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Karcher S4 Push Twin Sweeper reviewThe spring cleanup: Some folks love it since it’s a chance to get the year ready for a summer of enjoyment, while for others its simply another chore.

Thankfully gadgets can often make work easier and quicker, and that’s why I’m always on the hunt for a timesaver. That’s where outdoor gadgets can help, like the Karcher S4 Twin Push Sweeper.

Karcher S4 Twin


Don’t call it a dustpan on wheels! The Karcher S4 Twin Push sweeper may cost more than a push broom, but it does save you the dirty work associated with manual sweeping.


  • Fast, easy assembly
  • Works well
  • Cleans effectively
  • Works on a variety of surfaces
  • Folds for storage
  • Hopper holds a lot
  • Easy to adjust


  • Doesn’t get into corners too well
  • Doesn’t handle large piles of leaves

What is the Karcher Push Sweeper S4 Twin?

Karcher S4 Push Twin Sweeper reviewThe Karcher S4 Twin Push Sweeper is an interesting cleaning tool because it tries to combine the very best of manual cleaning with some added convenience–without adding any sort of battery, power cable, or fancy motor. Calling it a giant dustpan on wheels might sound like a diss, but stay with me here. With two spinning brushes upfront and a roller brush underneath to help funnel the dirt into the dustpan you use it like a lawnmower to gather up everything from dirt and dust to leaf litter, leaves and more. Everything gets funneled into the lightweight bin which you can dump into the garbage or green bin.

The movement of the sweeper’s wheels while it’s being pushed  spins the brushes so the sweeper is able to be effective without needing power or recharging, or to find a plug and unravel an extension cord.

My hands-on video review

What’s in the box?

With electronics like voice or app control absent from the Karcher Push Sweeper, there isn’t really much to unbox here, and it’s actually enticing in its simplicity. What you get is the push sweeper itself along with its adjustable handle, dustbin handle and the dual brushes. Assembling these parts is straightforward and doesn’t require any tools at all. Everything from the spinning brushes to the handles goes on with thumbscrews or pressure clicks.

What’s special about the Push Sweeper S4 Twin?

Floor or push sweepers aren’t exactly a new concept as plenty of products from other brands exist and come in various forms and sizes. Karcher’s design settles for a happy medium, making it adept for both outdoor usage as well as some big areas indoors. On top of that, there’s a few other special characteristics of this push sweeper that deserve a closer look.

Karcher S4 Push Twin Sweeper reviewIt’s designed for  sweeping up most common yard and garage debris; things like stray leaves and petals in spring, sand and garden dirt in the summer, leaves in autumn or grit in winter.

How well does it work?

Karcher S4 Push Twin Sweeper review

Brush underneath.

Because there is no power source to generate suction, the Karcher sweeper fully relies on the two side brushes and roller brush to funnel as much debris into the 26.8-inch waste hopper as possible. As you roll the sweeper, the side brushes spin according to your speed. Naturally, you shouldn’t expect the Karcher to fully clean a floor area in a single pass especially if it involves heavier debris but it is really neat to see how these brushes work together in transferring dirt to the bin all without using a single watt of energy. Keep walking and you’ll realize all the time and effort (and clouds of dust from a big push broom!) you save from manually sweeping too.

Karcher S4 Push Twin Sweeper reviewIn my testing I tried it on general driveway dirt and debris, plus larger piles of leaves.

While it did pick up the leaves, it seemed to struggle with bigger clumps, and not surprisingly the bin filled up quickly. I feel that if you have a lot of leaves, it will actually be faster and more efficient to rake and bag them first, then use the Karcher S4 sweeper to finish the job and the stray crunchy bits.

Indeed that’s where this sweeper shines; running it over an area you’ve done a bigger cleanup on, really makes a difference. The brushes don’t get deep into corners, but it’s easy enough to carve that stuff out for the spin brushes to pull up.

The sweeper is adept at picking up smaller dirt and dust and does it quite effectively.

Waste Disposal

Karcher S4 Push Twin Sweeper reviewOnce you’re done, or as you’re working, you remove the yellow waste hopper and dump it into the bin. The hopper takes up most of the centre of the sweeper and it lifts out very easily with the handle. It’s quite big and holds a lot of smaller debris, but like I said will fill quickly with leaves. Even full, it’s no trouble to lift, and because it sits inside the sweeper fram as opposed to locking in there’s no fussing with dumping the debris.


The Karcher Push Sweeper weighs about 22 pounds which might sound like a lot but much of that weight lies on the 5.25-gallon waste hopper. In my testing this makes the sweeper easy to carry, push and adjust.

It’s really nice to see Karcher cram some quality-of-life extras into a simple manually powered sweeper. The unit’s handle is adjustable in two lengths only and you can loosen the large finger screws on the side where it meets the sweeper body to quickly and easily set any angle you like.

Folds away easily

The sweeper also lets you fold it up vertically using a step-plate which you can press to swing it up and off the floor so you can quickly store it away upright.

Karcher s4 reviewAcoustics

You won’t have to worry about the Karcher Push Sweeper S 4 annoying your neighbors as it operates silently. Way nicer to the neighbours than your average leaf blower.

Overall review: Karcher S4 Twin Push Sweeper

The Karcher S4 Twin Push Sweeper costs more than a push broom, but it does save you the dirty work associated with manual sweeping. It sells for about $265 CAD and replacing the side brushes once they wear out will set you back about  $40 CAD.

Karcher S4 Push Twin Sweeper reviewOn the pro side, the set up and assembly is fast and easy, and you don’t need to worry about power. With its silent push operation it’s easy on the ears too. It picks up debris quite well and keeps you from having to get your hands and lungs dirty. Any downsides? I can note that it struggles with bigger clumps of leaves, and sticks and twigs do seem to start to create a bit of a dam on the inside occasionally. Some folks may also think the price is a lot to ask for work that could be done by a corn broom otherwise. But the Karcher S4 is a great large area sweeper for a garage, shop, driveway or even the curb.

Having tried it I can say it does what it says and I can recommend it to you.

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