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The chicest tech backpack anywhere: STM Myth


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Erin L

Erin L

If you walk to work or commute via public transit, you know the importance of a good bag.I’m always on the lookout for a quality backpack, but I’m not interested in the ones that look like a senior CEO borrowed it from his dad. I want something with style, colour and comfort. I was happy to unwrap a new backpack and accessory kit that arrived to the technology test kitchen this week; the STM (stands for Smarter Than Most!) Myth 28L backpack and Dapper Wrapper Cord keeper folder.

STM Myth backpack review

The Myth backpack comes in three colours (Windsor Wine, aka white, gray and burgundy, and a gray-black ‘Granite Black’ plus Slate Blue) and two sizes; the 18L version and the 28L version, which I chose. Despite it sounding much larger than the 18, overall it’s a compact pack and would certainly get you on most airplanes and it stashes easily under a desk.
The backpack has some great features and smart compartments; there’s a top handle which appears to be rubber coated webbing. Despite the fact I’m used to a plush padded top handle, this one is narrow and easy to grab, yet feels durable.

Luggage pass through is handy

stm myth review backpack tech technology One of my favourite features in a backpack is a luggage pass through that allows you to slide the pack over your carry-on suitcase handle to keep it in place while you’re navigating airport security.

Lots of pockets, compartments & stash spots

The rear-most compartment is not surprisingly meant for a laptop and fits one up to about 15″. It’s soft and lined in a plush fleecy fabric with plenty of padding. There’s also a separate pocket here that would be ideal for a tablet or notebook.
The middle compartment is the biggest and most extensive. It’s got a small zippered mesh compartment that’s great for headphones, pens or cables, while another plush-lined zip compartment looks as though it’s meant to protect your phone(s).
There’s also a very deep slide-in pocket for files, papers and flat stuff.
The front compartment is much smaller and it’s less deep, but it’s tall, and it’s thoughtfully arrayed wit stylus/pen compartments, zips for a wallet and some key fob loops. On the very front of the pack there’s also a super deep drop-in pocket (no closures) that runs the full height of the bag where you can place non-valuables.
Two small zippered side pockets can stash less needed smaller items.
In each of the compartments there’s a metal grommet allowing you to run cables to power banks or to your laptop for charging, and small plastic clips to keep the cables securely in place so they won’t tangle with other stuff.stm myth review backpack tech technology

Water repellent design

STM says the bag is water repellent so it should keep your stuff safe during rainy commutes. The rear or the pack has plenty of mesh foam to provide both air flow and cushioned comfort. You can also clip the pack around you with snap buckles, if that’s your thing.

Laptop Protection

My laptop feels really secure inside this bag. STM says its design employs  something called Slingtech, which keeps your laptop from touching both the bottom of the bag, and the sides; so it’s somewhat suspended in a sling. I didn’t think it seemed very sling-like but nonetheless it feels safe.

stm myth review backpack tech technology

The STM Dapper Wrapper cord and accessory folio

With my STM Myth pack I also received a cord and accessory folio called the dapper wrapper. It’s in the same  beautiful grey-burgundy tones as the pack.
The case is a tri-fold design that’s held together with a small magnetic buckle and adjustable belt so you can stuff it full and still close it securely. Open it up and you’ll find several compartments.
Inside are three (two medium, one large) zippered mesh pockets, 5 slip-in openings for tucking things like wrapped up cords, and two large slip-in openings.

Overall thoughts about STM Myth

I love this bag! For starters it’s gorgeous; it’s sleek and compact, but thoughtfully designed with a lot of premium touches. There’s room for all my daily essentials when I’m traveling.
If I have a complaint (it’s more of a suggestion) it’s that the pack doesn’t stand up well on its own without a laptop in the back. I need to lean it. This gear is also very expensive.
I have also tried another backpack that cuts the middle compartment down in height, and adds in a separate zippered compartment at the bottom of the pack. I love this feature of m other pack (Read that review here.)
The result is you don’t always have to dig all the way to the very bottom of the pack for items that slip.I love the fact he zippers and the design doesn’t look athletic at all, and the overall aesthetic is that tabs and flaps aren’t just flopping around aimlessly.
The 18L sells or about $120USD and the 28L retails for about $140. Admittedly these are very pricey; even more so than the other backpack I reviewed and linked to.
Even so, I can definitely recommend the Myth backpack and the Dapper Wrapper.
Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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