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Biolite SunLight solar rechargeable outdoor light review


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Erin L

Erin L

biolite sunlite review sunlight camping hiking light solarIf you’re hitting the trails or the wilderness this summer, pack a lighting option that gives you the power to recharge it with the sun’s natural energy. BioLite SunLight is a pocket sized solar lantern that has colour and dimming options, so it’s not only useful it’s fun.

BioLite SunLight is a great lamp, lantern, flashlight or spotlight for all kind of situations. Just about 4 inches square, the light has bright 100 lumen LED bulbs on one side and a small solar panel on the other. There’s also a small metal stand so you can sit it where you need to, plus a small hook lets you hang it too if you prefer.biolite sunlite review sunlight camping hiking light solar

The light has four settings: bright, dim, colour, and Party Mode which cycles among several colours. Amazingly there’s a tiny sundial in the corner of the light which lets you ensure the sun’s rays are pointed directly at your light for maximum efficiency in recharging.

biolite sunlite review sunlight camping hiking light solar

The amazing thing about this light is that you can get an astonishing 50 hours of use (6 hours in Party Mode) on a single charge. It will take about 7 hours to fully recharge it in the sun, or jumpstart it with a micro USB charge in only 2 hours.

When I first got the light it was acting weird. Turns out it was in store demo mode. My SunLight cycled through different modes and shut off – so what’s up?
 The SunLight was in retail demo mode. Press and hold for 10 seconds to get out of demo mode.

Does SunLight charge other devices?
 No. The power created from the panel is designed to run the lantern only. For a power-sharing light, check out BioLite’s PowerLight Mini.

I love this light! It’s small, bright, versatile and fun. I love the colour options and the party mode is a nice way to enjoy the evening without attracting bugs. BioLite SunLight sells for $24USD from BioLite.

Note: as of 2023, The Biolite Sunlight is not available, but BioLite currently offers a SolarHome 620+ Portable Off-Grid Solar Lighting System on Amazon.

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Erin L

Erin L

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