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Burst smart toothbrush review


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Erin L

Erin L

I’ve somehow slipped down a strange rabbit hole. Without even trying, I think I’ve reviewed nearly half a dozen different smart toothbrushes. And I still get requests to check out more. The latest to cross my desk is called Burst. Initially I wasn’t crazy about reviewing another smart toothbrush, but when I took a look at Burst, I have to say, my interest was piqued.

burst smart toothbrush review dentist

What is Burst toothbrush?

Burst is a sleek looking, jet-black brush rechargeable electric toothbrush that looks like it was born in the Matrix. Of course it’s got some smarts and some unique features too. The brush has a soft-looking brush head with… black bristles.

Everything about this brush looks cool, but it’s also got the features you need in an electric brush. Burst says it vibrates at 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, which helps keep the brush from wearing down your teeth.

Burst Rose Gold Brush

Burst has also released a rose gold version of the brush, which looks gorgeous, but does cost more.

I’ve been using an electric or ultrasonic toothbrush ever since my dentist warned me my “aggressive brushing” was grinding down parts of my teeth. (What can I say, I like to brush heartily!) Using a vibrating brush helps prevent that wear, since the bristles are less likely to carve out the same patterns of repetitive manual brushing.

What makes Burst unique?

There are a few things that set a Burst toothbrush apart. Let’s start with those black bristles. Why are they black? It’s not just to match the black brush handle (which is also available in white); they’re coated in charcoal.

burst toothbrush review, how to, rose gold

Burst says their charcoal, a type of Japanese charcoal called Binchotan, is proven to absorb impurities for brighter, whiter teeth. My guess is it also helps keep bacteria from making your brush all stinky too.

Can you taste the charcoal on the bristles?

The answer is a surprising no. There’s no noticeable taste whatsoever. While we’re on the subject of those bristles, they’re ultra soft. My preference (and my dentist’s) is for a very soft toothbrush, but even regular ‘soft’ toothbrushes from the drug store aren’t all that suave.

The Burst brush is the absolute softest toothbrush I’ve ever used, and I have to say I’m really liking it.

One of the other things that sets a Burst brush apart is their subscription brush head service. If you sign up, you get a new brush head delivered to your mailbox every 3 months for $6. (A quick check of current prices on Amazon for fancy toothbrush heads shows they can cost up to $10CAD each or more.)burst smart toothbrush review dentist

Burst toothbrush review – What’s in the box?

When you order a Burst brush here’s what comes in the box:
•    1 BURST sonic toothbrush
•    1 USB charger
•    1 toothbrush head
•    1 Wall Socket

Burst charges $69.99USD and ships it free. Again, that’s a substantial price cut over its competitors.

Worth noting, you do get signed up for the brush head subscription service when you buy, but you can cancel it at any time.

The rose gold BurstbBrush is a bit more expensive at $99USD, but it also comes with a plastic travel case.burst toothbrush review, how to, rose gold

Using Burst ultrasonic toothbrush

Using Burst isn’t all that different from using any other ultrasonic or vibrating electric toothbrush. Turn it on and it buzzes away. The vibrations aren’t too intense, as they have been in some other brushes I’ve tried.

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You can change the modes to a constant buzz-vibration, a wave-style or a pulsing. Burst calls them, “whitening, sensitive and massage”. They’re identified by icons on the brush handle that light up. To change them just push the power button quickly. To turn the brush off, leave a mode running for three seconds and then press the power button again. Easy.

Quadpacer timer for proper brushing

Burst has a built-in timer or Quadpacer that lets you know how long to brush each section of your mouth for. Since dentists recommend brushing for a full two minutes, every 30 seconds the Burst toothbrush will pause for a second and then resume. That’s how you know it’s time to move along. After two minutes the brush shuts off.
I have to say I find it really hard to brush for the full two minutes! It’s not been my lifelong habit to brush that long, but I have very few cavities (from when I was a kid) and haven’t had a cavity in my adult life yet so my habits can’t be all bad. Nonetheless, having the ‘coaching’ that Burst provides is a nice reminder.

How long is the battery life on Burst toothbrush?

burst smart toothbrush review dentist

The Burst toothbrush charges up in about an hour, which is quick. That charge is supposed to last you about 4 and even up to 6 weeks (if you brush twice a day for the recommended two minutes) thanks to Burst’s choice of a “top of the range 700mh Lithium battery”.

I took the toothbrush on a recent trip overseas, and didn’t bring the charger.  It’s been over two weeks now and it’s still going strong.  (Update: the battery lasted SEVEN weeks on a single charge.)
This is great for travelers, even long-stay voyagers, since you can leave the charger at home without worry.

burst smart toothbrush review dentist

Overall review: is Burst toothbrush worth getting?

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with a toothbrush, but Burst has won me over. I love the supersoft bristles, and the sleek black brush looks bad ass sitting on my bathroom counter. I like the level of vibration (not too jackhammer-y, not too suave), and it seems like it’s got a good long battery life, making it a great option for travelers like me.
The subscription brush head delivery is nice and not too pricey, and since it lets me keep getting my hands on those silky charcoal bristles, I’m in!burst toothbrush review, how to, rose gold

I also love the fact that this brush is well under $100US. I’ve tried $200 and $300 ultrasonic toothbrushes and while Burst may be missing some of the bells and whistles and fancier tech features that those have (read other reviews linked above) I’d put the Burst toothbrush up against any of those expensive ones any day. In fact, I think Burst will be my new daily toothbrush.
Overall, I highly recommend Burst if you’re looking for a lower cost, soft and sleek electric-ultrasonic toothbrush.

Burst is available from the company’s website for $69USD for the black or white, and $99 for the rose gold, and they do ship to Canada.

If you want to save some dough, there’s a discount code which takes $30 off the price of the brushes.  It will also discount a few other items… $3 off travel cases, and $5 off whitening strips. Use promo code AJR7KG


Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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  2. Amy on February 26, 2018 at 1:09 pm

    Great read about a great BRUSH – stumbled upon your article by chance in PA/USA. Use a dental professional’s recommendation code to receive BURST for over 40% off! Code: GCRVGX will bring your price down to $39.99 & everything ships free! Use code @ or visit
    Join the BURST movement—you’ll be glad you did!

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