairly recent tech company founded in 2019 and as of writing, the company solely focuses on robot vacuum products. The Yeedi Cube is the latest product from the company’s lineup and while Yeedi positioned the Cube as a more premium product with its self-cleaning and mopping features, it’s $699 USD retail price undercuts the competition, making it a great value.

Yeedi Cube offers a couple of key features that shoppers may find enticing: one is that it’s both a vacuum and mop with the ability to clean and dry itself. The mop consists of a flat removeable and washable mopping pad that scrubs your floors with a high speed oscillation.

The second is that it uses some clever design tricks to make its busy base station a lot nice to look at.  Let’s dig in…

Base Station

Yeedi Cube review vacuum mop I want to talk about the vacuum’s base station first as it’s the vacuum’s key feature and helps define the Yeedi Cube. The charging station not surprisingly has a squareish appearance, and it’s significantly shorter than many of its competitors.

How Yeedi managed to make this station small is about to become pretty obvious – it has a small 1.2-liter dirty water tank and a 2.1-liter dust bag. Even so, the base station didn’t compromise on more important features such as the ability to wash the vacuum’s mopping pad.

Interestingly the base station uses a nubby grid that hovers over the base plate that scrubs the underside of the mopping pad to work out the dirty water and debris, then suctions it all up into the dirty water tank.  The grid helps keep the mop from sitting in any wet water which is kind of smart.

The Cube will return to base to keep the mop clean about every 20 minutes, though you can also shorten this length of time and have it clean itself more often if you prefer.

Yeedi Cube review vacuum mopWhen the bot is all finished it’s cleaning assignment it will do one final clean then turn on a nearly silent hot air flow (104 degrees!) to dry the pad so it doesn’t mildew.

One other neat touch I haven’t seen in a base station yet, is a soft LED light on the front.

You wouldn’t necessarily know it, but the Yeedi Cube’s compact base station doesn’t have a clean water tank. Yeedi intentionally did that as it decided to house the tank on top of the vacuum unit itself…

Meet the robot

Yeedi Cube review vacuum mop The UFO-shaped water tank stands out right away because Yeedi has chosen to position it on top of the bot and make it fully visible, which is neat. No cover and no opaque plastic; you’re able to see right inside.

The tank’s 1-liter capacity may seem small but that volume gets you surprisingly far. I found it was able to clean my home several times on a single tank.

You can find one of the other standout design features on the top of the vacuum. At first glance, you might think that the rubber strip found on top of the water tank is just for the aesthetic but it’s actually a rubber handle which is useful when you want to relocate the vacuum. Plus it helps you more easily remove, carry and refill that tank.

Underneath you get two corner and edge brushes and a roller brush, plus that flat vibrating mopping pad.

On the opposite end on the robot’s body is a rather small dustbin and its disposal port.

Obstacle avoidance

The front of the vacuum features an IR sensor which the Yeedi Cube vacuum relies on for avoiding obstacles. The vacuum is actually pretty good at navigating around and avoids hazards effectively. That’s actually important, what if you have a robot vacuum that isn’t adept at avoiding potential land mines, it will always get itself caught up and shut down and rarely complete a clean without help from you. The fact Yeedi Cube (Check out our Yeedi Cube comparison to ECOVACS vacuums too) can look out for itself is a huge plus and means it cleans more effectively and regularly.

Set up

Setting up the vacuum is simple too as most of its parts are preinstalled. Just attach the brushes and add the plug to the UFO water tank . Then fill it up with clean water and you’re ready to roll!

Watch my video review of Yeedi Cube

Using the App

The Yeedi Cube works with the Yeedi app which you can find on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. After an initial mapping scout of your home, the Yeedi Cube will generate a virtual map of your space. You can then use that map to refine the room boundaries, and rename the rooms. Then you can schedule daily or weekly automated cleanings.

Once you have connected the vacuum to your home network and start a cleaning session, you can use the app to track the vacuum’s position in real-time. The Yeedi Cube vacuum does a decent job in generating an accurate map of the room and can even make partitions to help separate rooms and let you identify them. Like other modern robot vacuums, you can also check the vacuum’s status, adjust settings, and switch cleaning modes.

The iOS version of the Yeedi app supports Siri. If you have an Amazon Echo device, you may also add the official Yeedi Alexa Skill and give it basic Alexa commands.

Battery life and runtime

Under the hood is a 5200mAh built-in battery . Yeedi says it runs up to 150 minutes and covers up to 2000 square feet on one charge. I can confirm it was easily able to clean my 1000 square foot home on a charge and still head back to base with about 50% charge left.

Cleaning tests

Yeedi Cube review vacuum mop I ran Yeedi Cube around my house for about a week just to get a feel for how it would clean on a day-to-day basis. With two dogs in the house, keeping up with pet hair is always top of mind, and I found the Cube was easily able to manage pet hair and keep the house looking tidier.

Next up I ran it through my standard array of robot vacuum cleaning tests where I have it vacuum finer things like flour or sugar, middle sized beds like rice or oatmeal, and larger cracker pieces on both carpet and hard floors.

I found the bot was very effective at each of the messes.


With 4300 pascals of suction power, Yeedi Cube is powerful. This 3-in-1 housekeeping hero sweeps up pet hair, crumbs and dirt on floors and carpets. Made for multi-tasking, it vacuums and mops at the same time, leaving floors twice as clean with just one use.

When the robot’s on board dusbin is full it will return to the station and empty it into the sealed vacuum bag in the station. This means you never have to get your hands dirty.

Tackling carpet while mopping

Yeedi Cube review vacuum mopHow does Yeedi Cube tackle carpet while it’s trying to mop? The answer is carpet detection technology; the robot will lift its mopping plate off the carpet up to 8 mm, which means it keeps the wet mopping pad safely away from most carpets and rugs.


One of the things I appreciate in a robot mopping device is the ability to adjust the water flow level to provide either more cleaning or less dampening to floors. I really like that I can customize that if I want a real good floor washing or to simply gloss over my hardwood.

Yeedi Cube also boasts an ultrasonic scrubbing mop which is able to add scouring power to the floor cleaning, at a speedy 2,500 vibrations per minute.

The mop will let you know in the app and via the robot voice that the mop needs refilling or if the dirty water tank needs emptying.

Yeedi Cube: Overall Review

There’s a lot to love about the Yeedi Cube so let’s run down the pros: The base station size gives you more options for placement, and while it is more compact, you don’t have to give up any of the self-cleaning features. I also like the innovative placement of the water tank; right on top it’s also easier to keep an eye on the water level even though the bot will tell you when it needs filling.

The vacuuming power is strong and the mopping does an excellent job.

When it comes to downsides, this bot isn’t immune to getting caught on odd obstacles like a barstool seat or a floppy rug, but fixing that is as easy as marking a no-go area.

Whether or not the Yeedi Cube is best for your home really depends on how important the base station’s compact size is. The $699 USD price tag puts it well under competing robot vac-mops, and for that price you’re getting premium-level features at a bargain price. You can get one from Amazon.

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